Lawyer says Greitens' rino video prompted threats to the family

Thursday, June 23, 2022
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Eric Greitens and Sheena Greitens Are Trading Accusations

As the election season heats up‚ the race between incumbent Sen. Eric Greitens and Democratic challenger Sheena Greitens has come to a head. The candidates are trading accusations. And in case you're wondering who is right‚ it's Eric Greitens. The Missouri Republican's stance on immigration is a hot topic‚ so it's not surprising to hear both candidates attack each other.

COLUMBIA‚ Mo. (AP) -- Eric Greitens' family has received serious threats since he issued a violent statement. Campaign video In which he declared that he is hunting RINOs (or Republicans in Name Only)‚ the ex-wife's lawyer said to him in court. Helen Wade‚ Attorney in the ex-couple child custody case stated that Sheena Greitens had received threats during court proceedings. She also noted that her email address was public because it is public information as she works at a university. We live in a country where this kind of rhetoric has resulted in violence‚ she said. It’s in writing‚ `Wouldn’t it be awful if someone hunted down and killed Eric Greitens and his entire family. Golly that would be terrible.′ That’s one of them. The other one is so horrible I can’t read it aloud in court. This hearing was held as part of the case in which it was decided whether the custody of the couple's two sons should go to a Missouri court or Texas court. Sheena Greitens lives in Texas with the boys. As part of the case‚ a March affidavit was filed. Sheena Greitens claimed that her husband verbally and physically abused her.. Greitens‚ who resigned as missouri governor after an extramarital affair in June 2018‚ he was charged in St. Louis with a crime. He has denied the abuse claims repeatedly. In an attempt to undermine his Senate campaign‚ he accused Sheena Grietens of conspiring with people he regards as RINOs. The 38-second campaign ad The video that was dropped Monday shows Eric Greitens holding a gun. A tactical team of armed men break into homes and launch what appears to be flash-bang bombs. Greitens walks in through the smoke‚ and says to Greitens: You should join the MAGA team. Get a RINO hunting permit. It doesn't have a bagging or tagging limit. And it won't expire unless we save the country. Eric Greitens stated that the advertisement was intended to be funny and not meant for serious intent. Eric Greitens was absent from the hearing. We were hopeful that Eric would come today and make a clear statement denouncing any violence used against our client. Wade stated‚ "I'm sorry Eric isn’t here today." Gary Stamper was Eric Greitens' attorney. He said that it was disingenuous for him to say Greitens wanted harm to her. Stamper later stated in court that although the threats contained in the document from Wade weren't death threats but that he denounced them. Sheena Greitens‚ who spoke to The Associated Press by phone after the hearing said that she felt shaken by this week's video. Eric and his lawyer have been trying for the past few months to tie me into a RINO conspiracy involving Karl Rove‚ Mitch McConnell and others. Sheena Greitens stated. This is totally fabricated. Eric is aware that it's false and completely untrue. However‚ to have been tied to RINOs repeatedly for three months under a lot of Eric's public rhetoric and to then see a Monday video talking about hunting down RINOs‚ tagging‚ and bagging them made me worry for my safety as well as the safety of my children. Sheena Greitens gave the AP copies of email exchanges from 2018 in which she claimed her husband was abusive. Eric Greitens claimed that the accusations in his March affidavit were made up out of nothing to undermine his campaign is false. Sheena Greitens said that she has proof that Eric Greitens emails show that they knew about the abuse allegations from the beginning. Stamper made a statement to AP pointing out that Sheena Greitens stated in 2020 that spending time with their dad was best for the boys' welfare. Stamper asked why Sheena Greitens would make such a decision if her father was abusive. Stamper stated that Stamper believes the children's best interests are being served by Stamper's ex-wife‚ who continues to try and drag them into the media. Eric Greitens‚ one of 21 Republicans who are running to fill the Senate seat that is being vacant by the incumbent roy blunts retirement The majority of polling shows Greitens as being at the top or close to the top‚ but in tight competition with U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler. Some GOP leaders are concerned that Greitens could win the Aug. 2-primary election. Could lose in November. The Senate is evenly split so the GOP cannot afford to lose an otherwise safe seat. Greitens‚ a former Navy SEAL Officer and Rhodes Scholar was little-known in politics until he was elected governor. Many saw Greitens as a potential presidential candidate because of his charisma and military experience. He didn't hide his ambition‚ reserving the website He seemed to lose his star as quickly as it rose. He admitted in January 2018 to having an extramarital affair in 2015 with his St. Louis hairdresser. A month later‚ he was arrested on an invasion of privacy charge. A Missouri House committee started investigating campaign finance questions in a matter of minutes. Greitens was then facing a second felony for campaign finances. The charges against Greitens were dropped. Greitens quit in June 2018 after being warned that the charges could be re-filed and was still subject to possible impeachment. In 2020‚ Eric and Sheena Greitens split. Sheena Greitens stated in the March affidavit that her husband was so unstable and coercive as to make his political career look like it was ending. In 2018‚ steps were taken by Sheena to restrict his firearms access. In the interview‚ she stated that Eric Greitens was kept away by friends‚ security personnel and other people who shared her concerns. From OFallon Missouri‚ ___ Salter was reported.