LeBron James Tweets April Fools Joke About His Season Ending

Friday, April 1, 2022
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LeBron James' April Fools joke about his season ending was a hilarious one. The NBA superstar announced that he would not play any more games this season because of an ankle sprain. The injury looked serious at the time‚ but he hasn't been able to play any more games this season. The tweet may not be a joke. It's not clear if this is a genuine announcement‚ but the message was clearly meant to be a joke. LeBron James' tweet was a tone-deaf April Fools joke. While it was clearly a pun‚ it was still a jarring tweet. The Lakers are currently 31-45‚ dragging their season to the end. The Lakers are not likely to make the playoffs without him‚ so it's not clear if it was a prank. Although it's an April Fools' joke‚ the timing of the tweet is a bit unfortunate. The Lakers are a game away from elimination from the playoffs and LeBron's injury could end his season. Unless he's a play-in‚ the Lakers will likely miss the postseason. If that's the case‚ they can't afford to lose LeBron James. On Monday‚ LeBron James tweeted that he was out of the NBA for the rest of the season. He was also quoted as saying that he would be back in the fall. However‚ his tweet is a sham‚ and he has yet to clarify it. There was no official word on the injury. The team has already upgraded him from doubtful to questionable‚ so it's too early to tell. The tweet is a bit of an April Fools' joke. While the Lakers are currently 31-45‚ he has yet to play a game this week. It's not hard to imagine him wishing his season was over. It's possible that the joke was just a stunt‚ but the message was nonetheless a real one. It is an indication of how LeBron James views the end of his season. A joke about his season-ending injury would be an April Fools' joke if Kobe Bryant were injured. If Kobe is injured‚ he wouldn't make a joke about it on April Fools' day. And he's not the only one who'd make such a statement. He's a four-time MVP‚ and his Lakers desperately need him to win this season. While it's possible that the tweet was an April Fools' joke‚ there's a definite connection. LeBron's tweets imply that his season is over and he'll be back in the fall.

lebron james tweets april fools joke about his season ending
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It's a prank that he probably wasn't really trying to play the role of a prankster. In a bizarre and unexpected move‚ LeBron James trolled Lakers fans by tweeting that he was out of the NBA for the season. After a week off due to a sprained left ankle‚ he replied with See you in the fall! This was an attempt at humor that seemed to be a little aw-in-the-head. After a tough week on the court‚ LeBron James tweeted that his season was over. Despite his recent injuries‚ the superstar has remained in the NBA for two decades and is expected to return against the Pelicans this Friday. Fortunately‚ he hasn't suffered any serious injury yet‚ but it does look like he'll be out for the rest of the season. If this is a true April Fools joke‚ the message is a prank. In reality‚ he's probably just tweeting wishful thinking to get attention. But the ad makes a lot of sense. The Lakers are only 31-45 and dragging their season to the end. It's hard to say what he has in mind‚ but he must have read the mood of the fans.