Kramatorsk train station Russian strike kills at least 30 in Ukraine

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Russian Strike Kills at Least 30 in Ukraine

The situation on the ground in Eastern Ukraine is tense as Russia accuses Ukraine of'shifting its position' from the discussions in Istanbul. Ukraine says Russian missiles were not targeted and staged‚ while Russia denies the accusations. Meanwhile‚ a Russian airstrike on a packed train station in Ukraine kills at least 30 people‚ including many civilians.

Russia accuses Ukraine of shifting its position from earlier discussions in Istanbul

Russia and Ukraine are due to hold face-to-face negotiations on Tuesday in Istanbul. The talks are the first high-level contact between the two sides since Moscow invaded the country. Ukraine's foreign minister discussed a cease-fire deal with his Russian counterpart‚ but no significant progress was made. At the same time‚ a Russian representative defended his country's invasion and said it is progressing as planned. The talks come a day after the Russian Foreign Ministry defended its invasion and said it was proceeding as expected. The escalation is a result of Russia's decision to increase its air force in the Ukraine after US sanctions were announced. US Vice President Joe Biden said that the country must stop Putin from staying in power. At the same time‚ some G20 leaders have called for the exclusion of Putin. However‚ the situation in the east remains difficult and is likely to get worse before it improves. On Sunday‚ a video circulating on social media and pro-Russian media channels suggested that Russian troops were involved in the killings in Bucha. Although the German government did not identify the source of the video‚ the messages are consistent with the deaths in the village. One mention mentions a shooting of a man while the other mentions a body photographed next to a bicycle. The situation in the eastern part of Ukraine has worsened as Russia continues its air attacks against Ukrainian territory. During the talks‚ the Russian forces continue destroying residential areas and infrastructure. Ukraine has regained control of the eastern town of Irpin‚ near Kyiv. A U.S. official has said the Ukrainian army now controls Trostyanets‚ a town southwest of Sumy. Despite the fact that the Russian military has completed its main objective in the first phase of the invasion‚ it is yet to capture major cities. Despite this‚ it has stalled on many fronts and has failed to take the major cities. Ukraine is continuing to press for oil embargos and the EU has promised to deliver a fifth round of sanctions by Friday. This is a sign of the seriousness of the situation.

Russia denies targeting civilians

Reports indicate that at least 30 people died in a rocket attack on the Kramatorsk train station in eastern Ukraine‚ a station used by Ukrainians to flee bombarded areas. Russia‚ however‚ denies targeting civilians‚ saying its military launched the attack as a response to an illegal and provocative protest. A local eyewitness told the BBC that at one point‚ more than 1‚000 people were at the station at the time of the rocket attack. In the aftermath‚ bodies were loaded onto military trucks and transported to the morgue. The Ukrainian government and regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko have both condemned the indiscriminate attack and said that Russian forces should leave the area. But the Russian government has repeatedly denied that the station was a military operation and the deaths were civilians. It is claiming that the bodies of the victims are fakes and are staged by Ukrainian officials. As for the Borodyanka train station massacre‚ the Ukrainian president has called it a massacre. The Russian Ministry of Defense has also denied targeting civilians. While the country's military denies targeting civilians‚ the video of the incident is widely believed to be an illegitimate demonstration against Russian actions. The video shows a Ukrainian police officer crouching down next to other officers and staring at the demolished cars. The policeman inspects the remains of a rocket. A photo of the aftermath of the attack shows bodies scattered on the floor. Armed police are standing by them. Rescue services are working to contain the blaze while a pall of grey smoke rises into the sky. A head of the regional railway company claims that two rockets hit the station and three trains carrying evacuees were blocked. Although the attack was clearly a deliberate attempt to kill civilians‚ the Russian government has denied responsibility and attributed the attack to the Ukrainian forces. The European Union is working on more sanctions against Russia and is working to provide more weapons to Ukraine. Josep Borrell‚ the EU's chief of foreign policy‚ has condemned the indiscriminate attacks against the station‚ saying the Russian army can be relied upon to commit Bucha-like atrocities in any city. While the EU has approved five rounds of sanctions against Russia‚ the attacks against civilians in Ukraine have increased the intensity of these measures.

