Jack White Marries Olivia Jean on Stage at Tour Opener in Detroit

Saturday, April 9, 2022
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Jack White Marries Olivia Jean on Stage at His Tour Opener in Detroit

In an intimate ceremony on stage in Detroit‚ singer-songwriter Jack White proposed to his longtime girlfriend Olivia Jean. The wedding took place before their fans and was attended by Sarah Bills and Merritt Fritchie. In addition to the wedding‚ the couple exchanged vows. In the following pages‚ you can read about the reactions of fans to the surprise wedding. Also‚ read about the reactions of the wedding guests‚ including the fans.

Jack White proposes to and then marries singer-songwriter Olivia Jean

On May 22‚ the singer-songwriter proposed to his longtime girlfriend onstage during his tour opener in Detroit. Olivia Jean had accepted his proposal months earlier. Following their concert‚ Jack and Olivia went backstage and a ceremony was held. The officiating minister was Ben Swankper‚ co-founder of Third Man Records. Swankper reportedly told the couple to go crazy. After the ceremony‚ Jack and Olivia Jean returned to the stage to perform a duet of their new songs. The couple got engaged in February of this year‚ just two months after meeting in person. Olivia Jean was born in Detroit in 1990 and was inspired by the garage rock scene in the city. She started writing music at a young age and played various instruments to record her music. Jack White discovered Olivia Jean while she was performing with her band‚ Dead Weather. After seeing her talent‚ White invited her to Third Man Records in Nashville‚ where she was subsequently signed. The pair was previously married‚ and White had been married to Meg White‚ a former bandmate. The two publicly pretended to be siblings until 2001. They have a daughter and son together. Their relationship lasted for eight years. This union is the result of White's love for the music industry and for the fans. It's no wonder that they were so close. The event marked the first night of Jack White's Tour Opener in Detroit. He also performed the Star-Spangled Banner before a game at the Detroit Tigers. After the concert‚ the couple was married‚ and the couple are now happily married! While the ceremony was a little awkward‚ it was a magical night. After the ceremony‚ the two returned to the stage.

Couple exchanges vows on stage

On stage during a show in Detroit‚ Jack White and Olivia Jean exchanged their vows to one another. The couple is a Detroit native and have been dating since 2009. They met in 2009 when White invited Jean to his studio for his third album‚ Third Man. Jean was the frontwoman of the goth garage rock band The Black Belles‚ signed to Third Man. The band released several singles and a self-titled studio album. But then‚ Jean's band‚ The Black Belles‚ went on hiatus and the couple had their wedding. Following the ceremony‚ the couple returned to their hotel to continue celebrating their new union. Afterward‚ Jack sang the Nationwide Anthem and was followed by Olivia Jean's family. The couple then returned to the stage to exchange vows in front of the crowd. The wedding ceremony was officiated by Ben Swank‚ co-founder of Third Man Records. Swank also reportedly said: Go ahead‚ let's go crazy‚ you two. After a month-long engagement‚ Jack White popped the question to his long-time girlfriend‚ Olivia Jean. The two had been dating since 2009‚ and were first introduced at a White Stripes concert in 2007. Jack and Olivia had known each other for nearly four years‚ but had not publicly announced their relationship. Olivia had a long-time crush on her but did not tell anyone about it until now. The ceremony was attended by members of White's band and his mother. Third Man Records co-founder Ben Swank officiated the ceremony. The wedding took place hours before the first game of the Detroit Tigers' season. After the wedding‚ White performed the National Anthem at Comerica Park before the opening game. The wedding is the latest in a series of events celebrating White's new album‚ Fear of the Dawn. A wedding ceremony in Detroit was a dream come true for the rock icon. The couple had met while White was on tour and were reunited on stage at a Detroit Tigers' home opener. They are now husband and wife. They have one daughter‚ Olivia Jean. This is White's first marriage. She was the first wife of the White Stripes drummer‚ Meg White.

Fans' reactions to the surprise wedding

Jack White proposed to his longtime girlfriend Olivia Jean on stage at his Tour Opener in Detroit‚ Michigan. The couple's wedding ceremony was officiated by Ben Swank‚ founder of Third Man Records. Jack carried the blushing bride off the stage to a standing ovation from the audience. Olivia‚ who is from Detroit‚ cried with happiness and was overcome with emotion as her new husband proposed. Olivia‚ who is a longtime fan of White's work‚ was equally surprised to be greeted on stage by her favorite artist. The performance was filmed by Brian McCollum‚ a reporter for the Detroit Free Press. Jean and White met while White was recording Hotel Yorba. They have been together ever since. Jean sang background vocals for White during the ceremony. The two then introduced Jean as White's girlfriend and Wyatt Gillies as his mother. The couple were married shortly after‚ and the ceremony was captured on video. The crowd's reaction to Jack White's surprise wedding of Olivia Jean was genuinely heartwarming. The singer‚ who is a Detroit native‚ has previously played the Masonic in Detroit as part of his Supply Chain Issues tour. In fact‚ the band's set at the Masonic was his hometown favorite. Olivia Jean‚ White's girlfriend‚ was introduced on stage and welcomed onto the stage. The crowd cheered and chanted one more song! White's band then returned to the stage to celebrate the wedding with Jean. He even invited his mother and co-owner of Third Man Records‚ Ben Swank‚ to the wedding. On April 2‚ 2018‚ Jack White released his new solo album‚ Fear of the Dawn. His tour began in Detroit and ended at Comerica Park. The rainy evening caused rainbows in the sky and a buzz was felt throughout the downtown area. Afterward‚ the singer and his band performed the National Anthem and the White Stripes' hit song Hotel Yorba.

Sarah Bills and Merritt Fritchie attend the ceremony

The first stop on Jack White's North American tour is Detroit‚ where he'll be honored during a special ceremony honoring local businesses. The city is home to many large corporations‚ including B. Toomer & Co.‚ Al G. Felds‚ and the Royal Stock Co. In addition to those‚ he'll play at the Ford Field‚ the Palace Theatre‚ the Fillmore West‚ and the Detroit Institute of Arts. On Friday night‚ Jack White performed at the Masonic‚ and he'll play there again on Saturday. Bills and Fritchie‚ longtime White Stripes fans‚ attended the ceremony. Bills estimates she's seen White perform as many as 12 times since the early 2000s. She and her girlfriend were seated front row during the ceremony‚ where they both felt that something special was happening before the band brought Jean onstage. The evening was filled with a lot of excitement as Jack White rang in the new year with his solo album Fear of the Dawn. The crowd was treated to a special performance of the Star-Spangled Banner‚ and the Detroit Tigers won the game 5-4. A rainbow appeared in the sky‚ and the buzz of the city was palpable. In addition to the musicians‚ the show included a tribute to the late actress Carolyn Coborn. The 76-year-old Coborn was a manager at Ford's Theater in Baltimore‚ Boston‚ and Cort in Chicago. Among her many credits‚ she was a part of several films‚ including The Challenge‚ Cappy Ricks‚ and Look Who's Here. Those films were performed at the Selwyn in New York City in July. The Gayety Girls‚ meanwhile‚ have been touring all across the country. The band's recent North American tour includes performances in Toronto‚ Detroit‚ and Minneapolis. Other notable venues include the Renix Brothers‚ the Gayety Girls‚ and Albee Stock. In addition to performing at the Tour Opener‚ Sarah Bills and Merritt Fritchie attended the ceremony at Jack White's Detroit concert.