Jim Carrey says hes retiring from acting after Sonic the Hedgehog

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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After a long career as a comic actor and producer‚ Jim Carrey is taking a break from acting. He hasn't sat out of a movie for any length of time‚ but he has been making smaller films and television shows. This upcoming movie may be the last one we see him in. The upcoming film is set to be released in 2020‚ but Carrey is only saying this now because of his health. The actress said she was very happy with the role‚ and was thrilled to work with Carrey again. He added that she was a big fan of his films and was happy to be back on the big screen. The actor‚ who is known for his zany persona‚ will also be seen in the Netflix tribute to Bob Saget. He's said he'll continue to write and direct films‚ and he'll be available for more projects in the future. If you're wondering if Carrey will keep acting‚ he's said it before‚ but this latest announcement has us all a little sad. We're used to seeing him in quirky roles‚ but the last few years have seen him in some very meaty roles. His newest role is the villain Dr. Ivo Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The actor claims that it's unusual for a celebrity to quit acting‚ but the two biggest celebrities who've retired from the industry in recent years include Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz. During his recent interview with Access Hollywood‚ Jim Carrey also confirmed that he's retiring from acting after Sonic the Hedgepig 2. The actor has previously taken long breaks from the industry but this time‚ he's taking a break from the spotlight for his own health. He'll be appearing in a Netflix tribute to Bob Saget‚ which will premiere in June. Carrey's retirement from acting has been a controversial topic for some time. Despite his recent comments‚ he hasn't made a public statement on the subject. However‚ he's still working on a Netflix special about Bob Saget. He's also working on the sequel. The movie is expected to be released in April. He hasn't ruled out a movie after Sonic the Hedgehog. The reboot will be his last role in a studio film. The sequel to Dumb and Dumber to opens in theaters on April 8. The star's last movie‚ Dumb and Dumber‚ was released in 2014 and has won a number of awards. Carrey has never sat out of a movie. The popular star has always been a big fan of the franchise. The second film also stars Ben Schwartz‚ James Marsden‚ Natasha Rothwell‚ and Idris Elba.

jim carrey says hes retiring from acting after sonic the hedgehog 2
Image source : newsweekc

Besides Sonic the Hedgehog‚ he's also appeared in a Netflix tribute to the late comic writer Bob Saget. The actor said that he will 'probably' retire from acting after Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The film also starred his wife‚ his daughter‚ and a son. But Carrey has said that he wants to spend more time with his family and friends. He is now working on a Netflix tribute to comedian Bob Saget‚ which will be released in June. Besides Sonic the Hedgehog 2‚ Carrey has also announced that he's retiring from acting after Sonic the Hedgehhog 2. The actor is planning to appear in a Netflix tribute to Bob Saget in June. And he has no plans to return to the acting world anytime soon. This is a good thing for his health. He will now be able to enjoy his time with his family. In addition to Sonic‚ he has a long history in Canadian television. He made his debut in a CBC comedy in 1981‚ which received over 1 million viewers. Today‚ Jim Carrey is still active in Canada‚ despite the fact that he's retiring from acting. Despite his busy schedule‚ he maintains strong ties with his home country.