Kenny McFadden, New Zealand basketball icon, dies

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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The New Zealand basketball legend Kenny McFadden died today at the age of 57. He was an NBL player and a well-respected producer for Newstalk ZB Country Sports. His death was a blow for his friends and family. There will be a full obituary and funeral service for the basketball icon soon. However‚ for the time being‚ we can all remember the man he became. New Zealand basketball icon Kenny McFadden died on Monday morning. He had been suffering from polycystic kidney disease for a few years and was on dialysis to maintain his kidney function. A suitable donor was found and he was able to get a kidney transplant. His death is a tremendous loss for the sport of basketball and the country. His family and fans have paid tribute to the legendary basketball player. McFadden was a mentor to young Kiwi basketball players such as Steven Adams. He helped develop the talents of the Kiwis and was a part of the team's development. He was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease in 2017 and put on dialysis. In addition to playing basketball‚ McFadden was also a dedicated trainer for budding athletes. The New Zealand Basketball Academy and the Hoop Club are named after him. He was a player-coach for the Wellington Saints and won four national championships with the team. He also coached the Wellington Saints in the NBL‚ and was a mentor for Steven Adams. The New Zealand Basketball Association has a memorial website to honour McFadden. It is unclear if the team will play a game in his honor. Regardless‚ we should celebrate his contributions to the sport. The New Zealand basketball legend played for the Wellington Saints in the domestic league in the 1980s and won four championships in New Zealand. After retirement in 1996‚ he continued to mentor young players and set up junior development programs. He was a mentor to Steven Adams‚ who won the NBA MVP in 2007. But the best tribute to him is a tribute from his teammates‚ not to the greatness of the sport. The New Zealand basketball icon died at the age of 61. His death was a shock to the sport. His kidneys were failing‚ and he was receiving dialysis. But he put off the transplant to remain with his friends and family. And now‚ he's living in the comfort of his home in Las Vegas. And he continues to coach teenagers in Las Vegas. A New Zealand basketball icon has passed away at the age of 61. He was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease in the late Eighties and played in the NBA until 1996. In the 1990s‚ he moved to New Zealand‚ where he helped the Wellington Saints win four national championships.

kenny mcfadden new zealand basketball icon dies
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Then‚ he became involved in the development of young players‚ setting up the New York Basketball Academy and the Hoop Club. He also mentored Steven Adams. The American-Kiwi basketball icon passed away at the age of 61. His aforementioned mentor and coach‚ Stephen Adams‚ had helped develop many young Kiwi basketball players. In recent years‚ he became deeply involved with the development of young athletes. His hoop club and the New Zealand basketball academy were a way to give back to the community. He was a role model for all of the Kiwis and a mentor for Steven Adams. As a player‚ McFadden was a mentor and coach for Steven Adams. He was involved in New Zealand basketball development since the mid-eighties and he was still very active in the sport. He coached the Saints in the early eighties and had four titles in his career. He retired from the game in 1996‚ but remained active in the sport as a coach in the 2000s. The late New Zealand basketball legend has been hailed as a legendary player and coach. The late star was also a mentor and a role model to his protégés‚ especially Adams. He played for the Saints in the NBL‚ where he won four titles in four years. He also became involved in coaching in the mid-2000s. He is best known as his mentor to Steven Adams.