Jack White proposes to, then marries Olivia Jean during gig in Detroit

Saturday, April 9, 2022
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Jack White Proposes to Then Marries Olivia Jean During A Show in Detroit

A fellow musician‚ Jack White‚ proposed to Olivia Jean during a show in Detroit on Monday night. Olivia Jean opened for the singer and songwriter during a show‚ and White got down on one knee during the performance to a rousing applause. The couple were then married after the gig‚ and fans are celebrating the big news with joy. Here's what you need to know about the couple's relationship.

Jack White's 15-song set list

It's not hard to guess which songs made up Jack White's 15-song setlist during his July 31 performance at the ACC in Detroit‚ Michigan. The band played a mixture of White originals and covers of popular songs from Beck and Hank Williams. The musicians riffed off of one another and adjusted to White's direction on the fly. The setlist was eclectic‚ with several pieces from White's back catalog being fleshed out with strings‚ keys‚ pedal steel‚ theremin‚ and violin. For the main hall of Coachella‚ Jack White brought the largest lighting display of the tour‚ and his new hair and guitar cables were dyed green to match his guitars. He led the band through explosive moments of transcendence during his set. He dedicated We're Going to Be Friends to his White Stripes' bandmate‚ Jay-Z. He also incorporated an old jazz tune‚ Sweet Lorraine‚ into the set. In his debut solo album‚ Jack White collaborated with many other artists. It charted on both the US and UK charts‚ and he toured the world. His first album‚ Blunderbuss‚ was released on April 24‚ 2012. White later released his second studio album‚ Lazaretto‚ on June 10‚ 2014. The third studio album‚ Boarding House Reach‚ was released on March 23‚ 2018.

White's relationship with Olivia Jean since 2009

Olivia Jean‚ who was born in Detroit in 1990‚ met Jack White when he signed her band‚ The Black Belles‚ to his Third Man Records label. She went on to become a successful solo artist and fans enjoyed being a part of their special day. Since the two have been together‚ there have been several rumored romances between the two. While Olivia Jean and White have not publicly commented on their relationship‚ many fans assume that they are in fact married. The two have been together since 2009 and are currently on tour in support of Be Your Own Pet. He's also set to release his second album of the year in July. His next scheduled concert is in Louisville‚ Kentucky‚ on Sept. 15. He's also scheduled to headline the Ticketmaster Center in San Francisco on Oct. 14. While the couple are currently touring‚ the wedding is set to take place in July. The two met while White was touring in Detroit. During a performance of Hotel Yorba‚ he proposed to Olivia Jean. In a surprise gesture‚ the musician's band opened the show for the couple. Olivia Jean‚ who is a fellow singer-songwriter‚ said yes to the proposal. The proposal came as the two sung the anthem together. It was a beautiful moment‚ and the crowd erupted and roared in celebration.

White's proposal to Jean

A couple of weeks ago‚ singer-songwriter Jack White proposed to his girlfriend Olivia Jean on stage during a show in Detroit. The pair met while Olivia Jean's band was opening for the band that opened for Jack White. Olivia and Jack have been dating since 2009‚ and met in Los Angeles. The proposal took place during White's performance of Hotel Yorba‚ one of the band's hits from 2001. After the performance‚ White asked Olivia to marry him in front of her hometown. While their relationship had been secretive until yesterday‚ the proposal was a surprising move for both of them. It was a whirlwind event‚ and even Jack's mother and father were able to attend the quickie wedding. The event was covered by the Detroit News‚ which was the official source of the announcement. Whether Jack and Olivia's union will be a secret or not remains to be seen. The proposal came after the couple's second concert. White's first concert at the Masonic Center marked the release of his new album Fear of the Dawn. He had reportedly also donned his Detroit Tigers jersey to perform the national anthem. Their relationship was a secret until his proposal. However‚ his future remains open‚ and his future looks promising. The proposal has been hailed as a triumph for White.

White's song list during gig in Detroit

It is not a surprise that a 12-time Grammy winner and former member of The Black Belles has proposed to his girlfriend on stage. The couple had first met in 2009 when White was recording in Detroit's Third Man Records. They have been together ever since. In the meantime‚ Olivia White has released several albums through Third Man Records and toured with Jack. In 2020‚ she is set to release her first EP‚ Palladium. She has also collaborated with April March. According to a source familiar with the couple‚ the proposal took place during the band's Detroit gig. White and Jean's romance was a secret until yesterday. They began dating in 2009 and became engaged in 2011. They have been inseparable since the same time. They met through mutual friends while touring with The Black Belles‚ and White invited her to record at the Nashville studio. Since then‚ the two have been making music together‚ releasing several solo albums and a studio album. Jean later left the band to pursue a solo career. The proposal was an amazing surprise and was widely shared on social media. Olivia Jean had opened the show for White and her band. The crowd went wild and cheered for the happy couple. The song Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes was also played at the show. After the song‚ Jack White proposed to his girlfriend on stage. The crowd went wild‚ and he even proposed to his girlfriend.

White's third marriage

The proposal came on a Friday night after White proposed to Olivia Jean Markel at a Detroit gig. Olivia Jean was born on February 23‚ 1990‚ and was inspired by the garage rock scene of the Detroit area. She began writing songs and playing different instruments. Later‚ White discovered her at a show with Dead Weather‚ and he invited her to sign with Third Man Records. The couple has been together ever since. The engagement came as an unexpected surprise for both the band and Olivia‚ as White's father and mother were present for the quickie ceremony. They were joined by the Detroit News‚ which tweeted about the couple's wedding. After the proposal‚ the band performed Seven Nation Military and 'Regular‚ As She Goes.' The couple then returned to the stage‚ flanked by the mother and father of Olivia Jean. Afterwards‚ ordained minister Ben Swan‚ who is a co-founder of Third Man Information‚ performed a ceremony to officially marry the pair. The relationship between White and Jean has been a secret for years‚ until yesterday. The singer proposed to Jean at a concert in Detroit‚ where she had been performing with the Dead Weather. They've been working together since then‚ collaborating on solo albums and as a member of White's touring band. However‚ they had never publicly acknowledged their romance‚ despite the fact that they were together for a decade. In the past‚ White had married former bandmate Meg White and model Karen Elson.

White's career

The news of Jack White's proposal to his longtime girlfriend Olivia Jean was a big deal yesterday. The couple had been dating since 2009‚ when White invited her to his Third Man Records studio to meet some of the band members. In 2011‚ she was one of those musicians‚ fronting an all-female goth garage rock group called The Black Belles. They later signed with Third Man and released two studio albums‚ including 2014's Night time Owl‚ before going on hiatus. After a recent performance in Detroit‚ Jack White proposed to his girlfriend during a concert. White popped the question to Olivia Jean while the band performed Lodge Yorba in front of a sold-out Masonic Temple crowd. The band's openers played before Jack White's performance. Olivia Jean‚ who grew up in Detroit‚ was surprised by the proposal‚ which occurred during their duet of White's song. The couple met while she was recording music at Third Man Records in 2009. The two started dating after their first show. They met again during the same show and continued to work together. Since then‚ Olivia has released albums through Third Man and as a member of the band The Balck Belles. In 2020‚ she will release her first EP‚ Palladium‚ with April March. They are also planning a wedding in the near future.