Jeremy Kyle had a God complex, reveals Channel 4 documentary

Monday, March 14, 2022
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A Channel Four documentary has revealed Jeremy Kyle had a God complex. The former producer of the show described the show's production crew as 'rats in a lab'‚ stating that they were stuck at their desks for 14 to 15 hours a day. He also admitted that the program's producers were 'uncomfortable' with him. Despite the sexy show's controversial content‚ fans and critics were unable to shake off the giggling host. The Jeremy Kyle Show was a hit show that became an international sensation. The show‚ which gained over a million viewers during its run‚ was canceled after one of its guests‚ Steve Dymond‚ committed suicide after undergoing a lie detector test. According to the channel's documentary‚ Jeremy Kyle had a 'God complex' and was incredibly nasty and degrading to his employees. He also engaged in behaviour that left his employees feeling brainwashed and deprived of their dignity. The Channel 4 documentary aired on Tuesday‚ revealing previously unseen footage of the show's production crew.

jeremy kyle had a god complex reveals channel 4 documentary
Image source : mirrorco

In one episode‚ Jeremy Kyle called viewers 'thick as s***'‚ and criticised viewers for speaking during the filming. Some former employees even revealed that he made his visitors distressed to entertain viewers. Some of the guests said that the host's treatment of them made them feel brainwashed.