ITV Starstruck viewers horrified after insulting Amy Winehouse

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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A tribute act on ITV singing show Starstruck left fans of the late singer in a state of shock. Two Yorkshire women were filmed impersonating the pop icon in a skimpy red dress and crooning the hit song Rehab. This utterly shocking performance left many fans outraged‚ and the star's death was remembered by fans around the world. The star‚ who was a tribute act for Amy Winehouse‚ was sent through to the live final after insulting her in a video posted to the website. The panel's comments on the clip left many fans angry‚ but they've remained unmoved. There were no other tribute acts that day‚ which left fans shocked and disgusted. However‚ one of the judges‚ who has been honoured for her memory‚ had to be praised for her performance. Despite the show's high-profile guest stars‚ the insults left Amy Winehouse fans in a rage. The song‚ 'Rehab‚' was performed by three budding singers who dressed up like Justin Timberlake. While fans were horrified at the performance‚ the judges praised the tribute act as one of the best. Meanwhile‚ the ITV Starstruck audience was outraged after a judge's comment made her feel insulted. The show's judges praised the song's message of strength and hope. The audience was overwhelmingly shocked by the words of the tribute act. The episode aired after Amy Winehouse's tragic death. Her music career had flourished over the last decade‚ but sadly‚ she took her own life in 2011. In 2011‚ the star's death was caused by alcohol poisoning. The ITV Starstruck judge‚ who was named after the late singer‚ acted in a manner that was deemed degrading to Amy Winehouse. Her'respectable' attitude towards the singer's style and looks was the main reason for the panel's rejection of her bid to be in the final. This left the fans feeling humiliated and disgusted. The ITV Starstruck judges were in shock after hearing the comments that they made on Amy Winehouse's show. While the judge's words were well-meaning‚ Amy Winehouse's memory and legacy are a painful topic. The show's host‚ Adam Phillips‚ was horrified by the comment‚ which made the viewers horrified. The ITV singer had a beehive haircut and was heavily tattooed. This made her a visible and widely recognised public figure. In addition to the ITV Starstruck programme's controversial comments about Amy Winehouse‚ the British singer was portrayed as a 'glorified' celebrity. In the episode‚ the star of the show was dressed up in an outfit resembling Justin Timberlake. The ITV Starstruck panel‚ which features celebrities of different nationalities and races‚ was left aghast by the insult. The ITV Starstruck contestants were shown the song Amy Winehouse by the late British singer. The song was a tribute to Amy Winehouse‚ who died at the age of 27 in 2011. ITV Starstruck fans were horrified by the insulting. It was a shame for the contestant to insult the talented singer who had become a celebrity. Whether the song was her own or a cover of Justin Timberlake‚ the singer's appearance on the show had a profound impact on many people. After watching the ITV Starstruck tributes‚ fans of the late British singer were left cold. The sexy singer's performance was infuriating. She could not even go to the shop without being bombarded with press‚ and she was left in a situation where she had to hide her head. The ITV show sparked a huge controversy‚ and the episode has since gone viral. After watching the performance‚ viewers were horrified after hearing the words Amy in a British accent. The song Amy Winehouse was actually a tribute to the late singer. The performance received mixed reviews and caused much controversy. The other entries on the show included three budding singers who had dressed up as Justin Timberlake. But the panel sent Fil through to the final.