Lewis Hamilton happy not to race at Miami GP if F1 enforces

Friday, May 6, 2022
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Lewis Hamilton Happy Not to Race at Miami GP If F1 Enforces New Jewellery Rules

Despite his disappointment at missing the Miami Grand Prix‚ Lewis Hamilton is still happy to not compete at the American event. Lewis has shared his feelings with the media‚ and has teamed up with NFL star Tom Brady to promote his new book. In the process‚ Hamilton has revealed some personal details about his life‚ including his relationship with his mother and his dog Roscoe. He has also revealed that he is frustrated about the new rules set by F1 on the wearing of jewellery.

Lewis Hamilton's motivation for retirement

One of the biggest questions about Lewis Hamilton's future is whether or not he will retire from Formula One after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton's motivation will undoubtedly be influenced by the fact that he has a lot left to prove. Despite his seven world championships‚ Hamilton isn't as hungry for championships as the rest of the grid. Once he realises this‚ he may decide to retire from racing. But despite the negatives of retirement‚ Hamilton has said he hasn't made up his mind. He hasn't yet ruled out the possibility of a second season with Mercedes‚ despite his recent comments on the subject. I don't think it's in my DNA to retire from the sport‚ he said in an online post. I can imagine Lewis whining in team meetings‚ said Hakkinen‚ another driver who praised Hamilton's perseverance. Hamilton's motivation is much broader. He has an extensive range of interests beyond motor racing‚ including politics‚ human rights‚ and racial equality. His activism has been heavily inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. His passion for activism has also influenced him to become more vocal and outspoken about his views and values. While the racetrack may be his life‚ Hamilton's passion for other things keeps him busy. Aside from his political views‚ Lewis Hamilton has also revealed his motivation for retirement. While it has been speculated about his retirement for years‚ the fact is that he signed a contract with Mercedes until 2023. Despite his low points in his career‚ he has never once doubted his desire to come back to the sport. With this news‚ he has reaffirmed his commitment to stay in F1. Despite his age‚ Lewis Hamilton is still young. At 36 years old‚ he is still one of the most successful drivers in F1‚ holding nearly every record. With two more years to go‚ he can break his record and become the most successful driver in the history of the sport. Although he is now 35‚ he has not yet decided whether to retire. He is still committed to Mercedes and will remain at the team until 2023‚ but he often thinks about retiring.

His relationship with his mother

Despite his long distance relationship with his mother‚ Lewis Hamilton has a good relationship with his stepmother Linda. In 2008‚ she embraced Lewis during the Chinese Grand Prix‚ showing her support for the young racing driver. Although she doesn't always attend the races‚ she plays a big role in raising her son‚ and she regularly hangs out with Anthony Hamilton. Carmen has also appeared in public with Lewis on several occasions‚ including after the Chinese Grand Prix‚ when she embraced him. Although his mother is no longer involved in Formula 1 as often as she once was‚ she accompanied him to receive his knighthood in December. Lewis Hamilton was raised by his mother until he was 12 years old and moved in with his father. While he still maintains a strong relationship with his mother‚ he did throw her a surprise 60th birthday party in 2015‚ where Jessie J performed. In December‚ Hamilton gave his mother a birthday present that incorporated Larbalestier as an extra middle name. Although the relationship between Lewis Hamilton and his mother is complicated‚ it is one of the most prominent aspects of his career. His mum's name was Larbalestier‚ so when he married Anthony Hamilton at the age of 30‚ he changed his name to honor her. He has since moved to his stepmother Linda's house‚ but he continues to honor his mother's memory by changing his name. Although his parents split up‚ Lewis has often appeared at big races with his stepmother.

His love for his dog Roscoe

The seven-time world champion and his British Bulldog Roscoe have been a popular topic on social media recently. While Hamilton is no stranger to controversies‚ this one was particularly interesting. Hamilton reveals that Roscoe is growing old and has a hard time going to the races. As a result‚ the seven-time Formula 1 champion has been trying to bring Roscoe to the races in order to show his love for the animal. However‚ the Formula 1 driver has failed to win the last four races since Silverstone. The most recent race‚ in Monza‚ ended in a re-start. During race weekends‚ Lewis Hamilton is often seen with his British Bulldog‚ Roscoe. The dog has a dedicated Instagram account and over 300k followers. Lewis has been introducing Roscoe to fans through his stories on Instagram‚ and the dog is now one of the most famous characters at the Silver Arrows garage. In 2013‚ Lewis brought his second Bulldog‚ Coco‚ into the garage. Lewis sought a pass from Bernie Ecclestone to bring his dogs to the track‚ and Ecclestone approvingly granted the request. Coco‚ however‚ did not last long and passed away from a heart attack in 2020. Despite being the most popular Formula 1 driver‚ Lewis Hamilton has revealed that he is veganizing his pet dog Roscoe. He also revealed that Roscoe is now fully vegan‚ announcing his decision on social media. He even posted a picture of Roscoe on his private jet‚ where he was seen munching on fruit and vegetables. The vegan diet isn't just for the health benefits‚ as the F1 champion also credits it with changing his life. The two British Bulldogs stayed in the United States after Hamilton moved to LA. Lewis Hamilton has a massive Instagram following and his dogs have earned PS560 per day. Roscoe is also a star of its own‚ having racked up 179‚000 Instagram followers. He also models in professional doggy photo shoots. The dog is a virtual model for Hamilton's shoes. And what's even better is that he has been spending the past three years traveling with his owners virtually everywhere‚ including the race track.

His frustration with FIA's new rules on jewellery

Lewis Hamilton has blasted the new jewellery rules in Formula One. He has joked about chopping off his right ear to comply with the rules‚ but has no intention of doing so. Since 2004‚ Formula One drivers are prohibited from wearing body piercings and wearing metal neck chains. However‚ the rule was not enforced until Niels Wittich became the race director this summer. Hamilton's frustration with the rules stems from the fact that he feels he's already wearing the most jewellery on the grid. But Hamilton is facing criticism for his behaviour‚ especially after the FIA introduced its jewellery ban. Mercedes driver Hamilton doubled down on his position by revealing in a press conference that he would rather miss the Miami Grand Prix than remove his jewellery. He said he will speak to FIA Technical Delegate Jo Bauer‚ but also hinted that the governing body has bigger fish to fry than a rift over a rule. However‚ the controversy surrounding the FIA's new jewellery rules is unlikely to spill over into rivalry. Lewis Hamilton's frustration with the new rules has not dampened his performance on the track‚ and his team-mate took his first podium finish for Mercedes. Meanwhile‚ world champion Max Verstappen had a terrible day‚ failing to finish in two of three races. It's no wonder that the Formula One governing body is not pleased with the changes‚ but he's still determined to stick to his values. A long-standing rule of the FIA prohibits wearing jewellery in the racing arena. The rule can be found in Article 5 of Appendix L‚ which the FIA highlights in the event notes for the Melbourne Grand Prix. However‚ the FIA has not enforced this rule in many years. This is because the rules do not address the danger of sudden exits from a vehicle during an accident.