Jordan Peterson leaves Twitter after SI Asian American curve model

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Jordan Peterson Leaves Twitter Following Controversy Over Cover of SI Magazine

Earlier this month‚ Jordan Nu and the SI magazine announced their cover story would be a bikini-free shoot. They are among the first plus-size models to be featured on a cover‚ and the images are a polarizing mix of sex‚ race‚ and femininity. Jordan Peterson has embraced conservative views and almost five million YouTube subscribers. Jordan Nu has responded to the criticism. In an interview with The Washington Post‚ she said that she was stunned that her wife‚ a model‚ had graced the cover of SI magazine.

Jordan Peterson's comments about plus-size model Yumi Nu's cover

After the controversy surrounding the SI swimsuit issue featuring the first Asian American curve model‚ Jordan Peterson has taken a break from social media. The controversial right-winger has reportedly claimed that Nu's appearance is unattractive‚ calling her not a twig. Peterson has since left Twitter following the backlash. In the meantime‚ Nu is enjoying a resurgence of popularity. The clinical psychologist has also faced controversy over his new book‚ Beyond Order: 12 More Rules For Life. Penguin Random House attempted to block the book from being published after he was labeled an 'icon of white supremacy'. Despite his controversial stance‚ Peterson will be back in Canada by late 2020. While his Twitter account may have been shut down‚ he is still scheduled to appear at a lecture in Australia later this year. In late October 2016‚ Peterson's father began following a 'lion diet' consisting of meat and vegetables in an attempt to fight symptoms of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. But it wasn't all sunshine and roses - his wife had been diagnosed with kidney cancer‚ which left Peterson devastated. Peterson increased his benzodiazepine intake and became almost completely dependent on it.

His response to backlash

After criticizing the cover of SI's swimsuit issue‚ controversial clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson has now left Twitter. He made the decision to leave Twitter following backlash over his tweet. Upon leaving Twitter‚ he replied to a Twitter user who asked about his morals. He attached studies that argued that beauty is not something that makes a woman more desirable. As a result‚ he has been banned from Twitter‚ as has his publisher SI. In June 2016‚ Jordan Peterson reacted to the backlash over the SI Asian American curve model by leaving Twitter. His reason for leaving the social network was the endless flood of vicious insults he received. He has since changed his Twitter password‚ and has returned to his native Canada in late 2020. He is scheduled to speak in Australia later this year. Until then‚ however‚ the controversy over his tweet has continued to stir up controversy. The controversy began after Peterson criticized the cover model of SI's swimsuit issue‚ Yumi Nu. The plus-sized model has nearly three million followers and Peterson has been receiving endless torrent of vicious insults from people he calls woke. After the backlash‚ Peterson decided to leave Twitter. The account remains active‚ though. The inflammatory tweet branded Yumi Nu as not beautiful and prompted Peterson to withdraw. Dr. Peterson has a chequered past. In March 2019‚ he underwent treatment for an addiction to prescription drugs‚ including benzodiazepines. He developed an addiction to anti-anxiety medication after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Peterson's wife survived her illness and Peterson remained depressed over her illness. The controversial nature of his videos on YouTube made him an internet sensation. He also inserted himself into a debate over transgender rights‚ which resulted in criticism.

His criticism of Twitter's operating procedures

The viral response to Jordan Peterson's video on Twitter's operating procedure changed the nature of free speech on the social networking site. Initially‚ it seemed as if Peterson was being called out as a genius. In fact‚ the video has already been viewed more than 3.5 million times on YouTube. But as the controversy has grown‚ Peterson has been more vocal and more cynical than ever. Moreover‚ Peterson's views on transgender activists and Mao's China have become wildly inconsistent. He has stated in the past that transgender activists will kill millions of people‚ and yet claims that transgender people will create a gulag archipelago. But his criticisms of Twitter's operating procedures were more about cultural capital than the social network's money. Moreover‚ Peterson's statements about retweeting are not based on any hard evidence. He makes broad generalizations and then builds in caveats to prevent the implication that he is endorsing a particular company. However‚ the fact that his tweets are frequently retweeted suggests that they must be endorsements. That is a major flaw in Peterson's argument. The most defining moment of the controversy was a filmed confrontation between Peterson and transgender students at the University of Toronto. The transgender students had been irate at Peterson's unwillingness to acknowledge their gender identity. Peterson responded by flipping the argument on its head. Instead of admitting his own gender‚ Peterson suggested that it would create a dangerous backlash. Despite Peterson's apparent profundity‚ his criticism is largely without merit. His writings and speeches are half nonsense and banality. If they were based on solid research and evidence‚ they would have more impact than Peterson's comments. So‚ Peterson's rant has sparked debate and controversy on Twitter. So far‚ it appears that Peterson has a very small‚ but vocal following.

His wife's kidney cancer diagnosis

A controversial psychology professor‚ Dr. Jordan Peterson‚ has been suspended from Twitter following his inflammatory comments against political correctness and woke ideology. Peterson's recent tweet about an Asian American curve model diagnosed with kidney cancer caused quite a stir on Twitter. He was repeatedly targeted by people who criticized his comments‚ and even referred to some users as panderers. His response? The controversial doctor defended his practice by claiming that it would not affect his free speech. Peterson refused to refer to transgender people by their preferred pronouns. However‚ in an interview with The Sunday Times‚ his daughter revealed that her father battled a serious addiction to benzodiazepines. The drugs were so powerful that Peterson was hospitalized in Russia after becoming suicidal. His daughter revealed that Peterson was put in an artificial coma once he arrived in Russia for therapy.

His return to Canada

Canadian therapist Dr. Jordan Peterson left Twitter after Shaming Sports activities Illustrated Swimsuit Model Yumi Nu on Twitter. Peterson's tweet‚ which was widely retweeted by fans of the plus-size curve model‚ was met with criticism and many defended Nu's character. But some questioned Peterson's motives and called him a hypocrite. Jordan Peterson's life spiraled downward after he re-joined Twitter three weeks ago. Peterson's daughter‚ Emily‚ revealed that he had been suffering from an addiction to benzodiazepines - a powerful anti-anxiety drug. The model had been hospitalized in Russia due to his benzodiazepine addiction and was considered suicidal. The family revealed their story to the Sunday Times in 2018. The controversy surrounding Peterson has not abated. The controversial tweet about Nu‚ the first Asian American curve model to cover SI‚ caused a backlash. The model also claimed she was shocked to be included on the cover of the magazine. In response to the criticism‚ she told the Washington Post that she was stunned to have made the cover. She cited her career in the modeling world as an example of the power of the media. The controversy over Nu's return to Canada echoes the same controversy over the alleged racism. While the singer-songwriter was the first Asian American curve model to be featured in SI Swimsuit‚ the controversy over Nu's appearance has ruffled feathers. In an attempt to clarify his comments‚ Peterson instructed his employees not to post anything on Twitter. While he did return to Twitter shortly after‚ his life immediately spiraled downward.