Jan. 6 Hearing: Trump wanted the doj to declare the 2020 election fraudulent without providing evidence. Former officials claim

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Donald Trump Calls For Investigation Into False Allegations Against the Department of Justice

The recent allegations of fraud against the Department of Justice have come under scrutiny‚ and the president-elect has once again called for an investigation into the matter. Former acting deputy attorney general Richard Donoghue testified to a House committee regarding his meeting with Trump's administration. The meeting took place during a time when Trump had been pressing the administration to look into election fraud.

Ex-Justice Department employees described in testimony before the court a 90 minute phone conversation with Donald Trump late December 2020‚ during which Trump asked them to declare that election was fraudulent despite having been told he had committed fraud. Trump made a series of false claims about voter fraud during his Dec. 27‚ 2020 phone conversation with Jeffrey Rosen‚ then acting Attorney General‚ and Richard Donoghue. Trump claimed that former officials had examined every allegation and concluded that there was no merit to them‚ yet they continued to make false allegations about voter fraud. Donoghue claimed that he failed to teach Trump. Donoghue said that I believed it was necessary to inform the president of what my investigations revealed. Because it became clear that there was a lot of conspiracy theories being fed to him‚ I tried to make the conversation more transparent. Richard Donoghue‚ former Acting Deputy AttorneyGeneral testifies in front of the House Select Committee on Thursday. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP) Donoghue stated that Trump was presenting an array of accusations and Donoghue told him‚ "No‚ that's false." He did this in serial order as Trump moved through each theory. Donoghue claimed that Trump was obsessed with a report that said there was an error rate of 68% in one Michigan county's ballot-counting machines. Donoghue claimed that there was only one error among more than 15‚000 ballots cast. Donoghue stated that he had informed the president about the 0.0063% error. Donoghue recalls telling Trump that this is an example of people telling you things that are false. They displayed notes Donoghue had written during their conversation with Trump. According to notes‚ Rosen said that Trump told Rosen at one time that the DOJ couldn't or wouldn't snap its fingers in order to change the outcome. Trump said that this is not what I want you to do. I want you to simply say the election was corrupt‚ and then leave the rest up to me and my Republican colleagues.

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(House TV)">During Thursday's hearing of the select committee‚ slides showing Donoghues note are shown. (House TV) According to Donoghues' notes‚ we have an obligation tell the public that Trump won an illegal and corrupt election. Donoghue stated that although there were instances of voter fraud in isolated cases‚ they did not affect the outcome. This hearing was fifth in a series by the House Select Committee of Findings arising from the 11-month long investigation into the Jan. 6th‚ 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The panel on Thursday focused specifically on Trump's attempts to press the Justice Department into helping him reverse his election loss during the week leading to the rebellion.


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