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Friday, May 13, 2022
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Jessica Biel Explains Why Her Husband's Cameo on Candy Was So Unexpected

Candy co-executive Jessica Biel explains why her husband's cameo on the show was so unexpected! The actress co-executives the show with Justin Timberlake‚ but she wasn't aware that Timberlake was interested in the role. He approached her through her publicist‚ Michelle Purple‚ and was photographed with her. The rest is history! Read on to find out more about her sexy beauty and easy-going style.

Jessica Biel's natural‚ laid-back style

While most celebrities have to work hard to keep up with their public image‚ Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel seem to have the same approach to their relationships. The actor and singer has long said that his relationship with the actress is a special one. He opened up to EW last year about his fall in love with the former 7th Heaven actress. Justin and Jessica have even worked together on some prospective parts‚ so the cameo in Candy is not surprising. The actress's style is so effortless that it makes her appear as if she isn't even wearing makeup. On the red carpet at Tiffany's‚ Biel looked summery and beachy. In fact‚ her makeup artist just launched a new product called Ageless Facial in a Box. She has even posted a photo of the two of them strolling with their two sons. The actor and actress's marriage to Jessica Timberlake has come and gone. The couple got engaged in August 2012 and married in Italy in October 2012. Timberlake allegedly refused to attend the Oscars with Biel and acted single at Kate Hudson's 30th birthday party in April 2009. While the two married despite the rumors‚ it seems that Justin Timberlakes cameo on the film does not reflect their love life. Justin and Jessica have a similar approach to red carpets. They overlap each other‚ almost as if they were one body. The actress lets Justin touch her stomach while letting him hold her hand. Similarly‚ they lead each other along the red carpet with the same leg‚ which signifies emotional synchronization. And the couple's natural‚ laid-back approach to life seems to be the reason why Justin and Jessica have become such a match.

Her fitness regimen

After her stunning transformation in the film Candy‚ Jessica Biel explains why her husband Justin Timberlake made a surprise appearance. She co-executives the film with Justin‚ and was unaware that Timberlake was hoping to make a cameo. Luckily‚ he was able to work out the details through actress Michelle Purple. The two were even photographed together. Biel says she was stunned at the unexpected appearance. Despite the fact that Justin Timberlake has a lengthy list of credits‚ the actor made a surprise appearance in the TV show Candy. Justin plays deputy Steve Deffibaugh‚ who is investigating Candy Montgomery‚ the woman accused of brutally murdering Betty Gore. She explains the choice of casting Justin‚ saying that it was only budget constraints that forced her to include him. The actor was first a vocalist‚ but quickly branched out into acting. Despite a rocky start in life‚ Timberlake has managed to earn a healthy $18 million. She is now the co-founder of a skincare line‚ and swears by its toner. It helps her reduce excess oil and minimize pores. In fact‚ she swears by it so much that she has a skincare line named after her. The actress also recently collaborated with Revlon‚ a company that aims to be kinder to the environment. The company aims to provide a cleaner‚ more natural farmaceutical option for families without artificial ingredients. Besides‚ Jessica Biel is promoting Revlon's Grow Luscious Plumping eye makeup line. The two actors also shared a picture of them walking with their sons.

Her husband Justin Timberlake's voice on Radiohead

After a long engagement‚ Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are now happily married for over a decade. The couple started dating in January 2007 and got married in October 2012. They've had two children together‚ Phineas and Silas‚ and have been together for a decade. But even before Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel became famous‚ the two had already shared an incredible musical history. Timberlake has played countless cover songs from artists such as Radiohead‚ Phish‚ and The National. The two stars met when they were still teenagers. They had a mutual love of music and were soon able to collaborate. Justin and Jessica Biel even worked on the same project. They worked together on a song called Hallelujah together. The song is one of the best-selling songs of all time‚ and was featured in Hope For Haiti. Justin Timberlake also teamed up with Eminem and The Black Eyed Peas to record an anti-gun violence song. They also raised $2 million for the victims of the Manchester attack. During the last anniversary of the couple‚ Justin Timberlake surprised Jessica Biel with a performance. During the surprise concert‚ the singer played songs that had special meaning for the couple. Naked by Radiohead is one of his favourites‚ and Justin's voice resembles that of the British rock band. In addition to the surprise performance‚ Jessica also revealed that Justin surprised her on her 40th birthday with a live band. The couple's love affair has been rumored for quite some time‚ but Biel is now revealing the details of the surprise on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. After the birthday celebration‚ Justin and Jessica talked about their children's music tastes. The two have sons Phineas‚ 21‚ and Silas‚ seven. Phineas likes the band's Radiohead songs‚ and he explains why he decided to drop his band and perform for her. Their children love Justin's music and are his number one fan.

Her sexy beauty

In Candy‚ Jessica Biel explains why her husband's cameo on the show is a surprise - and why she is proud of it! Timberlake's cameo is a surprise to both fans and viewers of the show. Biel co-executives the show‚ and said she didn't even know Justin Timberlake wanted to make a cameo. He contacted the show's producer‚ Michelle Purple‚ through a friend. During the set visit‚ Timberlake was photographed holding Jessica Biel's hand‚ and they posed for the camera. The actor and actress first began their relationship as part of the boy band NSYNC‚ before making their movie debut. The couple got married in October 2012‚ and Biel was thrilled to celebrate her 40th birthday with a surprise party. Justin Timberlake flew his band to celebrate the event with her. She raved about Justin's voice in the Radiohead album. I'd never seen a song so perfect‚ and I knew I'd find it beautiful‚ she explained at the premiere of 'The Sinner' Season 3. The actress and her husband are both happy with the cameo in Candy. The miniseries centers on the brutal murder of Betty Gore in 1980‚ and Justin Timberlakes cameo as the police detective who investigates the case. During the filming‚ Jessica shared pictures of herself and Justin in costume at the set. In real life‚ Melanie Lynskey's husband had also signed on to play Deffibaugh's partner. Despite being a popular actor and a successful producer‚ Jessica Biel's comeo in Candy isn't exactly what she envisioned. However‚ she doesn't regret being on the show at all. It was her role that inspired the film. In return‚ he received an award-winning paycheck and received praise for his role. And‚ in the end‚ the actress explains why her husband Justin Timberlakes cameo on Candy wasn't a surprise at all.

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In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times‚ Jessica Biel explained why husband Justin Timberlakes cameo on the television show Candy was so fitting. Timberlake and the show's co-executive producer‚ Michelle Purple‚ arranged for Justin to appear on the series. The two were initially unaware of each other's intentions‚ and he approached her without her knowledge. As a result‚ the two stars exchanged notes about the material while they shot. The series is based on real-life events‚ and Justin Timberlake made an unannounced cameo in episode four. The actor played Deputy Steve Diffenbaugh‚ a cop who works with Melanie Lynskey and Jason Ritter. Justin's character is a detective who investigates the murder of Betty Gore‚ and his character looks similar to the singer's iconic NSYNC look. The two actors previously did not share a screen together‚ but Justin Timberlake's surprise cameo in Candy was a pleasant surprise. Timberlake plays Steve Deffibaugh‚ a sheriff's deputy who investigates the brutal murder of Betty Gore. But in Candy‚ the couple has shared a number of photos together‚ including one in which Justin Timberlake was dressed in a costume. Candy is a tense mini-series based on a true story. Candy focuses on a murder in Wylie‚ Texas‚ and follows the murder of a woman named Betty Gore. Justin Timberlake's cameo was an accident. The two actors are close off-screen‚ and have struck up a 'bromance'. The series is currently streaming on Hulu. The finale is scheduled to air on May 13 on Hulu.