Lisa Hochstein wears neon catsuit to party with Michael Bay and

Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Bravo's Lisa Hochstein Wears Neon Catsuit to Party With Michael Bay and Larsa Pippen

Bravo's Lisa Hochstein was recently spotted out and about in Miami with co-star Larsa Pippen and Michael Bay. The two women were both sporting a neon catsuit and platform heels. The Bravo star was clearly overjoyed to see her co-star wearing a sexy jumpsuit. Apparently‚ she's in a new relationship and is planning to have a showdown with Katharina Mazepa.

Renee wore a mesh maxi dress with a plunging neckline

The singer looked sensational in a purple mesh maxi dress with a plungant neckline‚ which was teamed with a burnt orange polo shirt. She accessorized her look with a padded clutch and gold stilettos. A pair of silver watches completed her look. The actress and singer was joined at the party by the director of Focus‚ Michael Bay.

Lisa Hochstein wore a taupe suit

Actress Lisa Hochstein wore a taupe outfit to party with Michael Bay and Larsa Pippen on Wednesday. The Bravo star was seen holding hands with Pippen while she was wearing a see-through neon catsuit‚ gold clutch‚ and matching platform heels. Hochstein was clearly overjoyed to be spending the evening with her Bravo co-star. She was surrounded by photographers and a group of other affluent guests. The Oscar-winning actress showed off her toned legs in a plunging bathing suit. She was out to promote a new beauty treatment when she stepped out of the suit and showed off her perfectly sculpted legs. She also turned her body to reveal her baby bump. She looked fab‚ and she made a fashion statement. The actress-actress paired her taupe suit with a burnt orange polo shirt.

Lenny Hochstein is in a new relationship

Lisa Hochstein filed for divorce from Lenny Hochstein‚ a Real Housewives of Miami star‚ and recently confirmed that the reality TV star has been seeing a new woman. The reality star recently admitted that he has been dating Katharina Mazepa‚ a 26-year-old model. The two have been spotted together in Miami clubs. Katharina Mazepa has previously been married to a U.S. diplomat and was involved in the Real Housewives of Miami. Lisa Dunham is upset with the new relationship. Lenny and Lisa had been supposedly trying to patch things up‚ but things turned sour after a nightclub incident. She reportedly confronted her husband over the rumor of the divorce when she caught him partying with Katharina Mazepa‚ a model 30 years younger than Hochstein. Lenny initially denied the rumors‚ but confessed a few days later. According to reports‚ Lenny and Lisa were partying at a Miami nightclub when Larsa appeared. The two had a showdown‚ according to Page Six. The two were later seen together with another woman‚ Larsa Pippen. The rumors of a divorce were denied by Lenny. Thankfully‚ RHOM wasn't filming at the time. Heavy has reached out to Lisa for comment. While their marriage ended after two years‚ the modeling career is going strong. The couple are also rumored to be adopting a third child‚ but Lenny denied this in an email. While the couple's divorce is a shock‚ it's not surprising that Lenny Hochstein has found a new love. But‚ Lisa Hochstein is not the only celebrity whose divorce rumors were confirmed.

Lenny Hochstein is rumored to be having a showdown with Katharina Mazepa

It's rumored that Lenny Hochstein and Katharina Mazepa are having a showdown. The actress caught Lenny red-handed in Miami's Gala nightclub earlier this month. Lisa walked into the club at 1 a.m. and was shocked when she saw her husband chatting up a girl she was dating. Apparently‚ the two have spiraled since then. It seems the two were having a showdown last night‚ but they vehemently denied the reports. Lenny and Lisa have been married for 15 years and have participated in early seasons of the show. While they have not publicly addressed the rumor of a split‚ their relationship has been rocked by rumors of a breakup. The couple was previously working on their relationship‚ but recently they were spotted together in Miami. According to the source‚ Lisa Hochstein's ex-husband and Lisa Hochstein's mother were working on getting back together. They have three children together: Logan‚ six‚ and Elle‚ two years old. They also had a hard time conceiving. Their children were born through a surrogate mother. After a showdown‚ Lenny Hochstein's relationship with Lisa Hochstein is apparently over‚ according to sources connected to the Real Housewives of Miami. While Lisa is working on her new life as a businessman‚ Lenny continues to work in the studio. The rumored breakup is definitely a misunderstanding between the two. While it's not known whether the two will get back together‚ Lisa Hochstein's marriage to Lenny Hochstein is an important one. The couple married in 2009 and have two children together. Their relationship is a testament to the love and care that a couple can have for each other. While Lenny and Lisa Hochstein's relationship was rocky at times‚ it remained intact and is still going strong today.