Kinder Easter Chocolate Recall After Salmonella Outbreak Leaves

Sunday, April 17, 2022
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Kinder Easter Chocolate Recall After Salmonella Outbreak Leaves Belgian Factory

The latest news in the Kinder chocolate recall is that Ferrero has extended its salmonella recall to all of its products made in its Belgian factory. This news comes as salmonella poisoning is on the rise with 114 confirmed cases in eight European countries. In addition to extending the recall‚ Ferrero has increased the number of recalled products. Consumers should always check product codes before eating.

Ferrero extends recall to include all products made at Belgian site since June

After salmonella contamination was discovered in a Belgian chocolate factory‚ Ferrero is expanding the recall to all products produced at this site. The company has suspended operations at the Arlon factory until the matter is resolved. The food-safety agency‚ the ECDC‚ has confirmed 134 cases‚ and has ordered the company to cease all production until further notice. As of Dec. 20‚ the recall has included products made at this site since June. The recall extends to all Kinder chocolates‚ including those made at the Arlon‚ Belgium‚ site. The products affected include the Kinder Surprise‚ the mini eggs‚ the Kinder Egg Hunt Kit‚ and the Schokobons. According to the Food Standards Agency‚ no Kinder products should be eaten regardless of the date of manufacture‚ as they may be contaminated with Salmonella. Symptoms of infection with Salmonella include fever‚ abdominal cramps‚ and diarrhea. After identifying salmonella-contaminated Kinder chocolate in Europe‚ the Belgian agency has temporarily suspended production. Ultimately‚ the suspension will be lifted when the plant can prove it meets food safety rules. Meanwhile‚ consumers are being advised not to eat any recalled products. Although the recalls were originally merely precautionary‚ the Belgian health authorities have now confirmed that a number of cases linked to the Arlon chocolate site were indeed related to the Kinder chocolate factory. Salmonella contamination in Kinder chocolate has prompted a worldwide recall‚ which includes all branded and non-branded products. The company has since suspended production at its Belgian plant‚ and notified the UK Health Security Agency of the recall. Its product recalls‚ which began last June‚ have been expanded to cover all products produced at that facility. Although it is unclear whether this recall will extend to other countries‚ the company stressed that no other Kinder or Ferrero chocolates were sold in the United States. According to the European Food Safety Authority‚ the Arlon factory accounts for about 7% of Kinder products manufactured in the UK. The UK Health Security Agency said on Friday that 67 people in the UK have been affected by salmonella infection. Although most symptoms will subside within a few days‚ severe cases may require hospitalization. For further information on the outbreak and the possible occurrences of salmonella infection‚ contact your local food safety authority.

114 cases of salmonella confirmed in eight European countries

A salmonella outbreak linked to Kinder products in Belgium has forced a recall of the confectionery. The Belgian manufacturer has suspended production of the chocolates in question. The recall affects Kinder products produced between June and the present date. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has released an assessment of the outbreak. There have been at least 119 confirmed cases and 31 probable cases of salmonellosis. The majority of cases are in children‚ and the symptoms of salmonellosis are diarrhoea‚ abdominal pain‚ and vomiting. The symptoms of the infection usually resolve themselves within a few days. As a precautionary measure‚ Belgium's food safety authority has taken steps to inspect the chocolate factory and revoked the company's production authorization. This is the second salmonella outbreak to hit Belgium‚ and health authorities say the latest outbreak is a result of a misconception from the confectionery company Ferrero. It also noted that the food company did not notify the food safety agency of dozens of illnesses associated with the chocolate. Belgium's food safety authority has ordered a massive recall of its chocolates after dozens of cases were linked to the company. A similar recall has been ordered in the United States after the company reported cases of salmonella in Germany‚ France‚ and Belgium. While no salmonella outbreaks have been reported in the United States‚ the company has apologized and said it has been unaware of the outbreak for months. The FDA says it is investigating the case. The Kinder Easter Chocolate recall is now in its second phase. As more children became sick from salmonella in the outbreak‚ the company had to suspend production in the affected factory. It also recalled all products produced in Belgium after the June recall. The recall extends the previous recall‚ which covered only products made in Belgium before the seven October 2022. However‚ Belgian authorities have ordered that all production of Kinder chocolate products produced in the company's Belgian plant be stopped immediately. The Belgian health authority has also announced a voluntary recall of its Kinder chocolate products. The affected products are Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and the Kinder Mix Chocolate Treats basket. This voluntary recall has been extended to include several Big Y Supermarket locations and BJ's Wholesale Club stores in the U.S. As a precautionary measure‚ the company has recalled its chocolates to prevent further contamination.

