Kevin Lerena stops Bogdan Dinu in an impressive heavyweight

Sunday, March 27, 2022
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In a dazzling display of power and speed‚ Romanian Kevin Lerena stopped Romanian Bogdan Dinu in four rounds in his professional debut. The win gives him a WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title. The fight was on the Golden Gloves Heavyweight Mania card‚ which has attracted some top-tier boxers. In this article‚ I will discuss some of the best moves Lerena made in this fight. In this thrilling bout‚ the former cruiserweight contender dominated the bout from the opening bell. The two men are of different heights‚ so their differences in speed and size were very clear. However‚ Lerena started off very elusive in the fight‚ but eventually found the right place to land his devastating straight left in the fourth round. This gave Dinu the upper hand‚ and he won the majority of the bout via stoppage. Despite Dinu's size‚ Lerena's power and speed won the fight for him. He stopped his opponent in the fourth round‚ using a powerful right uppercut to put pressure on his opponent's face. As the result‚ Lerena clinched the decision and took the vacant WBA Inter-Continental heavyweight title. Although Dinu has a good history‚ he is not a great contender. The heavyweight division is extremely competitive‚ and Lerena's power and speed were unmatched. He won the WBA Inter-Continental title by knockout in the fourth round. The Romanian boxer had previously fought just nine months and 22 days before this fight. In comparison‚ Kevin Lerena had won five times in three years and was successful in 16 of them by knockout. In this impressive heavyweight fight‚ two undefeated Romanian Kevin Lerena stopped the tall Bogdan Dinu in the fourth round. The underdogs both had an impressive record‚ but this was a particularly strong performance. The fight featured many great fights that showcase the strength and speed of both fighters. The result was a highly anticipated upset for both men. In fact‚ it's the first time in two decades that a Ukrainian has defeated a renowned cruiserweight champion. Despite having less experience than Dinu‚ Lerena's power and speed made up for Dinu's lack of height and reach. While Lerena's power and speed helped him finish‚ the Romanian's elusiveness and superior reach were detrimental in the fight. Neither boxer has a chance against the other. In this battle‚ both men have a high chance of winning. After a tough opening round‚ the Romanian dominated the fight‚ knocking out the Romanian in four rounds. The former world titleholder has a record of 26-2-2 and won 16 of his last 20 fights by KO.

kevin lerena stops bogdan dinu in an impressive heavyweight
Image source : wbaboxing

Both fighters were undefeated in the Heavyweight division‚ so the win is all the more impressive. And in this fight‚ there is no weight limit. The Romanian knocked out Dinu in the fourth round. The former cruiserweight contender had a disadvantage of height and reach‚ but he was able to overcome this by a smothering right hook. In the fourth round‚ Dinu was floored by a barrage of combination punches‚ and the score was not yet known. He was forced to take a time-out in the final round. This fight was a knockout‚ and the Romanian has a wide range of experience. He has fought high-caliber opponents‚ including Daniel Dubois‚ Jarrell Miller‚ and Kubrat Pulev. He is taller and has a better shooting percentage‚ but it is difficult to judge how much of a height advantage they really have against each other. The Romanian is also a good fighter‚ but Lerena is a much better athlete. The Romanian knockout victory over Dinu was an excellent result for both fighters. It is important to note that Dinu had fought three previous fights and won the WBA Inter-Continental title in his last fight. Both fighters were a long-time cruiserweight contender. The Romanian won both fights by scoring a majority of their bouts with the technical knockout.