Jan. 6 witnesses talk about faith being the best way to accomplish right things

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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A Christian Refuses to Vote For Fake Electors

In Arizona‚ state representative Rusty Bowers was threatened with violence because he refused to vote for fake electors. After the hearing‚ he said he would vote for Trump if he ran for office. While he did not vote for Trump‚ he still vowed to support him if elected to office. Despite the threats‚ Bowers is a Christian.

Numerous witnesses who appeared before the Jan. 6‚ committee spoke about their faith in resisting the pressure of then-President Donald Trump‚ his allies and even their friends to help him plot to take the 2020 election. It was my faith that kept me going through this. Greg Jacob The events of January 6‚ 2021 were described by Mike Pence's legal counsel. Greg Jacob was the counsel for Mike Pence's then Vice President Mike at the House Select Committee hearing held on June 16. (Susan Walsh/AP) Jacob‚ who is a Christian‚ said that while Trump supporters attacked and ransacked Washington's Capitol shouting "Hang Pence!" he was there with Vice President Mike Pence and some other aides underground in a parking garage. Secret Service agents quickly escaped from their SUVs by occupying the area. Jacob reached for his Bible‚ and turned to the Book of Daniel. Jacob stated that Daniel 6 was the place he went. Daniel 6 is the story of Daniel becoming second in command over Babylon‚ a pagan country. But he faithfully and completely serves. He rejects any order of the king and does his duty in accordance with his vow to God. That's how I saw it. Jacob stated that Jacob found great comfort in reading the story‚ despite being under extremely stressful circumstances. Marc Short‚ Pence's close adviser‚ shared with the committee how Jacob‚ Pence‚ and two of his aides met for prayer on Jan. 6. We knew it was an important day so we joined in prayer short said Knowing that it was going to be difficult‚ the group sought guidance and wisdom. Marc Short‚ the adviser to Pence is seen in an Oval Office meeting as part of evidence at the hearing held on Jan. 6. (House TV) Short and Pence returned nearly 24 hours later to their common Christian faith‚ having cleared the Capitol of the rioters and with Congress now completing its certification of the election results. When we adjourned at 3:50 AM and went our separate ways‚ I recall texting Vice President a passage of 2 Timothy 4:17 to him about "I fought for the good fight. I finished the race. I have kept the faith." Short said. Rusty Bowers was the Arizona House Speaker this week and spoke out about the pressure Rudy Giuliani‚ Trump supporters‚ put on him. Bowers was asked by Trump's lawyer to follow the procedures that would help him ignore the will and to replace the members of the Electoral College (who would vote for Trump) Bowers said that Giuliani was speaking under oath that he was acting out of another kind of faith. He believed that fraud occurred and was looking for evidence to support that belief. Rusty Bowers‚ Arizona House Speaker is inducted at Tuesday's Jan. 6 hearing. (Mandel Nagan/AFP via Getty Images Giuliani was the one who said to me‚ "We have many theories." The evidence is not there. Bowers said. Bowers is an associate of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He claimed he voted in Trump's favor and desired him to win. Bowers also spoke of a different faith than Giuliani. Bowers didn't rely on blind faith in order to get the outcome he desired‚ but instead relied upon his faith to believe that he could accept all facts and do his duty‚ despite being harassed and threatened by his family. Trump supporters drove to Bowers' home with guns in their hands‚ many with panels trucks. They also left videos of me declaring myself a pedophile‚ a pervert‚ and corrupt politician. He said. We also had a severely ill daughter‚ who became upset at the outside world. Bowers's daughter‚ Bowers‚ died shortly after‚ Jan. 28‚ 2021. He had been battling illness for some time. Wrote at the time. Bowers used a journal entry to read from during his testimony. His voice sometimes quavering. It's hard to see friends who were so helpful to me turn against me with such hatred‚ he wrote December 2020. At the 4th public hearing‚ Bowers was represented by the Jan.6 committee. (Doug Mills/Pool via Reuters Although I might not have the correct views or follow their convictions or vision‚ I don't take my current circumstances lightly‚ nor do I view them as a threat or vindictive. Cheating is not a way to win. I won't play by laws that I pledged allegiance. Bowers stated that God guided him through his foundational desire for God's will. This is what I believe Bowers led me to embrace. What other way can I approach him when I am lost in life? Knowing that I only ask for his guidance to defend the path he has steered me down‚ how else do I go about approaching him in this wilderness? He wrote. Bowers' faith and that of his aides and Vice President Mike Pence‚ which was a determined determination to fulfill one's duties despite one’s preference and in the full light of the known facts stood out against Trump's belief in fraud‚ even though there wasn't any evidence. Gabriel Sterling‚ chief operating officer for elections in Georgia told the committee of an attorney that he had known who denied Trump's loss. Sterling spoke to the attorney about five or six false Trump claims. Each time‚ the lawyer replied‚ "OK‚ that's what I understand." Sterling stated that he knew in his heart that they had cheated at the end. Gabriel Sterling‚ a Georgia election official was present at Tuesday's hearing.

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(Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images) Prominent Trump supporters displayed this kind of faith in the days following the 2020 election. Who cares what evidence I have in court? It is correct. It happened. I will do everything I can to find out the horror and evil Eric Metaxas (evangelical talk radio host). Said in December 2020. Metaxas stated that Trump supporters shouldn't do any of these things. He said that we must fight until the end‚ down to the very last drop of blood. Rod Dreher is a conservative writer and friend of Metaxas. Wrote at the time As a matter-of-faith‚ he declares that Donald Trump has won the election. You can't argue with this. You can't. This is an act of faith.... Fanaticism is this. These religious leaders were also expressing such fanaticism‚ seeking to turn their faith into the truth they desired. Lou Engle‚ a Pentecostal leader

Pray and fast for voter fraud exposure. Engle‚ who helped organize.

Over 50‚000 youth in Kansas City (Mo.) believed that demons are responsible for the cheating. Believe that there are spiritual power in heaven and earth working in the areas of fraud and corruption.

The day following the 2020 election.

This evidence-free belief in the political outcome is not being challenged continues to be evident. Bennie Thompson‚ Jan. 6‚ committee chairman‚ read Tuesday the remarks of Couy Griffin (county commissioner) in New Mexico. The results were not certified He believed that fraud had marred the result of a primary election. My decision to vote for a "no" is not supported by any evidence and it's not based upon any facts. My vote is based solely on what I feel and instinctively. Said Griffin. Griffin has said he was an ordained pastor prior to entering politics. On Jan. 6‚ he spent 20 days in prison for violating the U.S. Capitol grounds. He said that he was devoted to God and that Jan. 6's actions were the result of his faith. In February‚ Pence spoke to conservative lawyers about a faith that doesn't seek to control reality for its own ends. He said that faith's role was to help him do right even when things are difficult. Let's face it‚ I can understand many people's disappointment at the outcome of the previous election. Pence chuckled and said that I had been on the ballot. Whatever the future may bring‚ I am certain we fulfilled our duties that day. John Quincy Adams reminded us that while duty is ours and God's results are God’s.


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