Serious complications can result from salmonella poisoning

A serious infection caused by salmonella can be life threatening. The disease is caused by bad buttermilk at a Belgian chocolate factory. The chocolate may not be roasted to a high enough temperature to kill the bacteria. This outbreak only affects Kinder products sold in the U.S.‚ and a few cases have died. Affected individuals should avoid eating the chocolate. They should consult with a doctor if they develop diarrhea‚ abdominal pain‚ or fever. In addition to the above symptoms‚ people with weak immune systems are at risk of developing heart or blood infections. If these conditions worsen‚ the infection may lead to more serious complications. The symptoms of salmonella infection usually occur four to seven days after exposure. A doctor should be consulted if you develop diarrhea‚ abdominal cramps‚ fever‚ or any of the other symptoms listed above. In most cases‚ treatment will include antibiotics and anti-diarrhea medicine. If you think you have contracted salmonella‚ call your doctor immediately. Salmonella infection symptoms are very similar to other illnesses‚ and some people may not even know they have it. Infection with salmonella can cause diarrhea‚ abdominal pain‚ fever‚ and stomach cramps. These symptoms usually begin six hours after exposure‚ and may last for up to seven days. Most people will recover within a few days without any medical treatment. Some individuals may experience severe complications and require hospitalization. Serious complications can result from salmonella poisoning in Kinder Easter Chocolate. So‚ it is important to keep a high fluid intake while suffering from the symptoms of salmonella poisoning. In addition to the mini eggs‚ Advent calendars‚ and other items made by Ferrero Canada Ltd. are among the recalled chocolates. The affected products include Kinder Schoko-Bons‚ Happy Moments‚ and Kinder Confections Assortment. Moreover‚ Kinder Surprise Easter Egg Hunt Kits contain mini eggs and the Kinder Mix 7 Easter Treats. There are also recalled products from the Kinder Surprise Miraculous and Natoon ranges.

Check product codes before eating

The Food Standards Agency has recalled thousands of Kinder chocolate products in the U.S. after an outbreak of salmonella. A recall was issued for a single 20-gram Kinder Egg and packets containing three 20-gram bars. The recalled chocolates can be found at Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club stores. Ferrero has also recalled its Kinder Schokobons‚ which are 200 grams in size. The outbreak is believed to have been triggered by contaminated chocolate made at a Belgian factory. The food safety authority of Belgium has withdrawn authorisation to produce the chocolates in that facility. The worldwide recall will prevent further outbreaks of salmonella from entering the food supply. In the meantime‚ the outbreak has caused at least 67 illnesses in children under the age of 10. The recall has affected some stores in the U.S. The affected chocolate products include the Kinder Happy Moments Chocolate Assortment and Kinder Mix Chocolate Treats basket. The recalled chocolates were manufactured in Belgium‚ but were sold in the U.S. by Ferrero and BJ's Wholesale Club stores and select Costco locations. The company is not recalling other Kinder or Ferrero chocolates in the U.S. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has also recalled products that may have been sold as Easter trails. Salmonella can be deadly‚ and many children have become hospitalized because of the infection. Although most cases of salmonella are minor‚ they can lead to more serious symptoms in young children‚ pregnant women‚ and people with weakened immune systems. As such‚ the Food Safety Authority of Ireland is warning consumers not to eat the affected chocolates or give them to friends and family.