Lakers vs. Pelicans prediction, odds, line, spread 2022 NBA picks

Saturday, April 2, 2022
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The latest Lakers vs Pelicans prediction points the Los Angeles team as the winner by one point. The Pelicans have a better recent record against the Lakers‚ going 30-38 SU and ATS in those games. With James back and Anthony Davis back‚ the Pelicans will be a much more formidable team. However‚ the New Orleans team has not been particularly good defensively in the last few years. They may find it difficult to adjust to Davis' return. The Lakers are 2-point favorites at home against the Pelicans‚ according to the Bet US Sportsbook. The Pelicans are 3-1 against the Lakers in the past five meetings. They have won the last five games against New Orleans. The Lakers have won the last two meetings in this series‚ but are a tougher opponent in the future. The team has been dominated by the Pelicans‚ but this time around‚ they are a much better team. The Lakers are a strong underdog against the Pelicans this season‚ but they can't be ignored. The Pelicans have won their last four games‚ and LeBron James and Anthony Davis have been the two main attractions. Despite their hefty price tag‚ the Lakers will be favored by only 1.5 points. With this in mind‚ it makes sense to take the under. The Lakers are a 5-2 underdog in this game. The Pelicans are 5-1 against the Under this season‚ and the Lakers are 5-2 on the second night of a back-to-back. Regardless of which team wins‚ the oddsmakers suggest a 2-1 underdog. In addition‚ the total has dropped to 230.5 from 239. The Pelicans are a 2-point favorite when the game is available. The game is listed at 22.5 at the time of writing‚ but there are many other factors to consider. As a result‚ the Pelicans are the slight favorite in this game. While the Lakers are 5-point underdogs‚ the Pelicans are the small favorites. If the Pelicans lose this game‚ they are the underdogs. They will lose five of six games. The Pelicans are small favorites. The Pelicans have beaten the Los Angeles Lakers twice this season‚ and have a 2-1 record against the Lakers. The Lakers have allowed opponents to shoot 46% of their shots‚ ranking them in the bottom ten. The Pelicans have won five of their last six games. They are a 2-point underdog in this game. The Pelicans are the ninth-seed in the Western Conference. With a 33-43 record on the season‚ the Pelicans have a two-game lead over the Lakers in the standings. The Lakers have been 5-2 against the third night of a back-to-back this season. If the Pelicans win this game‚ it could move on to the playoffs. The Pelicans are currently a 2-point favorite when the game becomes available. At the time of writing‚ the Pelicans' odds are at two or 2.5. The game's total has opened at 231.5 and has since fallen to 230. This is a must-win game for the Lakers. You should follow the NBA line carefully to avoid making mistakes. When the game becomes available‚ the Pelicans are a 2-point favorite. The odds are currently two or 2.5. The total has been a ten-point favorite at the time of writing‚ but has since dropped to two or three. The total has been lowered to 230.5. There are no other teams available in this market. The Lakers are the 2-1 favorites in this game. In this game‚ both teams have high-scoring leaders‚ but the Pelicans are the better team. In addition‚ the Pelicans are better at guarding the basket and finishing on the offensive end. They are more likely to play on the perimeter. As for the Lakers‚ they have a great advantage in this situation. During the last two seasons‚ they have a combined record of 5-8.