Kulula, BA flights grounded indefinitely

Monday, March 14, 2022
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The South African Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the operator certificate for Comair indefinitely. This suspension affects British Airways and low-cost airline Kulula‚ affecting hundreds of passengers. The suspension was the result of three Level 1 findings and one Level 2 finding‚ both of which pose an immediate risk to passengers. The aircraft have been grounded indefinitely. Despite the suspension‚ British Airways and Kulula have resumed flights. After the suspension‚ the airlines were ordered to restore their services. However‚ the suspended flights affected the business of Kulula and Comair. The closure of both airlines left hundreds of passengers stranded‚ causing many to become angry. The suspension also caused confusion at the airports. The flight ceased at midday on Sunday and Comair is unable to give a firm date for the flights' return. In the aftermath of the suspension‚ the airline's air operator's certificate has been suspended by the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

kulula ba flights grounded indefinitely
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This has forced British Airways to cancel and ground their South African flights. The company's failure to address the safety issues has left many angry and confused. In the meantime‚ thousands of passengers have been stranded. There are no further details about the airline's future plans‚ but the flight's closure has caused many to lose their jobs and their money.