Kenny Shiels talk of emotional women is unacceptable. Football

Wednesday, April 13, 2022
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Kenny Shiels' Talk of Emotionally Charged Women is Unacceptable

Kenny Shiels's recent comments about emotionally-charged women have caused a huge amount of outrage. Some have labeled the comments as sexist‚ while others have called them foolish. One Twitter user shared a picture of himself crying on the pitch. Fans are furious‚ and there is no doubt Shiels was already feeling the sting of his recent defeat. But we cannot allow him to get away with his comments.

Kenny Shiels talking nonsense! Talking of emotional women!

Despite his recent success as a manager for Northern Ireland women's team‚ Shiels has drawn a fierce response from the men's game. Siobhan Chamberlain‚ Yvonne Harrison and Ian Wright have all criticised Shiels' comments. The Northern Ireland manager has apologized for his comments and insisted he truly loves women. However‚ the criticism of Shiels' comments has only served to reinforce his reputation as a player who does not respect women. Whether the comment is a self-correction or a passing remark‚ Shiels' comments about emotional women are completely unacceptable. They send the wrong message to young men and women. Football is full of emotion. Players' emotions dictate the ebbs and flows of a game. In turn‚ fans respond to these emotions and support players. Shiels' comments have no place in a discussion of women's football. Despite his apology‚ the comments have sparked outrage among fans. Former England player Ian Wright has shared a picture of him crying on the pitch. Shiels' comments sparked an online storm of criticism. Shiels has apologized and moved on to manage a women's team in Northern Ireland. He is also under fire for a series of tweets he made regarding the incident. In a 5-0 loss to England in a 2023 World Cup qualifier‚ Shiels apologized for his comments. Ireland fought hard against England's Lionesses‚ with Lauren Hemp scoring a first-half goal. However‚ a stunning four goals in the second half led to England's all-important victory. Shiels' apology was the first step towards the England team's qualification for next year's tournament in Australia.

Kenny Shiels apology for insult

The football manager of Northern Ireland's senior women's team‚ Kenny Shiels‚ has issued an apology after he criticized emotional women. While Shiels has admitted he isn't a woman's man‚ his comments are utterly offensive. As the head of the senior women's national team‚ he has the responsibility to set a positive example for young women. The patriarchal society in which we live fosters the myth that men are superior‚ which subsequently fuels sexism and gender myths. These myths are distorted and devalue the opinions of women. Of course‚ it isn't uncommon for people to make mistakes and say things they don't mean to say. Shiels' apology‚ however‚ doesn't acknowledge the inaccuracy of his original statement or the inappropriateness of his words. The apology isn't a sincere admission of the inaccuracy of his original statement. Rather‚ it implies that Shiels has thought about his theory. Kenny Shiels has apologised after saying that emotional women are more likely to give up goals than men. Shiels' comments came after the Northern Irish team's 5-0 defeat by England on Tuesday. Despite the embarrassing defeat‚ Shiels' comments sparked a storm of criticism‚ namely from Yvonne Harrison and Ian Wright. The apology also came as the team's 5-0 loss to England was widely criticized. Earlier this week‚ Shiels said that he had no idea about emotions and that women's football teams tend to concede goals more quickly than men's. Although Shiels subsequently apologised for his comments‚ he continued to face criticism from industry bodies and defended his actions. He also posted pictures of himself crying on the pitch‚ while women's footballer Siobhan Chamberlain described Shiels' comments as bizarre. The statement also referred to Shiels' offensive comments regarding international football. Shiels is the manager of the national women's football team in Northern Ireland and is proud to be a role model for young girls. Shiels' apology also included pictures of himself during unhappiness in his playing days. This statement follows a World Cup qualifier between Northern Ireland and England‚ in front of a record 15‚000 spectators at Windsor Park. The team will play Norway in Euros in July.

Kenny Shiels comments about conceding goals in quick succession

Accusations of sexism over Shiels' comments about women have been levelled at the Northern Ireland manager‚ following his recent comments regarding women. Shiels has been the manager of the Northern Ireland women's team since 2019‚ but his controversial comments are hardly a new phenomenon. The controversial Scottish manager has made a number of controversial comments throughout his career. In 2014‚ he was sacked by Kilmarnock after making comments on refereeing decisions. In response to these comments‚ Shiels has stepped away from post-match interviews. Shiels' comments were made after Northern Ireland's 5-0 defeat to England. The post-match interview that Shiels gave prompted a flurry of reactions from fans and pundits on social media. One fan‚ Ian Wright‚ was the first to condemn Shiels' comments‚ saying: It's just not true! Nevertheless‚ Shiels' comments were stereotypical‚ and should be condemned. While Shiels has since apologised‚ this kind of sexism is common in the patriarchal society. Men are treated as superior and seek to justify the status quo‚ and women are regarded as inferior. As a result‚ gender myths and sexism have been fuelled. The consequences of these stereotyping are harmful for women and society as a whole. In response‚ Northern Ireland's performance has been criticised after Shiels' controversial comments about women's football. Shiels said that women are more emotional than men when conceding goals in quick succession. Shiels later apologised for his comments on the Northern Ireland football website. Although Shiels aimed to promote women's football‚ his comments have caused a stir. However‚ despite Shiels' apology‚ his comments are unreflecting. Despite these comments‚ Shiels' comments about women's football teams are not surprising given the recent performances. Having trailed England 1-0 at the half‚ Northern Ireland then conceded three goals in nine minutes to lose 5-0. In the other game‚ the Northern Ireland lost to Austria 5-0‚ conceding three times in nine minutes. The comments were well-timed as Shiels claimed women are more emotional. As a result of Shiels' controversial comments‚ women's football has also invested in sports psychology. Shiels has also pointed to the importance of preventing teams from conceding goals in quick succession. Unlike men's football‚ women's teams tend to concede goals in quick succession‚ but there is an emotional imbalance at work. However‚ this is still a worrying trend. So‚ the time to make changes is now.