Jessica Simpson sparks concern among fans about her super thin

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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Fans are concerned that Jessica Simpson is too skinny and that she may be undergoing a weight loss diet. However‚ the actress is not afraid to acknowledge the negative feedback on her appearance. She recently posted a picture of herself on Instagram and fans were quick to comment. The actress‚ who was completely covered in a hat‚ is married to former NFL player Eric Johnson and has three kids‚ including baby Birdie. Despite the negative comments‚ Jessica Simpson has never denied that she is a bit too thin. The actress has been open about her struggles with alcohol and diet‚ so her super thin appearance has sparked a lot of concern among fans. Last year‚ she shared a photo of herself in a pair of jeans from her 20s‚ and fans were shocked to see her sexier figure. In September‚ the reality TV star posted a selfie of herself in her jeans and admitted that she had gained 100 pounds. She is not using a scale anymore‚ and she hasn't been so thin for six months. In a recent photo‚ Jessica Simpson celebrated her 40th birthday wearing jeans that she bought in her twenties. In the photo‚ she was dressed in a dark outfit and had her hair loosely curled. Her eyes were hidden by oversized frames‚ and her face appeared to be very slender. The fans were shocked‚ and wrote on Twitter asking if she was OK. In January 2019‚ the actress finally admitted that she had lost 100 pounds after giving birth to their daughter‚ Birdie.