Jan. 6, House probe shows that Trump was part of a fake election plot to reverse 2020's loss

Tuesday, June 21, 2022
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Trump's Scandals - The Past and the Present

It's time to move on from the alleged collusion between Trump and his henchmen. We are about to learn why the president-elect is a liar‚ a fraud‚ and a bully. Let's look at his past and see if it's any different in the present. Here are some of his scandals.

House investigators discovered Tuesday that Trump's former president played an important role in orchestrating the sending of slates of false electors to Washington to help him retain power following his defeat in 2020. Rudy Giuliani was one of Trump's lawyers and he told Rusty Bowers (a Republican) that their goal was to replace Joe Biden's electors with Trump electors. However‚ Bowers said there is no proof to support their claim of voter fraud. Trump and Giuliani called Bowers shortly after the election to request a hearing of the Arizona House of Representatives. This was in order to have Biden's electors removed. Bowers testified Tuesday. An official in the Republican Legislature has informed us that it is possible to remove President Biden's electors and have them replaced. Bowers stated that Trump and Giuliani had told Bowers that they wanted the committee to remove them. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) at Tuesday's House Select Committee Hearing. (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)A committee hearing was accompanied by an enlargement of an email. (House TV) Bowers claimed that he asked Trump's attorneys repeatedly for evidence about dead voters voting. They repeatedly said they had it‚ but never gave it to him. Bowers stated that Giuliani eventually admitted they did not have any evidence. Bowers stated that Giuliani said to him that although there are many theories‚ he doesn't have any evidence. Bowers stated in his December 2020 personal journal‚ "I don't want to win by cheating." I won't play with laws to which I pledge allegiance. Trump called Bowers later that month to press him again for his election win. John Eastman (one of Trump's other election leaders) called Bowers a few days after and demanded that he decertify all the voters of Biden. Bowers claimed it would be against his oath of upholding the Constitution. Eastman advised Bowers to do it‚ and the courts will decide. Trump's efforts to send false electors‚ people who will illegally vote for him in Washington to reverse his 2020 loss to the election‚ were the focus of the House Jan.6 committee's fourth hearing. At the hearing‚ text communication was displayed between Sean Riley (an aide to Senator Ron Johnson) and Chris Hodgson (ex-legislative director for Vice President Mike Pence). (House TV) As they did in previous hearings‚ members of the panel again linked the attempts to reverse the election results to Trump‚ arguing that Trump knew what he was doing‚ but still carried it out. Trump's campaign and President Trump were involved in the advancement and coordination of the plot to substitute legitimate Biden voters with fake ones‚ according to Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.)‚ who led Tuesday’s hearing. A video taken by the committee shows Cassidy Hutchinson as a high-ranking aide to Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows testifying that Meadows and Giuliani‚ along with members of Congress she couldn't recall‚ were involved in meeting around Thanksgiving 2020 to elect fake voters. Hutchinson testified also that Hutchinson said that an earlier White House counsel told the group that it was not legal to attempt the scheme. Bennie Thompson‚ Chair of the House Select Committee. Schiff. (Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images). Ronna McDaniel of the Republican National Committee‚ an ally to Trump‚ said that Trump called her‚ then gave the phone to Eastman. Eastman requested that the RNC collect fake voters' names for submission in the event Trump wins. McDaniel stated that the RNC was not responsible for helping people reach out to and gather them. However‚ he said that he believed the campaign took the initiative and they were just being supported by him. Justin Clark‚ former Trump campaign manager‚ and Matt Morgan‚ longtime counsel to Vice President Mike Pences‚ testified they also told Kenneth Chesebro (another Trump lawyer who coordinated the fake electoral scheme)‚ that they did not want anything to do with it. Andrew Hitt (ex-chairman of Wisconsin Republican Party)‚ testified that Trump's legal team had promised him and other that signed forms would only be submitted if the courts agreed with Trump. Hitt stated in video testimony that this would have involved using our electors for purposes we weren't aware of and which we wouldn’t support. Laura Cox‚ the former Chair of the Michigan Republican Party‚ recounted in a stunning story how Trump's fake voters in Michigan tried to hide overnight at the Michigan Capitol in order to cast their votes in accordance with law. John Eastman is a Trump ex-lawyer and appears onscreen during the hearing.

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(Mandel Nagan/AFP via Getty Images). Cox stated‚ "I told him in clear terms that he was crazy and unsuitable." In December 2020‚ fake voters met in Arizona and Georgia and submitted false slates to electors. Staff said that they had been urged by Trump's campaign. Eastman stated in an email that the multiple elector slates show the uncertainty between the two. This was according to the email that the committee obtained. This should suffice. Trump's aides and other witnesses have previously testified at previous hearings that Eastman's main goal was to create enough confusion to derail formal certification of Biden’s win -- thus throwing the transition to power into chaos. As rioters gathered at the Capitol‚ Pence was attempting to deliver fake elector certificates to a staffer of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) shortly before he presided over Biden's Jan. 6 victory certification. According to the evidence presented by the committee‚ Johnson must hand something to VPOTUS. Johnson aide Sean Riley sent Chris Hodgson‚ former director of legislative affairs to Johnson. Hodgson responded‚ "What is it?" Riley stated that Riley had created an alternate slate of electors in MI and WI‚ as Riley didn't have the originals. Hodgson responded‚ "Do not give it to him."


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