Justice Clarence Thomas has been hospitalized with an infection

Monday, March 21, 2022
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A source said the Supreme Court has a murky policy when it comes to justices' health. Although the court's Public Information Office does not release information about each justice's condition on a timely basis‚ experts say it is up to each justice to release updates. This has created a major problem for the press and the public. There has been no official statement from the court about Thomas's illness. The Supreme Court has announced that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas has been hospitalized with a severe infection. He has been at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington‚ D.C.‚ since Friday‚ experiencing flu-like symptoms. The Supreme Court did not provide a reason for the delay in disclosing the hospitalization. Regardless‚ he is expected to be released within a few days. The infection‚ caused by a virus‚ has rendered Justice Clarence Thomas temporarily unable to work. He was admitted to a hospital on Friday‚ experiencing flu-like symptoms and subsequently diagnosed with an infection. In addition to being on antibiotics‚ Thomas is being treated with a prescription for the flu vaccine. The Supreme Court did not give any further details on the cause of the infection‚ but stated that he is on antibiotics. Despite this‚ the infection is not Covid-19. While Thomas is out of the court for the next several weeks‚ the Supreme Court delayed its announcement. If he is unable to appear in person‚ he will weigh in on cases from transcripts or audio materials. The Supreme Court did not provide any explanation for the delay‚ but said he would be available to participate in oral arguments this week. The delay in his announcement is especially notable given the fact that he is the oldest member of the Supreme Court and one of the most conservative members. His health does not prevent him from taking an active role in the case. The Supreme Court has not publicly commented on Thomas' illness. However‚ it has said that the 73-year-old Supreme Court associate justice has been hospitalized with an infection. The reason for this delay is unclear‚ but the majority of the court's members have received the flu vaccine. The doctor has also confirmed that he is not suffering from any other illness at this time. There is no immediate risk of the justice's life. The Supreme Court did not immediately disclose the reason for Thomas' hospitalization‚ but it did confirm that the justice has an infection. The illness has been the victim of a viral attack‚ which has affected the judicial branch. Several other justices have had similar problems. They have received treatment for their infections. Fortunately‚ the Supreme Court has no confirmed that the Justice has an infection and is recovering. The Supreme Court has yet to release a statement on the matter. The court has not disclosed the cause of Thomas' infection. The chief justice was in the hospital for two days after experiencing flu-like symptoms. The patient was receiving intravenous antibiotics‚ which are now clearing his body. This infection is not related to the Supreme Court's work‚ but it's still a big deal to him. The Supreme Court did not provide an explanation for why Thomas' infection was not disclosed sooner. The SCOTUS office did not confirm or deny that Thomas' illness is COVID-related. The court did not provide any information on whether the SCOTUS president is vaccinating him. The confirmation process for Ketanji Brown Jackson is underway in the Senate. It will replace Stephen Breyer as the senior justice. The Supreme Court has a meeting this week. This session is expected to hear four cases. There is no immediate word on the cause of the illness. During this session‚ the court will hear arguments on four cases. The Supreme Court is also scheduled to hold the election on June 9. The Supreme Court is meeting this week to determine the fate of the current incumbent‚ Ketanji Brown Jackson. The news is not surprising considering the vacancy on the bench.