Julian Assange marries Stella Moris in London prison ceremony

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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Wikileaks founder Julian Assange married his longtime partner Stella Moris in a prison ceremony in London on Tuesday. The two exchanged vows in front of four guests in an intimate ceremony. While they've been apart for several years‚ the ceremony was marked with an ironic twist. Assange‚ who is a political prisoner‚ is married to the mother of his three children. The ceremony was a surprise to Assange's supporters‚ who threw confetti over the guards at the gate of the London prison. The couple exchanged rings and posed for photos outside the jail. Moris wore a wedding dress designed by Vivienne Westwood‚ a supporter and a long-time friend of Assange. According to a newspaper report‚ Moris chose a tartan kilt for the ceremony‚ which Westwood has said is very symbolic. The marriage was delayed by the pandemic‚ which has wiped out much of Assange's social media presence. The Stockholm authorities have dropped their investigation into Assange‚ but the case is still being heard by the Crown Prosecution Service. Assange is a political prisoner‚ but the marriage of Assange and Moris has a happy ending. The two will spend the rest of their lives together in prison. The wedding was the first time the two met outside of their prison. The couple planned to marry in December 2020. However‚ the pandemic caused delays to their plans and they finally managed to have their dream ceremony at Belmarsh prison. The ceremony was a success‚ although they were not allowed to take photos. A spokesperson for the prison said that all weddings held in a prison must meet strict guidelines. The governors can decide whether to allow photography. The marriage was a very special event for both Assange and Moris. The two met in October in the embassy. The pair met at the embassy and fell in love. The couple are still fighting extradition to the United States. Those who know Assange well will appreciate their friendship. They also have their children with them. Despite his legal troubles‚ he is still able to meet with them regularly. The marriage‚ a symbol of love‚ has been celebrated by supporters in a London prison. Unlike most prisoners‚ the Australian man is undergoing a rigorous political trial. His incarceration is a major blow for Assange and his family. His legal team has been battling for him and he's been denied permission to marry in his English prison. Assange's marriage was held in London prison. He was arrested on charges of publishing classified documents more than a decade ago. Despite the fact that he's currently under house arrest‚ his wedding took place in a high-security jail.

julian assange marries stella moris in london prison ceremony
Image source : newcastleh

His wedding dress was embroidered with messages from his friends and supporters. Hundreds of supporters from around the world have been planning to attend the ceremony. The London prison ceremony was a private‚ secret affair. The two were married in secret in the prison but the press had no access to the files. The ceremony was held in the jail for a few hours before Assange was moved to the prison. The ceremony was attended by four guests. In addition to their sons‚ Moris posed for pictures outside the jail in the same wedding dress. A prison ceremony is not an ordinary event. Assange's fiancee was a convicted war criminal. Assange and Moris's wedding were both highly publicized events. But while the public remained unaware of their union‚ Assange was married to his fiancee in front of their family. But the two did not wish to publicly acknowledge their relationship. The two recently announced their engagement in November. After the UK Supreme Court rejected the appeal against extradition‚ the couple got married in a high-security prison in the city. They are now battling for Assange's freedom. He is currently fighting extradition to the US. They have a civil war‚ which they are waging in their country. In a nutshell‚ Assange is marrying his longtime girlfriend in a prison.