Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler Spotted at Pre-Oscars Party Together

Saturday, March 26, 2022
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According to a report by E! Online‚ Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler attended a pre-Oscars party together. The pair both wore black suits and bright gold crop tops. The couple was photographed leaving the event while holding hands. In a second photo‚ the couple were seen holding hands and kissing. The couple are believed to have been dating for three months. On February 27‚ the two attended a pre-Oscars party together‚ sparking rumors of their relationship. The event was held by W Magazine‚ and the pair posed for a photo together. It was the first time the two were photographed as a couple. In the photo‚ Kaia Gerber wore a gold crop top and a red skirt‚ while Austin wore a black suit. While the two sported Elvis Presley-themed hairdos‚ they were also spotted out and about in Paris‚ where they partied with fellow celebrities. Gigi‚ Chloe Grace Moretz‚ Wilmer Valderrama‚ and Tiffany Haddish all attended the event. In the meantime‚ the pair stepped out with their friends‚ including Gigi's boyfriend Austin Butler. Last week‚ the two were spotted out and about together in Paris. The couple were photographed leaving Gigi's restaurant where they were attending a W Magazine Best Performances party. In the photo‚ both were holding hands. While their relationship isn't official‚ the two are still in their early stages. If they're already dating‚ they won't show it‚ but their relationship definitely is on the up. The pair were photographed at Gigi's Pre-Oscars party together on February 13. The actress and the actor were seen holding hands as they exited the party. They also appeared with Wilmer Valderrama and Zoe Kravitz. As the rumored couple stepped out of the party‚ they were accompanied by fellow celebrities. They both appeared to be in a happy mood. The two were seen in Paris‚ attending a W Magazine Best Performances party together. Both wore black suits and appeared to be enjoying their time in Paris. In addition‚ they were photographed holding hands as they left the party. This is not the first time the two have been photographed together. The two recently attended the Oscars in France with Gigi. They were spotted at Gigi's Valentine's Day event‚ along with Wilmer Valderrama and Tiffany Haddish. The two have been spotted together several times. The first time they were photographed together‚ it was at a W Magazine event. She was wearing a gold crop top and a red skirt.

kaia gerber and austin butler spotted at pre oscars party together pre oscars
Image source : idailymai

She was holding Austin Butler's hand as they left the party. In the past‚ they have also been spotted in Paris‚ and the former was accompanied by Wilmer Valderrama. The two were previously seen together at W Magazine's pre-Oscars party in Paris. In February‚ Gerber was spotted attending a W Magazine party with her boyfriend. In the photo‚ both women wore black suits and green and red skirts. As they walked out of the party‚ Austin Butler was seen holding Kaia Gerber's hand. The two sparked rumors about dating three months ago when they were photographed together at W Magazine's pre-Oscars party. The couple later went to Paris to celebrate the Oscars together. Both of them wore gold crop tops and red skirts. Both of them held hands as they left the party. At the same time‚ the two appeared to be chatting. The two were photographed together at the pre-Oscars party‚ where the two showed off their sexy styles. In addition‚ the two were seen in all-black suits and red shimmering skirts. The Academy Awards are in full swing‚ but the two actors are still doing their own thing in the meantime. They were spotted in the same venue. And now‚ they have made it official!