Kaitlin Armstrong's car has been finally found. Here's our current knowledge

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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U.S. Marshals - Kaitlin Marie Armstrong Newark Liber

If you're familiar with U.S. Marshals‚ you may have heard the news about Kaitlin Marie Armstrong Newark Liber. She was arrested last week after a traffic stop in Austin. She is now awaiting extradition to Newark‚ New Jersey. However‚ you might not know the entire story. In this article‚ we'll discuss her background‚ the circumstances around her arrest‚ and her future.

U.S. Marshals Service Photo Credit Marshals Service Moriah Mo‚ a gravel cyclist star was. Tragically killed last month no one would have predicted that her killer Kaitlin Marie‚ five weeks later‚ would be still at large. Kaitlin Armstrong‚ a suspect in the murder of her mother Kaitlin Marie Armstrong‚ has been missing since May. Only minor updates have been made to the case by Marshals. This is what we have so far. It's in chronological order. This timeline will be updated as new information becomes available. Editor's note: Updates from the U.S. have been added. Although they may not be appropriate on the timeline‚ these updates are indicative of the progress of the investigation. Armstrong left Austin‚ Texas on May 14th. The U.S. On May 23‚ Marshals issued a statement stating that she was believed to still be in Austin and hiding from them. June 23: U.S. U.S. Marshals announced that Armstrong's car‚ a black Jeep Grand Cherokee has been located. Reported by KXAN. Armstrong purchased the car from CarMax‚ south Austin‚ for $12‚000. This was two days after Wilson's death. An anonymous donor has offered an additional $15‚000 and the official reward for information that leads to Armstrong's arrest was increased to $6‚000 June 15: fox news According to reports‚ Armstrong was seen at Camp Haven in Livingston Manor (New York) a month back‚ according to one camper. Fox News anonymously. Armstrong's sister Christine works there the anonymous camper stated that Christine was being stayed there for a long time and that she had since been interviewed in the U.S. Marshals. (U.S. (U.S. Marshals did not confirm their conversation with Christine‚ but they confirmed that the area was part of the manhunt. KXAN Austin reports Jason Jensen‚ a private investigator‚ believes Armstrong could be using Christine's sister's surname in New York or may have fled to Canada. June 6: us us marshals reports that armstrong was taken to newark by his family liberty International Airport‚ May 18th‚ just a few days following her flight to LaGuardia Airport. An investigation has been launched. Upgraded to major case status For information that leads to her arrest‚ a reward of up to $5‚000 is offered May 29: austin cyclists organize a ride vigil to honor wilson May 25: us marshals report armstrong flew from LaGuardia Airport to LaGuardia Airport in May 14. May 24Armstrong's father is on Good Morning America He said that Armstrong was innocent. Reported by Newsweek. May 24: velonews According to reports‚ many of Strickland’s sponsors including Rapha and Specialized have severed ties. May 23: U.S. According to reports‚ U.S. Marshals inform reporters that they think Wilson may still be in Texas. KXAN. May 21Wilson's Family Issues a Statement kxan Wilson stated that she was in no romantic relationship at the time of Wilson's death. May 20Strickland‚ through his lawyer‚ releases a statement to the austin american-statesman Wilson's family received his condolences and he explained that they were in a short romantic relationship‚ but continued to be friends. May 19: armstrong is wanted for first-degree murder in the death of moriah wilson May 18Armstrong was seen being taken to Newark Liberty International Airport‚ New Jersey. Later reported by the us marshals on June 6. May 14: armstrong can be seen at austin international bergstrom airport she arrived at Houston Airport‚ from where she took a flight to Houston and LaGuardia International Airport. Later‚ this is the us announced the announcement us marshals on March 25. May 14Austin Police Department: Tipster informs them that Armstrong discovered about Wilson's relationship to Strickland in January and said she would kill Wilson. May 12: Armstrong and Strickland are separately questioned by police. Armstrong is questioned separately by Strickland‚ who admits lying about Armstrong's whereabouts. Armstrong is taken into question by Strickland due to an outstanding warrant for her arrest from 2018. She was not paid for Botox. However‚ she is allowed to go because of a clerical error that warrant was executed. Strickland purchased a 9mm pistol that Armstrong registered‚ which was later recovered by police. It was later confirmed by police that the handgun that killed Wilson is it‚ according to documents. May 11‚ 10 p.m. : wilson was found with several gunshot wounds in the evening in an apartment with a friend‚ Wilson is found unconscious. Wilson is declared dead at the scene. Armstrong's SUV was captured on the camera of a neighbour. May 11‚ around 8:30 p.m. Strickland drops Wilson back at his house. May 11‚ after 5:30 p.m.: Wilson goes swimming with Colin Strickland‚ a fellow gravel pro. Wilson and Strickland reportedly had a brief relationship while Armstrong and Strickland were away on their break. May 10Wilson travels to Austin‚ Texas for Gravel Locos. The friend she's with is staying in Austin. Anybody with information about Armstrong's location is asked to call the U.S. Contact the U.S. Marshals Service Communications Center at 800-336-0102‚ or use this tip form to send a tip. USMS Tips app. You Might Also Like