LISTEN I did not sing Kill the Boer, you have the wrong man, Julius

Wednesday, February 16, 2022
author picture Daniel Marino
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The EFF leader has denied singing Kill the Boer. But this did not stop AfriForum from bringing a hate speech case against him and taking him to court. Malema claims he did not sing the song and is not responsible for it. In the song, he says, Dubul'ibhunu means shoot the Boer. AfriForum is asking for Malema to apologize and compensate them for the damage. The ANC and Malema have been battling over the case. The ANC and Malema have agreed to settle the case, but Malema has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court of Appeal. In the meanwhile, he wants the EFF and MP Mbuyiseni Ndlozi to be charged with hate speech and ordered to pay damages. The ruling was upheld by the Supreme Court of Appeal. Roets and the ANC agreed to a settlement, and a mediation process has begun.

AfriForum and the EFF have said they will continue the campaign against the song. They claim it incites violence against white people. Both sides changed the lyrics of the song to Kiss the Boer. During the hearing, Malema sang the controversial song and acted as an example of how the EFF rallies can inspire violent action.