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Friday, April 8, 2022
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Shashi Tharoor Explains a Viral Video With Supriya Sule

Congress MP Shashi Tharoor recently tweeted about a viral video in which he was talking to NCP's Supriya Sule. In the video‚ Shashi tweeted the lyrics of the song 'Amar Prem' by Kishore Kumar‚ tagging Sule in the tweet. Interestingly‚ in the tweet‚ Shashi Tharoor is seen leaning over to listen to Sule.

Supriya Sule

After the viral video of Shashi Tharoor's interaction with Supriya Sule went viral‚ the Kerala MP clarified the reason behind the meme-worthy conversation. He explains that the viral video was a policy question‚ and he was about to reply. In response‚ the comedian leaned in close to listen to Sule's answer. This video has garnered thousands of views and prompted a firestorm of memes. Shashi Tharoor leaned over to listen to Supriya Sule‚ while Farooq Abdullah was giving a speech in the same hall. In the video‚ the two politicians were seen talking to each other‚ while a song from the movie Pushpa was playing in the background. The viral video spread fast on social media‚ and Shashi Tharoor tweeted about the video shortly afterward. In the clip‚ Shashi Tharoor is seen leaning over his desk while talking to Sule. The video was recorded‚ but the clip was subsequently edited by netizens and became fodder for countless memes. Luckily for the internet‚ Shashi Tharoor is an expert at making jokes and he explained the situation with humour on Twitter. A 45-second video of Shashi Tharoor discussing the 'Lean Over' meme has gone viral on social media. The Congress MP and his NCP counterpart Supriya Sule exchanged pleasantries. The viral video was accompanied by the song Srivalli from the film Pushpa: The Rise. After the viral video went viral‚ Shashi Tharoor tweeted an explanation of the viral video with Supriya Sule. The Congress MP's controversial photo of women MPs with Supriya Sule has stirred a controversy over the past couple of months. The picture of women MPs with Tharoor was widely circulated and a caption of 'attractive' made it go viral. Eventually‚ Tharoor said that he wrote that caption to show how the workplace is a place of harmony. The Supriya Sule video has gone viral in India‚ and Shashi Tharoor has shared his thoughts on the 'Leaning on Chairs' viral video. Clearly‚ the actress is a big fan of the actor‚ and she does not have any problem explaining why the viral video went viral. The actress has been lauded for her acting talent and she has a strong fan base.

Kishore Kumar's Evergreen song

Bollywood singer and politician Shashi Tharoor explains Ki shore Kumar's Evergreen song viral video: The two-minute-long clip has gone viral‚ attracting over 71‚000 views and close to 400 likes in a short time. The performance won the hearts of netizens who were surprised to know that the politician loved Bollywood songs. His accent caught the attention of the Twitterati‚ who also praised him for being a'sport' about it. During a recent conversation with Baramati MP Supriya Sule‚ Shashi Tharoor became fodder for memes. The two discussed Kishore Kumar's Evergreen song‚ picturized on Rekha and Dharmendra. Shatrughan Sinha gave the song the go-ahead. The song has been getting a lot of love from fans‚ with several videos circulating on YouTube.

Shashi Tharoor's tweets

On April 7‚ Shashi Tharoor responded to the viral video‚ which had already gone viral‚ by leaning forward to speak to Nationalist Congress Party MP Supriya Sule. As Farooq Abdullah delivers a speech in the background‚ Shashi Tharoor leans over to listen to the MP. The MP smiles and points at Shashi Tharoor as he speaks. The tweets went viral‚ and Shashi Tharoor also tagged Supriya Sule‚ who is sitting in the front row. In one of his tweets‚ Shashi Tharoor poked fun at netizens for assigning different meanings to serious discussion. He cited a Kishore Kumar song. A parody Twitter account quickly seized on the speech by substituting the song 'Srivalli' from Pushpa: The Rise for Abdullah's speech. Many other accounts followed‚ creating memes about Tharoor and Sule. In another Twitter post‚ Tharoor tagged Supriya Sule‚ whose song Amar Prem has gone viral. The song‚ which was written by Anand Bakshi and sung by Kishore Kumar‚ was viewed over 100 million times on social media in just two days. The tweet became a meme-worthy object of desire among netizens. The resulting controversy is not surprising as Tharoor's tweets are a reflection of informal deliberations within the Congress party. The tweets of the Kerala MP have gone viral once again‚ thanks to Rukshmani Kumari. The video is now a viral hit. If you're wondering what the viral video is all about‚ we've put together a quick guide to it! During a debate on Ukraine‚ Shashi Tharoor is talking to Supriya Sule. The video shows Tharoor sitting next to Supriya Sule‚ an NCP leader. Shashi Tharoor appears engrossed in the conversation‚ and Supriya Sule is listening to Farooq Abdullah. Shashi Tharoor is the leader of the Congress party‚ while Supriya Sule is the NCP leader. This eloquent video has gone viral and is being shared by both sides of the debate. The viral video grew into a controversy after the Congress leader's Twitter account posted a group-fie with women MPs. The photo was captioned Bhelpuri and attracted a lot of attention. The photo also has Shashi Tharoor in the spotlight for his use of English jargon words. As a result‚ Shashi Tharoor's tweets explain viral video by pointing out that he uses multi-syllabic words.