Karim Benzema Is Real Madrid forward the worlds best player

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Is Karim Benzema the World's Best Player?

There are many reasons to call Benzema the world's best player‚ including His prolific scoring record‚ His versatility‚ and His relationship with Vinicius Junior. But what makes Benzema so special? Let's take a closer look. This article will cover some of the most significant things about Benzema's career‚ and how he's become a top player.

Benzema's prolific scoring record

Thierry Henry's record of 126 goals was last broken by Cristiano Ronaldo in 2011. But Benzema is not done yet. The prolific striker is having his best season ever‚ scoring 37 goals in just 36 games. Rio Ferdinand has praised his form as well. The prolific Frenchman is still only 34 years old. He'll probably break even more records. In the Champions League‚ Benzema has scored 37 goals in 36 games for Real Madrid this season. His record of scoring in the tournament is already higher than Zidane's. He is one of only four players to reach the double-digit mark - the other three are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Only Robert Lewandowski is close to this record‚ which makes him the world's best number nine. The snub is a blow for other top players‚ including France's Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi. But Benzema has been in blistering form throughout the season‚ scoring 24 goals halfway through the season. He has also led Real Madrid to top spot in LaLiga and won the Spanish Super Cup. In the process‚ he's become a contender for the Ballon d'Or. In fact‚ he was caught telling Ferland Mendy not to pass to Vinicius Junior‚ the winger from Brazil. The connection between the two is impressive. Despite the controversy surrounding his ego‚ Benzema's prolific scoring history makes him the world's best player. Despite the controversy surrounding his personal life‚ he's managed to stay on top despite a difficult situation at the moment. Despite the turmoil around him‚ he has continued to break records. His record of 52 goals in just three years after leaving Real Madrid. Despite the pressures of Ronaldo's superstardom‚ Benzema has proven that he's an unselfish goal-creating servant. Instead of taking a wild shot on goal‚ he usually assists a teammate or resets the attack by passing the ball back to midfield. Benzema is also a superb decision-maker in a crowded penalty box.

His versatility

The versatile Karim Benzema has been the subject of much discussion and speculation this season after he was overlooked for the Spanish national team's UEFA Nations League final. The former personal assistant of Cristiano Ronaldo was desperate for his moment in the spotlight and never disappointed. Many would argue that the Real Madrid forward is the world's best striker‚ but the Polish international is not quite there yet. While Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo are still the leading strikers in world football‚ Benzema is a different animal and influences the game more than any other player in La Liga. While playing for Madrid‚ Benzema often found himself opposite the more attacking players in the league‚ notably Cristiano Ronaldo. Benzema made a goal in two look old fashioned. In fact‚ the forward sacrificed his own ambition and strength to make his teammate's dreams come true. The result was a goalless draw and an unfortunate miss for the visitors. Benzema is arguably Real Madrid's best player‚ and the World Cup is his next stepping stone. Many have compared Benzema to Cristiano Ronaldo‚ but the truth is that Benzema has consistently surpassed his critics‚ and his versatility has paved the way for the club's success. He has been hailed by fans as a savior in recent years‚ but the criticism has been unrelenting. At some point in his career‚ most Real Madrid players have faced the wrath of the Santiago Bernabeu faithful‚ but only a handful have managed to enjoy a career in white. The versatility of Benzema is second to none. He has become a focal point and the cutting edge of Madrid's attack. His goal-scoring record has increased to 31 goals‚ eclipsing the average player. In his Champions League semifinals‚ Benzema has scored a hat-trick against Athletic Bilbao.

His relationship with Vinicius Junior

It's no secret that the Real Madrid star has a complicated relationship with Brazilian Vinicius Junior. The two players have a big brother-younger brother dynamic. While their relationship hasn't been confirmed‚ it has been widely reported by European media. Karim Benzem even hinted at a relationship with Vinicius in a video posted on social media two days before the El Clasico. While the two players have formed strong links with Mbappe‚ Benzema has been critical of Vinicius during a Champions League match. According to Telefoot‚ Benzema made comments to Vinicius at half-time. However‚ the comments were not audible. Nevertheless‚ it was enough to make people question the relationship. Vinicius's future in Real Madrid is uncertain as he has yet to prove his worth to the club. During the Monchengladbach match‚ Vinicius' effectiveness declined‚ which may be a direct result of Benzema's criticism of him. In the 76 games before the Monchengladbach game‚ Vinicius had averaged 3.4 shots‚ 0.27 goals‚ and 2.0 chances created. His average expected assist per 90 minutes was 0.2. Since then‚ Vinicius' productivity dropped across 42 games. This partnership was always bound to be successful‚ but the results are proving otherwise. The pair have combined for 17 goals in LaLiga‚ which is a record for both players. Vinicius has also become an essential provider in the team. The duo has grown into a formidable duo. Benzema is a key component of Real Madrid's success‚ but his absence has also cost the club a lot.

His trophy cabinet

The Frenchman is having the best season of his career‚ scoring 37 goals in 36 games. The legendary Rio Ferdinand even thinks Benzema should win the Ballon d'Or. And he should! Read on for more reasons why Benzema deserves to be the world's best player. After all‚ he is a phenomenon‚ and the future looks bright for him. France's national team has named Benzema its top player for 2021. He had scored 47 goals during his first season with the national team‚ including eight in the Champions League‚ seven in the Spanish Super Cup‚ and one in the World Cup. It was Benzema's best calendar-year haul since joining Real Madrid. He has also won the award three times before. The Frenchman's hat-trick against Chelsea was the icing on the cake. His goal was gifted to him by the England forward Edouard Mendy‚ which made it even sweeter. Benzema's hat-trick was one of the highlights of the Champions League this season‚ and he deserves the Ballon d'Or. This is his year to shine. Despite this‚ Benzema also outperforms Messi. Although Messi has been the world's best player for a decade‚ he has failed to live up to expectations this season. In fact‚ Benzema has been the best player in the world since the beginning of the 2021/2022 season. Mohamed Salah‚ Lewandowski‚ and Kylian Mbappe have all produced better performances in the same season. Benzema's goal-scoring record is also impressive. He has scored 82 goals in the Champions League. And his impressive talisman status has also earned him the title of talisman of the club. However‚ Benzema hasn't been around the spotlight as much as Ronaldo. He has emerged as a talisman for the team‚ and he has made his way from the shadows to the forefront.