Jeopardy! Fans Have Strong Opinions After Mayim Bialik Reveals

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
author picture Liam Lambert
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After revealing she is going to be the next host of the game show‚ Mayim Bialik has received strong criticism from fans. The popular game show has been without a female host since 2004‚ but viewers have had a lot of mixed reactions. Despite the many positive things Mayim Bialik has said about the show‚ some still don't think she should take the position full time. Some hope Ken Jennings takes it on permanently. Some viewers are expressing strong reservations about Mayim Bialik taking on the role of the show's host‚ citing the fact that she's not anti-vaxxers‚ and that she didn't like watching children get vaccines. Other fans‚ however‚ are defending the actress and her choice for the job‚ even though they think it's a good fit. Although Mayim Bialik's comments have drawn some controversy‚ many fans are supportive of her decision. She said that she didn't go off-script when referring to Single Jeopardy. She also expressed that she enjoys meeting contestants‚ even if she does have to do so with her husband‚ Ken Jennings. Regardless of the reactions‚ fans have strong opinions on the matter.