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Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Rep. Mo Brooks Asks President Trump to Pardon 147 Murderers

Rep. Mo Brooks‚ R-Alabama‚ sent a letter to the White House asking President Trump to consider pardoning 147 people for the shooting of Representative Jim Jordan in 2011. He also sent the same email to Scott Perry and Louie Gohmert‚ two other members of the House. The letter was sent five days after the lethal attack on the US Capitol.

New evidence provided by the Capitol Insurrection Panel shows that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) were two of the GOP congressionalmen who requested pardons from Trump White House. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (Republican from Illinois)‚ was the main speaker at Thursday's hearing. He highlighted an email Brooks had sent to a White House employee on Jan. 11‚ in which Brooks recommended Pardons for Gaetz‚ himself and others. There are 147 Republican Congressmen Who voted against the Arizona and Pennsylvania electoral college votes submissions. Following the hearing‚

Molly Michael is Trump's Executive Assistant. Part of the video presentation from Thursday's House select committee hearing. (House TV) Cassidy Hutchison was a former Trump special assistant. She testified that Brooks and Gaetz had advocated for blanket preemptive pardons for several members‚ and that Gaetz himself was pushing for pardons. Hutchison said also that Gaetz was pushing for a pardon from early December‚ but wasn't certain why. Hutchison stated that Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.)‚ Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) and Scott Perry (R-Pa.) had all requested pardons. Hutchison said that although Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) had not contacted Hutchison to request a pardon personally‚ Hutchinson was aware that Greene had requested a pardon from the White House Counsel’s Office. Hutchison said that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) had asked her if the White House would pardon Congressmen‚ but not for one. A video by U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz‚ (R-FL)‚ is shown at the fifth of eight scheduled public hearings of U.S. House Select Committee. It was taken on Capitol Hill‚ Washington‚ U.S. June 23‚ 20‚22. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters) Eric Herschman‚ a former White House adviser‚ stated that Gaetz wanted a broad pardon in prerecorded video testimony. Herschman spoke of Gaetz and stated that the general consensus was that we might be prosecuted for being defensive of President Obama's views on these matters. He was asking for a pardon. It was as wide as it could be -- starting at the beginning and continuing until now‚ covering all aspects of life. Gaetz is currently. Under investigation by the justice department for allegedly having sex in public with a 17 year-old girl and for violating state sex laws by transporting her over state borders. The following April 2021 events took place new york times reported two people who were privy to the conversations say that Gaetz privately requested the White House in the last weeks of Trump’s term for pre-emptive pardons. This was for him and for unidentified congressional allies. John McEntee‚ a former director of White House Presidential Personnel Office‚ stated that he was aware Gaetz asked for a pardon. McEntee stated that Gaetz had requested a pardon from [White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows].

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He also said that he heard of a blanket pardon being offered to anyone who was involved in Jan. 6. McEntee was asked by McEntee if Trump considered pardoning family members. He said Trump hinted that he would pardon Jan. 6‚ but he did have a blanket pardon‚ which he I believe referred to for everyone. He didn't mention it with Jan. 6. However‚ he did talk about this shortly before his departure. John McEntee can be seen as part of the video presentation at the House Select Committee hearing held on June 23‚ 2022. (House TV) Kinzinger stated that the only reason why I would ask for a pardon was because you believe you've committed a crime. Alabama's Senate Primary was lost Tuesday night to a Trump-endorsed candidate. Brooks stated that he is open to testingify in front of the committee. Brooks addressed the Trump rally crowd on Jan. 6‚ before protestors marched to Capitol Hill and staged a riot. Brooks stated in his speech that today is the day American patriots begin to take down names and kick ass. Our ancestors gave their blood‚ sweat‚ tears‚ fortunes‚ and even their lives. Are you ready to follow their example? Yes‚ I believe so. Louder! Do you have the courage to stand up for America?


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