Lawmakers block effort to end California state of emergency

Tuesday, March 15, 2022
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The State Association of Counties‚ the Hospital Association‚ and the Labor Federation have all voiced opposition to the governor's effort to end the COVID-19 state of emergency. Other Democratic Senators‚ such as Napa Democrat Bill Dodd‚ have praised the Governor's response to the pandemic. The Democrats cited the governor's executive actions as a reason to oppose the end of the state of health emergency. Republican state lawmakers attempted to end the COVID-19 state of emergency. Republicans have accused the governor of abusing his executive powers and asked the Legislature to pass a bill ending the emergency. However‚ the Democratic-controlled state legislature has rejected the effort. Regardless of the Democratic-controlled legislature's stance‚ the Republicans are still arguing that the governor is abusing his executive powers. If you're a member of a political party‚ please consider posting your comments under your real name and backing up your claims. In an open letter to the governor‚ Melendez noted that he is obligated to address the issue as it is their responsibility.

lawmakers block effort to end california state of emergency
Image source : bloximages

But‚ in the meantime‚ state lawmakers have had two years to take action to respond to the pandemic. Meanwhile‚ more than half of the states have ended their state of emergency‚ leaving them free to respond to the outbreak. Ultimately‚ Melendez's resolution failed to pass the Senate's governmental operations committee 4-8. The state legislature can revisit the resolution at a later date.