Jen Psaki leaving the White House for MSNBC this spring

Friday, April 1, 2022
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Jen Psaki has confirmed that she will be leaving the White House this spring‚ but she would not comment on her new role. The former spokesperson for President Donald Trump has told senior Whitehouse officials that she plans to leave the administration in 2019. She will join MSNBC's staff as a commentator‚ and her role will be similar to that of former Vice President Harris' spokeswoman Symone Sanders. Her show will air on MSNBC on the weekends starting in May. While there is no official word on the exact job she will be playing‚ it seems likely that she will be at MSNBC for a while. While Psaki will no longer be a spokesperson for the White House‚ it is widely expected that she will join MSNBC for her new on-air gig. She has been in talks with the network for some time and is expected to join the network this spring. She has been in a position as press secretary since January 2021‚ and had previously worked as a CNN political commentator. Before joining the Biden administration‚ she was the communications director for the Obama administration. She also served as a State Department spokesperson and a State Department official. The hiring of Psaki for the MSNBC position will mark a pivotal moment in the jockeying for the top job in the 2024 presidential election. Previously‚ Jen Psaki was the senior press secretary for Kamala Harris‚ the Democratic candidate for president. She will take over for Sanders when she takes over as the next press secretary. The decision is still not final‚ but she has made the right choice. The White House is aware that Jen Psaki will be leaving for MSNBC this spring. Her departure will be announced shortly‚ and the White House will be working with MSNBC's compliance lawyers to ensure that the White Office does not get in the way of her job. In the meantime‚ the network is preparing to hire other people to fill the vacancies. It is expected that she will remain with MSNBC as a commentator. Axios‚ a website that covers politics‚ first reported Psaki's departure for MSNBC this spring. However‚ the White House did not comment‚ saying that the news was a matter of public interest. She has not confirmed the news‚ but she is currently out of the press room. But the new position is a good fit‚ a good career opportunity for her. The White House has been aware of Psaki's departure for several weeks. She will continue to appear on MSNBC's news program. In addition to appearing on MSNBC‚ she will host her own show on NBC's streaming platform. While the Whitehouse has no comment on her departure‚ she is preparing for the transition.

jen psaki leaving the white house for msnbc this spring
Image source : hollywoodr

But her new job is not over yet finalized. While she will continue to be an employee at the White House‚ it is not clear what she will be doing after her one-year term. She will continue to work as a commentator for the White House's senior officials. The new role will also be a great opportunity for her to continue her reporting. But despite the potential conflict‚ she will not be in the spotlight. While it is unclear when the former press secretary will leave the White House for MSNBC‚ she has been meeting with several networks for the past year. She has been meeting with MSNBC to make sure they are compatible‚ but she did not respond to USA TODAY's request for comment. So‚ she will continue to work as a media analyst on MSNBC‚ but she'll not be working as a regular correspondent. There are no clear details about why Jen Psaki would leave the White House‚ but it was reported that she would be joining MSNBC as an on-air host. Initially‚ she will be based in Washington‚ but her new role will be unclear until she has a chance to start her new job. She will likely be a reporter for MSNBC‚ but it is not known how long she will remain with the news network.