LIGHTYEARs Stars Geek Out in Pixar Trailer Reaction Video

Friday, April 22, 2022
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Lightyears Stars Geek Out in Pixar Trailer Reaction Video

In this LIGHTYEARs Stars Geek-Out in the Pixar Trailer Reaction Video‚ you will see two of your favorite actors‚ Ivan Sutherland and Chris Evans‚ geek out. The stars of the new film are Chris Evans and Ivan Sutherland‚ and the reactions are great! Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

Ivan Sutherland

In the latest Pixar trailer‚ Ivan Sutherland‚ Ivana Gomez‚ and Chris Evans all geek out as Buzz Lightyear ventures into outer space to find intelligent life. The trailer shows the futuristic setting and a few Easter eggs. Check out our video reaction to the trailer below! Also‚ don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! The visual style in the Lightyear trailer takes a departure from the toy-like aesthetic of Toy Story. The trailer opens with a rainy background and a lonely Buzz. This scene suggests a life-changing‚ emotional journey for Buzz. The trailer also uses a muted dawn glow that is far from the colorful imagery of Toy Story.

Chris Evans

The sequel to the 2015 hit Cars has arrived. Lightyear is the cinematic story of the man who inspired the iconic Buzz Lightyear toy. Chris Evans voices the character in this Disney/Pixar film. This film's trailer is chock full of giddiness as Chris Evans jumps into the Pixar headquarters in a giddy fit. Uzo Aduba‚ who plays Buzz Lightyear's commander‚ is also in the film. He'll also appear as his best friend Alisha Hawthorne. Peter Sohn plays Sox. Keke Palmer voices the Junior Zap Patrol‚ while Taika Waititi and Dale Soules play his nemeses‚ the Zap Squad. James Brolin voices the villain Zurg. Mary McDonald-Lewis is the voice of I.V.A.N.‚ while Isiah Whitlock voices Commander Burnside. The new Lightyear film is a sequel to the popular Toy Story franchise and will star Chris Evans in the title role. The film is a Pixar movie directed by Angus MacDonald‚ who was the director of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In addition to the film's upcoming sequel‚ Disney/Pixar has just released some new materials promoting the film. Pixar has finally released the first trailer for Lightyear‚ a sequel to Toy Story. It's due in theaters on June 17‚ 2022‚ and will tell the origin story of the beloved character‚ Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans has replaced Tim Allen as the voice of the Space Ranger and test pilot in the Toy Story franchise. The character has a more human look in the new trailer‚ with some surprised fans surprised by the fact that Chris Evans sports a head of hair. This new Lightyear trailer builds on the hype for the Pixar prequel. While previous trailers hinted that Chris Evans' character Buzz has traveled 62 years into the future‚ the latest one explicitly reveals that he's been transported into the future. In this way‚ the story is very different from the original‚ and Chris Evans' character becomes a fish out of water. The newest film in the Toy Story franchise will introduce a real-life astronaut. The human astronaut will have a space shuttle and a robot cat companion. The astronaut's journey will take him to new heights‚ and he will have to navigate through the universe to save the day. However‚ the new movie will also introduce the real-life astronaut‚ who will be traveling through time to save the Toy Story characters. While it isn't clear if Chris Evans is pregnant or not‚ the rumors about the rumor are already manifesting in the new movie. Lizzo‚ Evans' girlfriend‚ addressed the rumors of the rumor on Saturday Night Live. The actress called the rumors a manifestation of reality.