Ken West, founder of the Big Day Out, has died at 64

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Ken West - Founder of the Big Day Out

The iconic Australian music festival‚ Big Day Out‚ has lost one of its pioneers‚ Ken West. Founder of the festival in 1992‚ West was a camper himself. Not having a lot of money‚ he decided to start the event. As a result‚ it has grown into one of Australia's most popular events. Sadly‚ West passed away on Friday. The festival will live on as a legacy to West's contributions to Australian music.

Ken West was co-founder of the iconic Australian festival Big Day Out

West's campaign for the 1992 festival was more ambitious than he ever imagined. West partnered with Vivian Lees who later revealed that West never told her what he was up to. Together they came up with the concept of Big Day Out. It featured an all-day music festival that featured multiple stages‚ food‚ rides‚ and other attractions. It was a sensation and became a ritual for Aussies in the 1990s and 2000s. It was one of the most important festivals in the history of live music in Australia. Founded in 1992‚ the Big Day Out festival has been touring Australia and New Zealand since. It has attracted world-class international acts‚ including Nirvana‚ Metallica‚ Pearl Jam‚ and Kanye West. Some of the biggest names in music have performed at Big Day Out‚ including Nirvana‚ Pearl Jam‚ and Rage Against The Machine. Many of Australia's most acclaimed bands have played Big Day Out festivals‚ including the Eagles and Queens of the South. Big Day Out was synonymous with Australian alternative music during the '90s. It gave fledgling Australian bands a chance to get discovered and played in front of thousands of people. While there were some problems with its facilities and production‚ the event became a cultural icon‚ affecting millions of Australians and the performers who played there. It was one of Australia's biggest music festivals for twenty-two years‚ and was purchased by American concert organizers C3 Presents in 2014. The festival's legacy continues today with the release of a book about the events and people involved. Ken West is currently working on a book about his experiences at the iconic Australian festival. The book will be published in 2023 and will be available as a touring exhibition. For now‚ fans can get a taste of what the book will be like and read excerpts from the book.

He founded it in 1992

One of the world's most famous music festival promoters‚ Ken West‚ has passed away peacefully in his sleep. He was 64. A few months ago‚ he was celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Big Day Out in Sydney. The festival became a rite of passage for many Australians‚ with artists from Ramones‚ Nick Cave and Deborah Harry playing in the main arena. His life was one of enthusiasm‚ and he created some amazing events. Big Day Out co-founder and promoter‚ Ken West‚ has died at the age of 64. The music festival he co-founded‚ with his wife Viv Lees‚ was an Australian institution. After its initial launch in 1992‚ the festival spread to Adelaide‚ Perth‚ and Auckland. It later expanded to Auckland in New Zealand. Ken West was an inspiring and inspirational figure for a generation of Australians.

He was a camper

The Big Day Out festival‚ originally started by Ken West and Vivian Lees‚ has had a rough six months. In October‚ Lees quit the company‚ and West took the reins. The festival's format was changed in Perth‚ Adelaide‚ and Auckland. It has not been held since then. Despite the difficulties‚ the festival has continued to grow and attract thousands of visitors to the region. The Founder of the Big Day Out‚ Ken West‚ was a camper himself. The founder of the company's camp ground in Redfern‚ Victoria‚ was also a camper. He's now sharing some chapters of his forthcoming book. The story is an inspiring one‚ and I urge others to read it. It's an excellent read for anyone who loves children and camping! While he stayed away from the stage for his personal life‚ he did not shy away from sharing his passion for music. The festival featured music by Nirvana‚ Rage Against The Machine‚ Nick Cave‚ The Chemical Brothers‚ and Rammstein‚ among many others. The festival's music lineups have also changed over the years. Some of the bands who played at Big Day Out have become legends in their own right. The Big Day Out tour started in the countryside‚ but the events have now spread to all states of Australia. This year's lineup features an assortment of artists‚ including Iggy Pop‚ and the Stooges‚ which recently reformed. The Big Day Out festival was started by a camper who loved music and wanted to share it with others. It is now a major Australian festival and one of its most popular events.

He didn't have a lot of money

Before the Big Day Out‚ Australian music festivals were mostly campouts with terrible facilities and shoddy production. It was common to have mudfests during rainy days. But Australia's unique situation meant that the Big Day Out had an even greater impact on the scene‚ bringing live music to millions of young people. The festival became a rite of passage for Australian youth. The festival's name was synonymous with Australian alternative music in the '90s. The festival took budding bands out of pubs and put them on stage before massive crowds. While some of the festival's bands weren't big names‚ others gained huge success after playing at the festival. But the Big Day Out founder‚ Wade West‚ did not have a lot of money and stayed low-key once the festival had ended. While the Big Day Out has been a successful festival‚ the founder didn't have a lot of money. But he did have one big idea: a festival aimed at families. He aimed to impress his audience by booking bands like Nirvana‚ whose hit song Smells Like Teen Spirit broke the internet. The festival paid Nirvana $5‚000 and spent four cents per head on merch. The festival is now spread all over Australia and has spread to New Zealand. While he doesn't have a lot of money‚ he credits his success to TLC. In 2005‚ Campbell Smith's CRS Music Management took over the Auckland show. The show ran successfully for seven years. Unfortunately‚ the show didn't run in 2011 or 2012 due to a lack of funding. The Auckland show didn't even make a return in 2013‚ and didn't run in 2014.

He didn't have good facilities

The Big Day Out festival has been on a turbulent six months. After founder Viv Lees resigned in October‚ co-founder Ken West took over. But in the midst of the turmoil‚ the festival hasn't had the best year in its history. The company has restructured its format in Auckland‚ Adelaide and Perth but there is no official word yet on whether or not the festival will return in the future. After a disastrous first year‚ the Big Day Out festival began touring to six Australian cities‚ starting in 1993. The first year saw bands like Neil Young‚ Metallica‚ Foo Fighters‚ Red Hot Chili Peppers‚ Pearl Jam‚ Kanye West‚ and The White Stripes perform. However‚ the festival was plagued by problems with facilities and infrastructure. The festival suffered from lack of funding and poor facilities‚ which contributed to its downfall. After the festival's initial success in 1992‚ West's next venture‚ The Big Day Out‚ became a must-do for many in Australia. The festival features multiple stages‚ rides‚ food‚ and live music. In the early 1990s‚ the Big Day Out was a rite of passage. While there had been music festivals in Australia before‚ West's idea revolutionised how live music was presented to the public. Despite allegations that he blacklisted Australian bands‚ West denied the accusations. In fact‚ West signed up a number of international acts for the Big Day Out in 1995. In fact‚ he signed big-name acts such as TISM and Silverchair early on to make the event more popular. In his new book‚ he describes the first six years of the Big Day Out.