Jason Momoa Eiza González Dating

Sunday, May 15, 2022
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Is Jason Momoa and Ambulance Star Eiza Gonzalez Dating?

Have you heard about the rumor that Jason Momoa and Ambulance star Eiza Gonzalez are dating? The actor recently announced his split from his wife Lisa Bonet and has been dating Eiza Gonzalez for the past few months. Lisa and Jason had been dating for over 20 years. The couple recently attended the Ambulance premiere together‚ despite speculations about a potential romance. Recently‚ Momoa shot down rumors that he was dating Kate Beckinsale. And last month‚ he gave Eiza Gonzalez his jacket at the Vanity Fair 2022 Academy Awards afterparty.

Jason Momoa is dating Ambulance star Eiza Gonzalez

According to People magazine‚ Hollywood actor Jason Momoa has reportedly rekindled his love life. In March‚ he lent his jacket to Kate Beckinsale at an after-party‚ sparking rumors of a romance. However‚ they have yet to make an appearance on the red carpet together. It is unclear how the relationship will progress‚ as neither of the two have confirmed or denied their relationship. It's not clear what started this new romance‚ but it is very possible that Jason Momoa and Eiza Gonzalez have recently split up. Despite their recent split from Lisa Bonet‚ both stars have been working on their next projects. Last month‚ the couple attended the premiere of Eiza Gonzalez's film Ambulance‚ though neither was spotted on the red carpet together. While he has been dating other women‚ he has not been seen on the red carpet with her. The pair met through mutual friends. The two first dated in 2000 and have since remained friends. The couple divorced in January 2022. They split after 16 years of dating and four years of marriage. But after the divorce‚ Jason and Lisa allegedly tried to rekindle their relationship. The two returned to each other a few months later and rekindled their romance. In March‚ they briefly stepped out together. The two are separated from their wives‚ Lisa Kravitz and Zoe Kravitz. Lisa and Jason are close friends. He recently attended the premiere of Zoe Kravitz's movie The Batman. The two have two kids together: a 14-year-old daughter named Lola and a thirteen-year-old son named Nakoa-Wolf. It's unclear what is happening in their private lives.

He split from wife Lisa Bonet in January

In January 2022‚ the two announced their separation‚ announcing that they'd split after nine years together. The news came as a surprise to fans who thought the actor had been influenced by Amber Heard's relationship drama. But the couple has since decided to give their relationship another go. A couple of months ago‚ the actor deleted a post on Instagram about the split. While the two haven't spoken publicly about the breakup‚ they have been spotted together a few times. It was previously reported that the actor and actress Jason Momoa split from his wife Lisa Bonet in January 2022. The couple shared two children. They separated last year and moved out of the family home in California to live in a $750‚000 van on a friend's property. The couple deleted their initial social media post announcing their split‚ but rumors stayed alive for months afterward. In November 2021‚ Momoa was spotted leaving a Los Angeles bar without his wife Lisa Bonet. He was also spotted with a mystery woman. After the split‚ Momoa switched off comments on his Facebook post about the split‚ but fans still kept their fingers crossed. Fans pleaded for him not to kill the love. But he did not listen to their pleas and remained silent‚ instead tweeting that the two were back together. The two had two teenage children and are now living together again‚ a source told HollywoodLife. The two began dating in 2005 and had two children together‚ Lola and Nakoa-Wolf‚ who was born in July and December respectively. Their marriage was secretly finalized in October 2017. Momoa previously married rockstar Lenny Kravitz in 1987. She and Kravitz also share a daughter‚ Zoe Kravitz‚ who was born in 1987.

They have a 14-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son

The couple have been together for over eight years‚ and have two children together: a 14-year-old daughter‚ Zoe‚ and a 13-year-old son. In October 2017‚ rumors emerged that Jason was dating Kate Beckinsale‚ but he denied it. Last month‚ he gave Lisa a jacket at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards afterparty. In an official statement‚ the couple confirmed their split. Jason and Lisa explained that their relationship has grown apart romantically amid the COVID-19 pandemic‚ but that their love for each other has not. Further‚ they wished to set a good example for their children.