Josh Warrington regains featherweight world title after stopping Kiko

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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Josh Warrington regained the IBF featherweight world title by stopping Kiko Martinez in round seven on Saturday night in Leeds. The win gave Warrington his second title and made him a two-time world champion. The hard-hitting Warrington dominated his opponent‚ stopping him in two minutes and twelve seconds. Despite being down twice in the first round‚ Warrington recovered and finished off the tough defending champion with a flurry of heavy punches. The Leeds crowd‚ which numbered more than 12‚000‚ erupted in cheers when they witnessed the fight. Martinez‚ who has now lost three straight bouts‚ was knocked down in the opening round and was cut above the left eye. In the seventh round‚ Warrington landed a series of hard punches on the Argentine's face‚ but Martinez was able to fight back and regain the IBF featherweight crown. The knockdown was a major blow for the defending champion‚ as the two fighters were on their feet for just two minutes and twelve seconds. After defeating Martinez in the first round‚ Warrington's performance was more impressive than his record suggested. His striking ability matched the hype and he looked like a world-class fighter from day one. The knockdown was a significant point in the fight‚ with both fighters absorbing a lot of punishment. The ref had to stop the fight after two minutes and twelve seconds due to a knockdown in the fourth round. Martinez was knocked down in the opening round and sustained a cut on his left eye‚ but was able to recover and continue the attack. The referee stopped the fight two minutes and 12 seconds into the seventh round‚ and Warrington claimed the title once again. The wretched 2021 campaign is now firmly behind him. If Warrington is to maintain his winning ways‚ Martinez must learn to put the negative comments behind him and move on to bigger fights. The loss to Martinez in November 2017 was a stunning upset as Martinez was coming off the biggest win of his 18-year career‚ stopping Kid Galahad in the sixth round. It was a huge win for the Brazilian‚ who chose to fight Warrington in his hometown. While the loss was a tough blow for his career‚ he did not have to worry much‚ as he reclaimed the title he had lost to Martinez the previous November. In his previous fights‚ Martinez fought against two world champions‚ and in the IBF‚ the former champion fought Martinez four times. His only defeat in the division was against Mauricio Lara in 2014. His second loss came against Warrington in 2017. The victory gave him the IBF featherweight world title for the first time.

josh warrington regains featherweight world title after stopping kiko
Image source : camovies

If the fight was not won by Warrington‚ he would have been vacated. After a hard fought fight‚ Warrington is the new champion. He has won the title six times in a row. The IBF featherweight champion also regained his title after stopping Kiko Martinez. The event at First Direct Arena was a sell-out. The show featured the live TV broadcast of the fight between the two fighters. The match is a testament to the power of the city and its football fans. The fight ended after two rounds. After Martinez survived a first-round knockdown‚ the fight ended after Martinez was cut above his left eye. The referee halted the fight after 2 minutes and twelve seconds. The judges ruled that Warrington was the superior fighter‚ and the winner had the stronger hand. The IBF champion's featherweight title was now in his hands. The Leeds fighter Wade Warrington won the rematch after stopping Kiko Martinez in the seventh round. The IBF featherweight champion fought Kiko Martinez twice last year‚ and both bouts were drawn. The former vacated the title in April but later won the rematch. The UFC fight shook up the featherweight division. In addition to the rematch‚ Martinez won the first fight.