Kinder Surprise recall Easter eggs and Maxi products from

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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Kinder Surprise Recall Easter Eggs and Maxi Products From Germany

In the past couple of days‚ the Kinder Surprise and Maxi companies have had to recall their products due to Salmonella outbreaks linked to their Belgian manufacturing plant. In fact‚ they've recalled these products from Germany‚ too. If you've been wondering if these products are safe to eat‚ read this article. It will give you the inside scoop on the latest recall. And‚ you can learn about other related news‚ like a recall of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs and Maxi products from Australia.

Kinder Surprise recalls Easter eggs and Maxi products

A number of popular chocolate treats from Kinder Surprise are being recalled due to salmonella contamination fears. The recalled Kinder Chocolate Easter Eggs are available in stores across Australia‚ including Coles‚ Woolworths‚ Target‚ Kmart‚ Big W‚ IGA‚ petrol stations‚ and many other retailers. Food Standards Australia is advising consumers to check their product dates before consuming it. This recall does not affect other Kinder products‚ such as the 20g single eggs and three-pack. The recalled Kinder Surprise eggs and Mini eggs were the culprit in a recent outbreak of salmonella in the UK. A recent outbreak in the UK has sickened at least 63 people‚ the majority of whom were children. In France‚ similar product recalls have also been announced. The food company is recalling several hundred tons of products‚ as a precaution. Ferrero‚ which makes Kinder chocolates‚ has stepped in to protect consumers. The recall affects three-packs of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs that were manufactured with a best-before date between 11 July 2022 and 7 October 2022. The company has also recalled two brands of Maxi chocolate bars. The UK Health Security Agency (formerly Public Health England) is investigating the outbreak. Ferrero has issued a recall notice explaining why the products were recalled and what to do if you bought them before the recall was announced. The recalled Kinder products will be taken off store shelves‚ with notices posted in supermarkets and other retail outlets. The recalled products were produced in Belgium and France‚ but they were distributed worldwide. This means that you should not eat them and return them to the store for a full refund. If you do‚ you should consult a doctor if you suspect you may have a contaminated food product. Salmonella infections typically last between four and seven days‚ and are treatable. Upon discovering a recalled product‚ the retailer is obliged to provide a full refund to the consumer. If you have already eaten the recalled product‚ you may still get a refund as long as you can show proof of purchase‚ such as a bank statement or online order confirmation. Refunds are available under the Consumer Rights Act‚ which outlines your rights in such situations. In this case‚ your retailer will refund you for any unused portions.

Salmonella outbreak linked to plant in Belgium

In Europe‚ Canada‚ and the United States‚ one of the most popular chocolate products is under recall because of a Salmonella outbreak. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control‚ 134 cases of salmonella have been reported‚ mostly affecting children under the age of 10 years. The outbreak began in early January in the United Kingdom and has spread to other countries. While there are no reported deaths‚ the recall affects several hundred tons of products. A recent investigation by the French food safety agency Sante Publique found that a recent Salmonella outbreak linked to chocolate-covered Ferrero products was linked to the Belgian-made chocolate. The outbreak has also been linked to other products‚ such as Kinder brand chocolates. The food safety authority is analyzing shipment data to determine the cause of the outbreak. Ferrero traced the outbreak to a filter in Arlon‚ Belgium‚ which was at the outlet of two raw-material tanks. Since the outbreak‚ the filter has been removed from the Arlon plant. The recall is being conducted because an over-production of Ferrero chocolates may cause salmonella infections. Several food safety agencies across Europe have already warned consumers against consuming five chocolate products from the Ferrero brand. According to the FDA‚ 125 cases of salmonella in Belgium are linked to chocolate from the same manufacturer. As of today‚ there have been no reported deaths‚ but the Belgian food agency advises consumers to be cautious and only eat chocolate products that are guaranteed to be safe. The Belgian food safety authority has ordered a recall of some Kinder Surprise Easter eggs and Maxi products‚ which were produced in Arlon‚ Belgium. This outbreak has affected more than a thousand children in the countries of the EU‚ France‚ Germany‚ Sweden‚ and the UK. Most of the cases are caused by a strain of Salmonella known as E. coli‚ which causes diarrhea‚ fever‚ and stomach cramps. This outbreak has affected batches of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs with a best-before date between April and June 2022.

Kinder Surprise products recalled in Germany

The recall affects a range of Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs and other products‚ including the Mini Eggs in Kinder Surprise Maxi packs and children's mix boxes. The recalled products contain best-before dates between August and September 2022. In France‚ health authorities voluntarily recalled a number of Kinder Surprise products. This comes as the UK and France have both announced similar product recalls. A number of European countries are considering their own recalls of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs. According to the Food Standards Agency‚ Salmonella contamination has caused 63 illnesses worldwide. As a precaution‚ the Food Standards Agency has recalled certain batches of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs and Maxi products. In addition to the 100-gram eggs‚ the recall also affects a range of Kinder Mini Eggs and Schokobons‚ which are 150g in size. Children aged five and under are most commonly affected. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Health Protection Surveillance Centre are investigating the outbreak of salmonella. According to the FSAI‚ 10 cases of food poisoning in Ireland have been confirmed‚ all of them recovered. However‚ the outbreak has spread throughout Europe. In the UK‚ there are at least 63 confirmed cases of food poisoning caused by the same strain of salmonella. The recall applies to all Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs with a best-before date between July 11th and October 7th. Symptoms of salmonella infections include a high temperature‚ nausea‚ and abdominal cramps. Some people may have severe enough symptoms to be hospitalised. In extreme cases‚ the symptoms can be life-threatening and necessitate hospitalization. The outbreak was traced to the manufacturer of Kinder Surprise Easter eggs and Maxi products. The affected products were manufactured in a single Belgium factory. It is not clear whether other products from the same company were affected.