Kim Kardashian Weighs In on Pete Davidsons Rumored BDE

Tuesday, April 12, 2022
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Kim Kardashian Weighs In on Pete Davidson's Rumored BDE

In a new interview‚ Kim Kardashian weighed in on the rumored BDE of her boyfriend Pete Davidson. While we're used to hearing the phrase big d**k energy‚ it's still surprising to hear about a man who has dated several high-profile women. Fortunately for fans of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star‚ the reality star is open about her relationship with Davidson.

Kim Kardashian opens up about her romance with Pete Davidson

The reality star is opening up about her romance with Pete Davidson. The couple first met in October 2018 and became Instagram official in March. Kim was already married to Ye when she met Davidson‚ so the couple had to work out the logistics before being photographed together. After dinner‚ the two went to a 60 Out escape room. Despite the rumors‚ Kim Kardashian isn't shy about her relationship with Davidson. She told Variety that she's not holding anything back when it comes to love and romance‚ but she's trying to prioritize her own peace of mind and happiness. Pete has several tattoos that honor Kim. In addition to two designs of Kim's name‚ he also has a third design with her name. He has a tat to remember Kim's career as a lawyer‚ and it's a tribute to the relationship. Kim showed off the tattoos on Instagram Stories. Pete's tattoo isn't permanent‚ but it does remain. While Kim and Pete Davidson have been spending time together in the past‚ it's still unclear whether they've met Kim's kids. Earlier this week‚ Pete Davidson visited Kim Kardashian's parents in Staten Island. Many people wondered if Pete had met Kim Kardashian's kids‚ but he did‚ according to TMZ. The pair spent Sunday evening driving around in a car called a MOKE‚ and Kim's oldest daughter‚ North West‚ is in attendance. Their romance has reached the height of rumors‚ with the reality star posting a bikini selfie of herself with her new love‚ Pete Davidson. They met last year‚ when Kim was filming King of Staten Island. They went on several dates together and even had a birthday party in Staten Island. Pete Davidson and Kim have been together since‚ and have become an example of how a relationship can be successful.

Davidson has a rumored big d**k energy

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian has dated Pete Davidson‚ but she hasn't made any official comments about their relationship. In the past‚ the reality star has remained quiet about their relationship‚ but she recently opened up about their date‚ sharing a rare Instagram photo of the two together. I was surprised‚ she wrote‚ and I can't believe he did that to me! Earlier this week‚ Kim Kardashian opened up about her relationship with Pete Davidson. The two met at the Met Gala in April 2021‚ and she declined his offer to go out with him because she didn't feel comfortable in her outfit and gloves. However‚ they did reunite a few days later‚ and Pete Davidson then publicly dissed her in his social media posts. The rumors sparked by Kim's appearance on Pete's podcast were confirmed by her own comments in her podcast. During the podcast‚ Kim revealed the timeline of her relationship with Pete. The two met at the 2021 Met Gala‚ and Kim admitted that she was nervous about performing on stage. But she did endorse Pete's offer to give her his phone number and she also told him that she was nervous about her upcoming gig.

Davidson has dated a number of high-profile women

Kim Kardashian has given the inside scoop on Pete Davidson's rumored BDE. The reality star opened up about how she knew the actor before they allegedly dated. Apparently‚ the two met at the 2021 Met Gala‚ where Kim said she was nervous about her gig. As a result‚ Pete offered to call her for advice. Pete also offered to call Kim to ask her advice before the gig. Although they haven't confirmed their relationship‚ their recent dinner date was a public event. Teigen was seen following the pair to his favorite pizzeria. Later‚ the two were seen with their friends at Zero Bond. The dinner date was shared on social media‚ where she even posted a rare picture of the two together. According to sources‚ the two have been dating for almost a year and are now planning to settle down‚ but she is not ruling out double dates.

Davidson is funny

A new interview with Kim Kardashian has shed some light on Pete Davidson's BDE rumor. The reality star briefly addressed the topic in an interview with Variety. She did not rule out double dates. According to reports‚ Davidson and Kardashian are currently dating. However‚ it is unclear if the two are engaged or not. The rumored BDE has never been confirmed. In a recent Instagram post‚ the reality star shared a photo of herself sunbathing in a Florida beach. She also said that she was boarding a private plane with Pete. The couple previously spent New Year's Eve apart‚ but a few months later‚ Kim and Pete were spotted boarding the same plane. Pete and Kim first sparked romance rumors in October‚ when Kim made her SNL hosting debut. In November‚ they spent Pete's birthday in Palm Springs. In addition to the BDE rumors‚ Kim Kardashian shared a kiss with Pete during a sketch. Kim and Pete recently celebrated Kid Cudi's birthday together‚ while Kanye West and Pete also took a joyride. Kim also set the record straight on the dating timeline between the two. Pete and Kim met last September during the 2021 Met Gala. She recalled how nervous she was for the gig. She told Pete she was nervous about the gig and wanted advice from him. As a result‚ she later gave him her phone number. Pete also shared some tips on how to make a successful comedy gig. A new fan photo of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson has also surfaced. The pair appeared to be eating breakfast in the Beverly Hills Hotel‚ and a fan spotted them chatting on the phone. Later in the day‚ they parted ways‚ and Pete Davidson publicly attacked the singer's under-the-belt area. The two later reconciled and moved on to the next chapter of their lives.

Davidson is successful

The rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are nothing new. They were recently spotted jet-setting off to the Bahamas for a vacation. Earlier in the day‚ Scott Disick sparked a bit of controversy by calling Pete Davidson by a cute nickname. Scott‚ who is a famous reality star‚ remembered the rumors surrounding Pete's dong. The reality star has been dating the comedian for a few years now‚ and in October 2018‚ she spoke out about the rumors surrounding her relationship with the musician. During an interview with PEOPLE's Amanda Hirsch‚ Kim revealed that she and Pete had sparks while filming SNL. The two became fast friends while filming the show. The couple hasn't been officially together‚ but the two are clearly attracted to each other and are weighing their options. Although the two have not officially announced their relationship‚ they have been spotted on dinner dates in Staten Island‚ New York. They've also been photographed holding hands with Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian. Despite the rumored dating rumors‚ Pete has remained relatively silent about his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The reality star also did not comment on Davidson's alleged BDE (Before Pete Kardashian made the announcement) but did tell her friend that he was in love with Kim. Kim Kardashian Weighs In on Pete - The rumored BDE is a Tripod‚ meaning he's huge. Despite his apparent ego‚ he denied having a big penis. He said Ariana's short stature makes everything look larger. Another nickname for Pete's BDE is Big Dick Energy‚ which means he's got a big penis.