It remains a mystery as to why there has been an apparent increase in children with hepatitis

Saturday, May 21, 2022
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Jay Butler‚ Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases

The CDC's Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases‚ Dr. Jay Butler‚ serves as the agency's principal infectious disease advisor. He oversees the organization's three national centers and collaborates with internal and external partners to advance infectious disease prevention and control programs. His work centers on preventing disease caused by infectious diseases‚ particularly emerging and zoonotic diseases.

In the United States‚ 180 children who were previously in good health have been diagnosed with cancer over the last seven months. Unexplained hepatitis Public health investigators have yet to answer two basic questions about the mystery illness: How did it happen? At the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‚ Jay Butler (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention deputy director for infectious disease) stated that hepatitis affects up to 2000 children annually. He said that up to half the cases are not due to a known cause. We can only say that we are not experiencing the usual increase in cases at this time‚ Butler stated. Wednesday's report by the CDC indicated that there was a sudden jump in suspected cases. It reported 180 unexplained‚ potentially serious cases pediatric hepatitis there are now 36 cases‚ up from the 109 in May 2006. Butler stated that most of Friday's new cases were the results of retrospective analysis. Doctors looked at their past patients for seven months in order to identify previously unknown cases. He said that only a handful of cases had been reported in the last two weeks. While the majority of patients were able to recover‚ some suffered from severe complications. 15 of 180 children needed a liver transplant. Six deaths are also under investigation by the CDC. Recent testing revealed that approximately half of the cases had evidence for an adenovirus. This was specifically type 41. However‚ there are no evidence to support the idea that this virus is causing liver inflammation. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control‚ there have been more cases of undiagnosed pediatric hepatitis worldwide than ever before. Said this week. Will Irving is a Professor of Virolology at Nottingham University in the United Kingdom. He suggested that the sudden uptick may have been caused by a reduction of mitigation measures during the Covid pandemic. This means that if an infectious agent causes hepatitis and would not normally be found in any year‚ the infection could have been contained during lockdown. As this has become more relaxed‚ there is a beginning to see a revival‚ Irving stated Thursday at a Science Media Centre media briefing. You will see a slight spike due to the fact that infectious diseases are always going back. These cases‚ while alarming are not common. These symptoms include nausea‚ vomiting and severe fatigue. Jaundice (or a yellowing skin or eyes) is the most obvious symptom. You may also experience fever‚ nausea‚ vomiting‚ and dark urine. Follow nbc health on twitter & facebook .