Kanye West comes for Trevor Noah after The Daily Show segment

Wednesday, March 16, 2022
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Kanye West came after Trevor Noah after The Daily Show segment‚ criticizing his behavior towards Kim Kardashian and his ex-girlfriend. While Ye has denied he ever hit his ex-wife‚ Noah said Ye's actions are reminiscent of his childhood. He compared Ye's behavior to his own‚ describing how he was raised by an abusive father. In fact‚ when he was nine‚ his stepfather shot his mother in the head. Thankfully‚ she survived. Trevor Noah‚ the host of The Daily Show‚ took to Twitter to attack Kanye West. He was furious when he learned that Kanye was making fun of the Kim Kardashian situation. He claimed that he and Kim Kardashian had been harassed by a man named Pete Davidson. Earlier this month‚ Kanye had also accused him of sending leaked text messages to Davidson. He later defended himself by calling Noah racist and urging him to get help. Noah has since apologized for the incident.

kanye west comes for trevor noah after the daily show segment
Image source : usmagazine

His apology is accompanied by a statement of gratitude. The singer's mother had gone to police‚ and was questioned. After apologizing‚ Kanye replied with a racial slur. His statement isn't surprising given his recent history of domestic violence. But Kanye West's reaction is not.