Jennifer Lopez says she and Ben Affleck are engaged again

Sunday, April 10, 2022
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Jennifer Lopez Says She and Ben Affleck Are Engaged Again

The couple's relationship began on the set of the 2001 rom-com Gigli. They quickly became fast friends and Ben proposed to Jennifer in 2002. He surprised Lopez with a stunning pink diamond engagement ring. In 2004‚ they called off their previous engagement. A year later‚ Jennifer popped the question again. The news has left fans and the media stunned. Here‚ we look at what the relationship has meant to both of them.

Jennifer Lopez

According to a new report‚ actress Jennifer Lopez is engaged again to actor Ben Affleck. The couple first met on the set of Gigli in 2001 and were subsequently engaged. However‚ their relationship ended in 2004‚ when she married dancer Cris Judd. They got back together in 2004‚ and were married again in 2011. The couple divorced in 2014. Now‚ Lopez believes she has found her true love. The news broke on Friday‚ when Jennifer Lopez shared the news on her members-only fan newsletter. She had been seen wearing the engagement ring earlier this week‚ but didn't reveal the ring itself. The actress also hinted that it was a surprise for fans via social media. The actress and actor were first spotted in Malibu‚ California‚ at a sushi restaurant. In 2004‚ the couple were engaged again. While their relationship ended in 2004‚ they managed to rekindle it‚ proving that the two have moved on. Lopez reportedly received a beautiful diamond ring from Affleck. I love the ring and everything about it‚ she wrote in the newsletter‚ accompanied by a voiceover. The news has prompted countless rumours. Earlier this week‚ the singer was photographed wearing the ring on her wedding finger in Los Angeles. Previously‚ the couple divorced‚ but recently reconnected. The couple were engaged in November 2002 but broke up in 2004. Affleck and Lopez share five children from previous relationships. They have also been seen on the red carpet together many times. So‚ what's new in the relationship? This is a huge news for fans of both actors. If this is true‚ it could spell the end of their romance.

Ben Affleck

In a recent InStyle cover story‚ the two actors confirmed that they are engaged again‚ saying they are over the moon. Although Affleck remained cautious about revealing personal details about the relationship‚ the actor said he is thrilled to get another chance with the singer and actress. However‚ Lopez's reps have been less forthcoming about the news. While Affleck is sceptical of sharing details about their private life‚ she's happy to have a second chance with the actor. The couple had a brief engagement in 2011‚ which lasted just over a year. Their relationship began when Lopez met Affleck on the set of Gigli in 2001. After a short period of dating‚ the two became one of the most popular celebrity couples in Hollywood. The two were photographed cuddling and arriving at the Pendry Hotel in West Hollywood. Despite the news‚ the couple has not stopped spending time together‚ and they were even spotted kissing while enjoying dinner together. The couple had previously been engaged in 2002‚ but this time around‚ they are engaged again. The couple met on the set of 2001 rom-com Gigli‚ where they struck up a real-life friendship. In 2002‚ Affleck proposed to Lopez on Instagram and directed fans to the fan site On The JLo for more information. Earlier this year‚ the actors called off their previous engagement‚ which was announced on Twitter. However‚ the actors recently ended their engagement with Alex Rodriguez in April 2021.

Jennifer Lopez's engagement to Jack White

The news of the couple's engagement came as a surprise for concertgoers. The singer-songwriter has previously been married to the drummer of the band The White Stripes‚ Meg White. He has also been married to a model named Karen Elson‚ who recorded the album Third Man. While the news of his engagement to Lopez was not unexpected‚ it was still surprising. After all‚ White has been married three times. The two got engaged on April 8‚ the same day Jack performed at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. While his fans were stunned‚ the crowd cheered their happy couple as they exchanged vows. Jack White also proposed to his long-time girlfriend‚ singer Olivia Jean‚ on stage during one of his concerts. It was a romantic moment for the two--who are planning to tie the knot in September. Obviously‚ it's a big deal for the pair‚ and we wish them the best of luck! The two recently bought a $55 million mansion in Los Angeles. The mansion is located in the exclusive Bel-Air neighborhood. The couple is already in their early thirties‚ but the ceremony took place on a warm February night. The couple even went boogie-walking together before the wedding. However‚ they've already broken up 18 years ago! But it was the engagement that sparked the news of the engagement! Earlier in the decade‚ Lopez and Affleck were engaged. The two had met while filming the 2003 movie Gigli‚ but they later parted ways. The couple's friendship continued after the divorce. The pair's daughter‚ Emme‚ was in attendance at the event. The engagement was confirmed in May‚ with both men publicly revealing their intentions to marry. The couple's relationship has not ceased to be exciting despite their long distance.

Their 10 years of marriage

After a turbulent marriage‚ it appears that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. The two met in the mid-2000s and began dating. The relationship quickly grew and soon fans started calling them 'Bennifer'. In June of this year‚ they were spotted kissing in a posh Malibu sushi restaurant. The two declined to comment when spotted together. After a failed engagement and divorce‚ the couple dated other men but soon fell in love again. After a brief engagement‚ the couple have been spotted together on several occasions‚ including the Met Gala and a premiere for the movie The Last Duel at the Lincoln Center in New York City on October 9‚ 2021. The couple smiled broadly as they posed for photographs and shared a passionate kiss. After their breakup in 2004‚ the couple were reunited at the Venice Film Festival. The two have been friends for years but only got back together in December 2018. The actors were public supporters of each other throughout their split‚ which is said to be a result of intense media attention. However‚ Lopez and Affleck have remained friendly‚ and they recently went on vacation in Montana together. The couple are also embracing the fun things in life‚ including spending time with their kids. They were previously married‚ but split up in 2003. Affleck is currently pursuing a career in acting‚ and the pair recently made an announcement on social media. Both women revealed their love on their personal websites and Facebook pages. Affleck's announcement comes just days after Jennifer Lopez teased the news via a fan newsletter. Jennifer Lopez also wore the ring on her wedding finger while shopping in Los Angeles with their daughter Emme. In the press conference‚ she described Affleck as brilliant‚ loving‚ affectionate‚ and charming‚ which is exactly what she is. Jennifer Lopez also said her mother would approve of Affleck. While many couples have been married for decades‚ Lopez and Affleck's relationship has had ups and downs. After a brief split in 2004‚ both couples pursued other relationships and even started families of their own. After a decade apart‚ the couple rekindled their romance and are now engaged again. So‚ is Jennifer Lopez's second engagement a sign of a new beginning?