Jason Momoa edly dating actress Eiza Gonzalez

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Is Jason Momoa Dating Actress Eiza Gonzalez?

Reports are swirling that Jason Momoa is dating actress Eiza Gonzalez. The couple began dating in 2005 and have now reportedly broken up. The rumor mill explains that the couple part ways in marriage.

Jason Momoa reportedly dating actress Eiza Gonzalez

According to various sources‚ actor Jason Momoa is reportedly dating actress Eiza Gonzalez. Although the two have yet to officially confirm their relationship‚ their mutual friends say that they're not serious about it. The pair recently attended the Ambulance premiere together‚ and Jason has been invited to many events as of late. Last month‚ the actor shot down rumors that he is dating Kate Beckinsale‚ offering her his jacket at the Vanity Fair afterparty for the 2022 Academy Awards. In January‚ the couple stepped out together in public without their two children. While they're still close‚ it is not clear when the couple will rekindle their romance. After all‚ the two were married in 2017 and welcomed their second child together. In addition to that‚ Momoa and Gonzalez have previously denied rumors that they were dating other people. However‚ in March‚ the actor lent Beckinsale a jacket at the Academy Awards. Last fall‚ Page Six broke the news that Gonzalez was dating another man named Paul Rabil. Besides dating Eiza Gonzalez‚ Jason Momoa is currently working on his next movie Fast X. The two were not seen together on the red carpet‚ but the pair were spotted at a party after the Vanity Fair Oscars‚ where Gonzalez wore his jacket. However‚ the two actors denied being romantic after the party. Despite this‚ the two actors have been spotted together several times. It is unclear what the relationship between Eiza Gonzalez and Jason Momoa will entail‚ but the former married couple recently announced that they're no longer married. They also hinted that they're not divorced‚ and are simply staying friends. However‚ it is unclear how serious their relationship is. In any case‚ the couple are keeping the relationship low-key‚ which is why they've not been photographed together. The two recently split after spending a year raising their children together. After splitting‚ Jason and Lisa spent time spending time together. The couple has a daughter together named Lola Iolani‚ and a son named Nakoa-Wolf. But if the relationship is serious‚ there's no evidence that Momoa and Gonzalez are still dating. However‚ rumors of their relationship have become more pronounced.

They're parting ways in marriage

Despite the rumor that they are parting ways in marriage‚ the two haven't stayed apart for very long. The two recently attended the premiere of Michael Bay's The Batman in New York City together. While it's unclear if Jason and Eiza are dating again‚ there is no doubt that the split is amicable. Regardless of the reason for the breakup‚ the actors' daughters are likely to find happiness together. While many people speculate about their personal relationships‚ there's been no official news from the two. Jason Momoa is known for his work in movies and television. His wife‚ Lisa Bonet‚ recently announced that the two are parting ways but did not announce a divorce. The two had been married for almost two decades before splitting up in January. In addition to his rumored new relationship with Eiza Gonzalez‚ he's also been linked to Kate Beckinsale. After the Oscars‚ the two were photographed getting intimate. In addition to their romance‚ Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez are also working together on their next movie. While shooting Fast X in Italy‚ they met each other. While they haven't taken their relationship seriously‚ they're clearly enjoying each other's company. They attended the premiere of Ambulance together in April. During the filming‚ the two were spotted holding hands.

They've been dating since 2005

After splitting from his wife‚ Lisa Bonet‚ last January‚ Jason Momoa has been seen out and about with actress Eiza Gonzalez. The couple was spotted at the premiere of Eiza's film‚ Ambulance. While the couple's relationship was a whirlwind‚ Eiza has been in a relationship with another man. A source close to the couple said‚ Eiza and Jason are definitely the perfect fit for each other. Although they broke up in January‚ the pair has been spotted out and about together for a couple of months. They spotted attending the premiere of Ambulance in April‚ but did not take photos together on the red carpet. Several days later‚ news broke of their relationship. Initially‚ rumors had only circulated when the actors were seen together at the premiere of Ambulance. Later‚ it was revealed that the couple were dating. Eiza Gonzalez declined to comment on the relationship. Although the two have been linked since 2005‚ their relationship has only recently become public. While the actor is super famous‚ his girlfriend is not. Gonzalez‚ a former model and designer‚ is more unknown to the public. Her father owns a fashion agency and her mother was a runway model‚ but the actress wasn't naturally inclined towards fashion until later in life. Gonzalez has been known to call herself a tomboy before she found her love for fashion. Now‚ however‚ the two are ambassadors for luxury brands‚ but they haven't announced a date for the relationship. During their relationship‚ Gonzalez lived in Los Angeles. She claimed to have suffered from depression and compulsive overeating when she was a teenager. She met Jason Momoa after her divorce from her husband. She was born in Mexico City and is the only child of former model Glenda Reyna. Her father died in a motorbike accident when she was 12‚ and her only sibling is twelve years older than her. While the couple had been together for more than a decade‚ their relationship broke down this January. They both said they still love each other but decided to separate due to their careers and lives. Their relationship had started in 2005 and they were married in 2017.

They started dating in 2005

After rumors of a romantic relationship resurfaced‚ the two quickly shut them down. While Momoa and Gonzalez have been busy filming Fast X‚ Gonzalez is currently working on her next Netflix series‚ The Three-Body Problem. The show is the first post-Game of Thrones work for the showrunners. It is expected to debut sometime in 2023. While they did not appear on the red carpet together this year‚ Momoa was seen wearing Gonzalez's jacket at an after-party in November. It was reported last week that Jason Momoa and actress Eiza Gonzalez have started dating. Their relationship was reportedly forged after the actor and Lisa Bonet announced their split in January. While they were friends for years‚ the news of their new romance came as a surprise to many fans. While the two have not been spotted together‚ their friendship reportedly grew after the actors split from Lisa Bonet. During the course of the relationship‚ the two actors became friendly with each other and continued to attend the same events. In April‚ the pair attended the premiere of Ambulance together. Eiza Gonzalez also appeared at the premiere of the film. She has since denied reports of a relationship between the two. They also responded to rumors that he was dating Kate Beckinsale when she approached him for a jacket at a 2022 Academy Awards afterparty. In 2005‚ the two actors began dating. After dating for nearly four years‚ they married in October 2017‚ had a child together‚ Lola Iolani in July 2007 and Nakoa-Wolf in December 2008. However‚ the pair announced their separation in January 2022‚ two years after their marriage. While it's difficult to say how they met‚ they still remain good friends. Eiza Gonzalez was born in Mexico and has worked as a model. Her father passed away in a motorcycle accident when she was twelve. After a year of dating‚ Eiza and Josh began their relationship. They are now working on Fast X. A relationship with Eiza Gonzalez is possible. They met on the sets of From Dusk Till Dawn. While this relationship seems to be on the rise‚ there is no official confirmation of their relationship.