John mellencamp rages against 'vague' gun legislation after uvalde: 'politicians don't give a f-k about you'

Wednesday, June 22, 2022
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John Mellencamp Calls For Change in Gun Control Laws

As the United States rages against the recent mass shootings at Robb Elementary School and Yuvalde‚ Texas‚ musician John Mellencamp is calling for change in gun laws. He cites a recent tragedy in Uvalde‚ Texas‚ which killed 21 people and left their bodies buried a week later. Yet in the United States‚ the tragedy and the victims' families remain largely forgotten. In response‚ Mellencamp wrote a letter to the U.S. Senate‚ calling for new gun control legislation. The new bill he referred to is a bipartisan effort to make significant changes to gun laws in the country.

This week‚ senators came to a binding agreement on the narrow bipartisan gun safety legislation. It was their first. Gun control Measure to be passed Congress within decades john mellencamp he was not impressed. He was not impressed by the outspoken Indiana-bred rocker‚ who has spent almost half a century documenting the various stages of America's dream. Mellencamp said that 21 victims can be killed in America and that they will be forgotten a week later. He was referring to the shooting at Robb Elementary School‚ Uvalde in Texas on May 24‚ where an 18 year old gunman‚ wearing body armor and carrying a semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle‚ stormed the school‚ killing 19 fourth-grade students and two teachers. More from Billboard Are we really pro-lifers? Mellencamp continued. You should know this‚ everyone who is reading it: politicians don’t care a lot about you. They don’t care a thing about me. And they don’t really care about our children. With that cheerful thought in your mind‚ I wish you a wonderful summer. It will only be a matter of time before it happens again. Mellencamp appeared to channel the anger of many Americans who have been through more than 250 mass shootings this year. This came a day after Senate negotiators had announced a deal for the new gun legislation. It is likely to receive enough Republican support in the Senate to overcome a filibuster. Leaders in the Democrat majority House will be expected to swiftly review the bill and send it to the Pres. Biden will sign. Though the bill lacked many of the gun controls that Democrats claimed could have prevented the Uvalde massacre‚ or the murder of 10 people by an 18 year old gunman using a military-style assault weapon in Buffalo‚ New York‚ just weeks before the attack on Uvalde -- were not effective. Key benchmarks It will restrict gun sales in a country that has nearly 400 million guns. The background checks will be expanded for potential gun buyers aged 18-21. States can also access previously sealed juvenile records‚ which could prolong the time before gun purchases are allowed. The bill adds $750million to states to implement and run crisis intervention red-flag programs to prevent guns from being in the hands of people who could be dangerous to themselves and others. It also closes the loophole in domestic violence laws that prohibits boyfriends from owning guns. Uvalde's horrific mass murders and Buffalo's massacre were just the latest shock to this nation.

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two-thirds of citizens support moderate to strong gun control regulations‚ 53% including Republicans. Because of the opposition by Republican legislators beholden to NRA and other pro gun lobbying groups‚ not much gun-related legislation was passed in Congress over decades despite that majority. Mellencamp isn’t the only musician to speak out with anger following the Uvalde massacre shooting. Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks is also for stricter gun control in the days following the attack on the school‚ it was as selena gomez John Legendolivia rodrigo Cardi B and britney spears among many others. Below is Mellencamp’s post.

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