January 6th testimony: Trump and Jeffrey Clark pressurized the Doj to investigate fraud allegations

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Donald Trump and the Justice Department's Jeffrey Clark and Richard Donoghue Dispute

The Justice Department is not supposed to do the personal political bidding of a president. In fact‚ the Trump administration enlisted the department to investigate a fake elector scheme‚ and Rosen described an emergency meeting he held with Trump in which the president asked the agency to seize voting machines. But Donoghue insulted Clark's credentials during a showdown with Trump.

According to testimony submitted by the House Jan. 6‚ committee‚ on Thursday‚ Jeffrey Clark and former President Donald Trump pressured DOJ officials at an Oval Office meeting in order to try to overturn Trump's defeat in 2020. Clark‚ a former Trump DOJ official‚ testified that he lobbied Trump for him to be made acting attorney general over the period of two hours. According to Richard Donoghue (ex-Deputy Attorney General)‚ the entire meeting was focused on whether Trump would fire Jeffrey Rosen‚ Acting Attorney General‚ and replace him by Clark. Clark was willing to continue investigating Trump's election fraud allegations‚ even though many claims had been investigated and disproved by the Justice Department. Clark was an environmental lawyer at the Justice Department. Richard Donoghue appears in the slide that was presented at the House Select Committee hearing held June 23‚ 2022. (House TV) Trump stared at me‚ and he emphasised that the only thing we know about you is that you won't do anything. Rosen recalled Trump's words to him during the meeting. "You aren't even sure that these concerns are valid." Rosen quoted Trump as saying that Clark could replace Rosen. Donoghue stated repeatedly to Clark that Clark would investigate widespread fraud if given the presidency's seat. According to Donoghue Clark said that he would continue the investigation as the president deems appropriate. Jeffrey Clark (then-Assistant attorney general for the Environment and Natural Resources Division) speaks at a Washington Justice Department news conference on September 14‚ 2020. (Susan Walsh/Pool via AP). According to Donoghue‚ Rosen‚ Donoghue‚ and other Oval Office officials who met with Clark‚ Trump tried to stop Trump's firing Rosen. They also attempted to select Clark to be his next acting attorney general. Clark wrote a Dec. 28‚ 2021 letter on Department of Justice letterhead in which he pushed Trump's false fraud claims and the unfounded theory (pushed by Trump lawyers John Eastman‚ Rudy Giuliani)‚ that fake voters could be submitted on January 6 to Mike Pence‚ then Vice President. This would overturn Trump’s loss.

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6 attack on the U.S. Capitol continues to reveal its findings of a year-long investigation‚ at the Capitol in Washington‚ Thursday‚ June 23‚ 2022. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP)">Steven Engel‚ ex-Assistant Attorney General for Office of Legal Counsel is sworn in as the House Select Committee continues to investigate the attack on Washington's Capitol. Richard Donoghue (ex-Acting Attorney General) and Jeffrey Rosen (exactly acting Attorney General)‚ are being questioned by the House Select committee. The hearing will take place at Washington's Capitol‚ Thursday June 23rd 2022. (Jacquelyn Martin/AP) "That guy is trying to send a letter‚ and that's a murder-suicide agreement‚ which will cause harm to everyone who gets it‚" Donoghue said. Donoghue recalled Pat Cipollone‚ then White House counsel‚ saying during the meeting that he should not have anything to do with it. Donoghue said that Clark was the one who shut down Clark's meeting‚ and claimed that he wasn't qualified to run the Justice Department. Donoghue replied‚ "How about you return to your office so we can call you when there is an oil spillage."


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