John Mellencamp criticizes politicians for failing to do more to stop gun violence. They don't care about our kids

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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John Mellencamp Calls For More Gun Control Measures After Orlando Massacre

After the tragic mass shooting in Orlando last month‚ two hundred and fifty musicians and artists joined forces to demand gun control measures. But the Uvalde shooting has spurred even more debate. A House committee heard testimony from victims and emphasized the need to respond to mass shootings. The Uvalde shooting killed 19 students and two teachers‚ including an 11-year-old girl who covered herself in a classmate's blood to hide her injuries.

Is criticizing lawmakers for failing to do more to prevent school shootings. Small Town's singer criticised politicians for their handling of gun violence. She said that they don't care about children. The only country in America where 21 persons can be killed and then buried and forgotten a week later is America. This was the tweet Tuesday from the 70-year old musician/painter‚ who was referring to Uvalde's Texas school shooting of May 24. Are we really pro-lifers? He continued. He continued.

-- John Mellencamp (@johnmellencamp). Then he concluded that it would only take a few more years before this happens again. Mellencamp's remarks were made Tuesday by the Senate. The bill would improve background checks‚ and allow authorities to have up to 10 days to examine the mental and juvenile records of gun buyers under 21. The funding would be used to support states in implementing mental health programs‚ as well as expanding resources for schools and communities. This would include banning magazines with high capacities like the or raising the age of purchase for assault weapons from 18 to 21. On May 17‚ the Uvalde shooter purchased an AR-15-style rifle legally -- just one day after turning 18. He purchased another rifle three days later and bought 375 rounds ammunition in the interim. He killed 19 fourth-graders and two teachers from Robb Elementary on May 24. His grandmother was also gunned down by the gunman. Mellencamp‚ who has been vocal against gun violence since childhood‚ joined 200 music executives in 2016‚ following the shooting at Orlando nightclub. He spoke on MSNBC following the Uvalde shooting. The Beat Last week‚ news media were advised to show the horrors of school shootings in order to expose those who resist reform. Although I don't know if your age‚ I can recall when Vietnam was first established. It was just a news conversation‚ according to the father of five. The country became united after they began showing the bodies of teenagers. We need to show the horror of these children who died for nothing. They will continue to live in misery if we don't show them. We need to see it. Show us.