Kim Sae-ron under investigation for drunk driving

Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Korean Actress Kim Sae ron Under Investigation For Drunk Driving

Korean actress Kim Sae ron is under investigation for drunk driving. The police in Seoul have received multiple calls about a car driving unsteadily in Cheongdam‚ Gangnam. They have confirmed that the driver of the vehicle was the Actress. The Actress has been apologetic for her actions and apologized for the incident. The blood alcohol level of Kim Sae ron is expected to be released within seven days.

Kim Sae ron's blood alcohol level expected to come out in seven days

Police are waiting to find out if Kim Sae ron had been drinking before driving. The actress is suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol and is scheduled to undergo a blood test. The district police said that the actress requested the test‚ but refused to take it at the scene. Police will request a blood alcohol level test from the National Forensic Service. The results of the test are expected in seven days. Kim Sae-ron's arrest is the latest chapter in the story of his drunk driving. The police say that the actor had driven his car around eight a.m. when they were stopped by witnesses. He was caught on CCTV video driving and crashing into a lamppost and guard rails. Kim Sae-ron had refused to take a breathalyzer test‚ but was arrested anyway. The blood sample will be collected in a nearby hospital. In other news‚ the actress is expected to take a blood test soon. She has been questioned about driving under the influence‚ and the police are preparing a report. The actress's blood alcohol level is expected to be released in seven days. Although Kim Sae-ron's blood alcohol level is not yet public‚ her arrest has made her one of the most talked about people in the country. However‚ the incident wasn't the only problem. In addition to being an accident‚ drunk driving can lead to destruction of public property. Among other things‚ Kim Sae-ron's car damaged transformers in Cheongdam-dong. This could have prevented his car from being able to make purchases with a credit card in the area. If he had a passenger‚ he could be charged with aiding drunk driving.

Actress refuses to get a blood test

A South Korean actress who has been charged with drunk driving refused to take a blood test following an incident in which she crashed into a street tree‚ guardrail‚ and a transformer. The accident caused the power to go out in four buildings and four malls. As a result‚ Kim's agency issued an apology and asked the public to take a look at the actress's behavior. The incident happened after the actress Kim Sae-ron‚ a resident of Seoul‚ was arrested by police for driving under the influence of alcohol and driving a car into a power transformer. Police responded to multiple reports that the actress was driving erratically and driving with a suspended license. The actress was arrested after she was spotted driving and was taken to a hospital for a blood test. While the actress is currently filming Netflix's new series‚ Bloodhounds‚ she had been scheduled to star in SBS' new drama‚ Trolley. The producers of the new drama reached out to her agency and said that they would not put her on the show. While Kim is suspended for refusing to take a blood test for drunk driving‚ her agency has offered to withdraw her from the drama. According to the report released by the Gangnam Police Station‚ Kim Sae-ron is being investigated for drunk driving. While her identity is not yet public‚ the actress was spotted driving a car a few days ago in Cheongdam‚ Gangnam. It is unclear what exactly caused her car to crash into a transformer‚ but police said that the actress allegedly refused to take a blood test at the scene. Actress Kim Sae-ron has refused to take a blood test for drunk driving after being arrested for DUI. While there are other celebrities who have been convicted for drunk driving‚ Kim Sae-ron has remained adamant that she did not get a blood test for drunk driving because she was a teenager at the time of her accident.

Similarities between Park Soo-ah's DUI incident and Kim Sae ron's

A netizen's post on a web community titled Drinking and driving‚ similar to Lizzy and Kim Sae ron got many netizens' blood boiling. She attached a picture of the two celebrating their birthdays as well as facts about the DUI incidents. It was also pointed out that the two had the same birthday - July 31 - and were arrested on the same day in the same place. In the case of Kim Sae-ron‚ his SUV crashed into a box‚ damaging the outer protective metal covering of the transformer. The crash caused a power outage that lasted for three hours. The resulting power outage closed several businesses and caused a massive disruption to traffic. Kim Sae-ron's drunk driving caused a significant amount of damage to local merchants. The actress's situation is similar to Kim Sae-ron's‚ who also recently went under investigation for driving under the influence. Kim Sae-ron crashed his car into a structure in Seoul's Gangnam district and was arrested after a blood test revealed that he was driving under the influence of alcohol. However‚ the actress refused to take a breathalyzer test and opted for a blood test. Similarly‚ Kim was also caught driving under the influence of alcohol on the same day as Park Soo-ah. His blood alcohol level was 0.08%‚ and he hit a parked car. When the police chased him‚ he continued driving and hit a tree. He escaped the scene on foot and eventually turned himself in two days later. His remorse for his actions was widely known‚ and he was fined W7 million by the Seoul district court.

Actress apologizes for her mistakes

Following a recent drunk driving incident‚ Kim Sae ron apologized for her actions on SNS and said that she regrets her behavior. After the incident‚ Kim reportedly drank several beers and crashed her car into a transformer box three times. Upon being stopped by police‚ Kim allegedly refused to take a blood test or breathalyzer and fled the scene without apologizing to the officer who pulled her over. Although the police investigation is ongoing‚ she promised to be diligent in her efforts to make amends. Eyewitness accounts of the incident spread through online communities and social media. Kim Sae ron crashed her car into a street tree‚ an exposed transformer‚ and a guardrail. As a result‚ the electricity supply was cut to the nearby buildings. After the accident‚ restoration work was done to prevent further damage to the area. Kim Sae ron apologized for her mistake on Facebook‚ but Goldmedalist has been critical of the agency's statements and has been unable to comment on the situation. The actress reportedly apologized for her mistakes and said she was deeply thinking about her actions and had a difficult time putting her apology into words. She promised to repair the damages and apologize to the affected people. On Wednesday‚ she was caught driving drunk and crashed into an electric transformer. Witnesses stated that she had intended to drive away from the scene after the crash‚ but ended up hitting a transformer anyway. According to reports‚ the actress is under investigation for driving while drunk. She has been escorted home by a guardian‚ but she may not recover fully from the incident. However‚ her blood test result will be available in two weeks‚ and she will respond to questions by police after the results. Although‚ her agency has not yet issued an official apology‚ the actress will face the questioning from the police again.