Jim Marchant, a denier of the election, wins the nevada republican Secretary of State Primary

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
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Jim Marchant and President Donald Trump on NBC News N

A few days ago, Marchant and President Donald Trump appeared on NBC News N to discuss his recent sham primary loss in the state of Michigan. Marchant was not one of the dozens of Trump endorsements in the race, but he has been making appearances and trying to discredit the results. Marchant's record in Michigan is a mixed one, and he's demanded a full forensic audit of the election process. He has also been accused of having a relationship with QAnon conspiracy theorists, a group Trump despised.

LAS VEGAS -- Jim Marchant is a well-known election denier and former Nevada legislator who has been elected Republican Secretary of State Primary, NBC News reports. Precincts report 33 percent around 2 a.m. ET Marchant received 38 percent of votes. Jesse Haw (a businessman who was also a member of the state Senate) had 18% of the vote. Richard Scotti (17%), however, was a former judge in the state. Marchant continues to claim falsely that President Joe Biden didn't win the state. He is now one step closer in his quest to be elected top election official in Nevada. Nevada is a critical swing state in which allies have tried to reverse the results of the previous presidential election. Marchant would be the person responsible for overseeing the administration of 2024's presidential election. If Marchant is victorious, the office could have an impact on the outcome. Some experts say that This scenario may lead to a stronger effort to reverse the next election. Trump may make another bid for 2024. Marchant advances now to the general elections against Democrat Cisco Alguilar. Barbara Cegavske, the Republican incumbent is now term-limited Marchant is pro-Trump and was unsuccessfully running for Congress in 2020. America First Secretary to State Coalition The list also contains secretary-of-state candidates from several swing states such as Mark Finchem, Kristina Karmo, and Jody Hiice, who lost their race in Georgia last month to Brad Raffensperger. These are all four states in which Biden received his Presidential Nomination. Narrowest victories in 2020. Marchant stated that he believes Trump defeated Biden in Nevada and was the likely winner of the 2020 elections during an interview with NBC News. He argued that it was statistically almost impossible for Joe Biden to win. Trump was defeated in Nevada by Biden, who won almost 34,000 votes. Approved by the Supreme Court of the State. Marchant said to NBC News that he wouldn't have certified 2020 elections if he was secretary of state. Also, Marchant said that he would not rule out advocating, if elected to the office, for a slate with Trump voters if Trump was on the ballot. (Marchant advocated for an alternative slate in 2020. Marchant stated that if elected, he would eliminate all electronic voting devices, vote by mail and early voting, and create a paper-ballot-only traceable system which only allows for hand counting. He said, however, that he would respect the results of 2024 Nevada's election, regardless of whether Trump loses in Nevada. Marchant hasn't responded to numerous messages sent by NBC News in the week since his interview. Marchant, as Nevada's secretary of state would have the ability to transform the election process in Nevada over the next two-years. Experts believe this could make it easier for Trump to run. He also has the potential to tip the balance in close races, just like Trump. Asked Raffensperger to do in 2020. Marchant is one of at least 23 who have denied the outcomes of the 2020 elections running for secretary-of-state in 17 U.S. states. According to States United Action is a nonpartisan organization that tracks Secretary of State and the gubernatorial race.