Russia accuses Ukraine of staging scenes of civilian deaths

The Russian defense ministry has accused the Ukrainian forces of staging scenes of civilian deaths. This accusation comes a day after the Ukrainian president demanded tough new sanctions against Moscow for staging the Bucha massacre‚ a case which has provoked widespread international condemnation. According to a Russian defence ministry spokesperson‚ the Ukrainian forces faked the deaths of civilians by setting up similar scenes and then disseminating the videos through Western media. The US‚ France‚ and Germany have been trying to defuse the crisis with diplomatic and military measures. The US Secretary of State‚ John Kerry‚ wrote to the UN's rights chief warning of a potential human rights catastrophe if Russia's troops invade Ukraine. Meanwhile‚ the UN's secretary-general‚ Antonio Guterres‚ said that Russia violated Ukraine's territorial integrity. The UN has stated that it supports Ukraine's sovereignty‚ independence‚ and territorial integrity. During a joint press conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Warsaw‚ UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss called for tougher sanctions against Russia. Truss said that money flowing from the west to Putin's war machine must stop this week. She also called for Russia to be suspended from the UN's Human Rights Council‚ citing the continuing Russian aggression in Ukraine. The Russian President is scheduled to address the UN Security Council this week‚ giving the first major address since the Feb. 24 invasion. It is unclear if the address will be pre-recorded or live. In the meantime‚ Ukraine has urged its residents to evacuate the eastern part of the country before the fighting escalates. This is a timely and necessary measure to stop the bloodshed. There are no words that can express how terrible it is for the people of Ukraine to live under such conditions. The city of Mariupol is a prime example. Mariupol‚ a port on the Sea of Azov‚ has seen the most intense suffering in the war. According to reports‚ about 100‚000 civilians have been trapped in the city. Mariupol's prewar population was around 430‚000. Despite Russian government promises‚ the International Committee of the Red Cross has not yet reached the city.

Russian airstrike on crowded train station kills at least 30 people

In an attack that is likely the work of Russian forces‚ a missile hit a crowded train station in eastern Ukraine. This train station was an evacuation center for civilians fleeing the conflict. Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said at least 30 people were killed and dozens more injured. The attack targeted civilians in the Kramatorsk train station. According to Zelenskyy‚ most of the victims were civilians who had fled the region. Despite the bombing‚ the Russian Defense Ministry has denied the attack‚ saying it had no involvement in the incident. But the Ukrainian government has warned that the situation is serious and that the fight in eastern Ukraine is likely to be prolonged. In response to this attack‚ western nations have stepped up their sanctions against Russia. The United States and European Union have imposed sanctions on the two adult daughters of Russian President Vladimir Putin‚ and Britain has banned the import of Russian coal. In addition‚ the U.N. Human Rights Council has voted to suspend normal trade relations with Russia and banned its oil and coal exports. The railway service in Donetsk has shut down the railway station for the time being. There will be evacuations from the nearby city of Sloviansk‚ although the exact time will be determined when the trains will depart. The Russian military has been present in eastern Ukraine for days‚ and the airstrike in Donetsk is just one example of the damage that has been caused by the war in the region. Despite the fact that Russian forces have withdrawn from the city of Kyiv‚ the conflict has continued elsewhere in Ukraine. The Russian forces also seized a key city southeast of Kharkiv. This city‚ which is currently under Russian attack‚ could serve as a launching point for their troops into eastern Ukraine and the Donbas region. This could also isolate Ukrainian forces in the northeast. Donetsk region regional governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said the initial casualty numbers were at least 30. But he warned that the death toll would rise. He added that he expected more horrific discoveries in towns and cities north of the capital. He said the death toll in Borodyanka and other towns had been higher than Bucha. Meanwhile‚ bodies were still being recovered from buildings.