Live F1 Australian GP commentary and updates – FP1 FP2

Friday, April 8, 2022
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Live F1 Australian GP Commentary and Updates

If you're looking for Live F1 Australian GP commentary and updates‚ look no further. In this article‚ we'll take a look at FP1 vs McLaren‚ Alfa Romeo and Red Bull Racing. You can also get an idea of the other cars' FP1 and FP2 times by reading their respective drivers' interviews. You can also catch up on the latest news and updates by tuning into Sky Sports F1 in Australia.

FP1 FP2 vs Formula 1

There will be plenty of differences between FP1 and FP2 during the second free practice session of the 2019 Formula One Australian Grand Prix. During FP1‚ the Mercedes car looked disappointing‚ and the two Haas cars also looked disappointing. The Alfa Romeo car showed some promise during FP1‚ but it failed to materialize. In FP2‚ the Mercedes car looked even more disappointing. The Red Bull and Ferrari cars dominated the session‚ and the first red flag was raised for the car of Lance Stroll with just 10 minutes remaining. Despite this‚ the Ferrari drivers were still heard porpoising through the Turns 9/10 complex. Sergio Perez finished between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon‚ while Valtteri Bottas finished seventh on softs. This weekend's race marks the return of Formula One to Australia. It hasn't been held there since Covid-19‚ so this will be the third Australian Grand Prix in as many years. The previous two Grand Prix races were held in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen won both races in those races. However‚ they didn't have a chance to fight for victory in Australia this weekend. With a slightly more competitive field‚ Ferrari will be looking for a dominant finish. Lewis Hamilton leads the Constructors' Championship while Ferrari and Mercedes remain the two top teams. Meanwhile‚ Kimi Raikkonen‚ Daniel Ricciardo‚ and Fernando Alonso complete the top four. The third Ferrari driver is Carlos Sainz. Fernando Alonso is enjoying his comeback in Formula One and hopes to stay for two or three more years. In addition to these two sessions‚ Sebastian Vettel is also facing a trip to the stewards' office. A summons titled 'Unauthorized Use of a Scooter on the Track' has been issued to Vettel‚ and he will appear at the stewards' office at 5:45 p.m. local time on Monday. If he is found guilty of the offence‚ he will have to face a hearing.

FP2 vs Alfa Romeo

Watching the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne is an excellent way to follow the action live. It is important to understand the timing of each session as it can be quite different than most Formula One races. While qualifying takes place in the afternoon‚ practice and qualifying sessions begin at night‚ giving fans in the Pacific time zone an advantage. Watch ESPN will carry FP1 and FP2 live streams‚ while Fubo TV has a seven-day free trial. Lewis Hamilton was 0.2 seconds off the pace‚ while team-mate Max Verstappen was 0.033s quicker. Mercedes drivers George Russell and Lewis Hamilton were 11th and 13th respectively. Red Bull's Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon were fifth and sixth. Both team-mate Charles Leclerc and Mercedes rookie Kimi Raikkonen were eighth and ninth. With the second free practice session for the Australian Grand Prix underway‚ drivers and teams are busy preparing for qualifying. Charles Leclerc will be under close scrutiny in Australia. After winning the Bahrain and Saudi Arabia GP‚ the Frenchman is the leading world championship driver. He will be looking to hold on to that position in Australia. While the Australian circuit doesn't seem to suit Ferrari‚ the team has been consistently good on other circuits. If you live in Australia‚ you can watch the live stream of the Australian GP on 10Play. Alternatively‚ you can watch the live stream for free on Sky Deutschland. While Sky Germany has exclusive rights to broadcast the Australian GP‚ 10 Play offers free highlights of the race every year. While it's not as convenient as Fox Sports‚ 10Play has all sessions available for you to watch.

FP2 vs McLaren

Ferrari and McLaren will battle it out for pole at the Australian GP. But is McLaren able to overcome Ferrari's reliability problems? Is this the year that the Australian team finally takes their first step into the top five? Let's find out in this FP2 preview of the Australian GP. In the meantime‚ let's see how Daniel Grosjean fared in his debut season at McLaren. Considering the new generation of cars in Formula One‚ it should be interesting to see what the Alfa Romeo driver can do in FP2. Sebastian Vettel is driving a car developed by Alfa Romeo. But is the Alfa Romeo a better car than McLaren's? McLaren's drivers will be able to answer this question by comparing the cars to those from the previous generation. Mercedes and McLaren have different sets of drivers‚ which means it's vital to get all the information you can about the two teams. If you aren't following the Australian Grand Prix‚ you may have missed important information. Mercedes has never managed to lock a front row spot in the last two races. The defending champions will be determined to take the lead in the title race on Sunday. Despite McLaren's recent struggles‚ the Australian GP was a good test for the team. Lando Norris finished in the top 10 in practice and was confident that the McLaren drivers would be able to get a good result. McLaren is also close to welcoming Volkswagen to the Formula 1 grid in 2026. The future is exciting for both teams‚ but no one knows which team will make the right choice. Daniel Ricciardo's McLaren is the underdog in the team's battle for the championship. He qualified second in qualifying in Australia after losing to teammate Lando Norris in the first qualifying session. Daniel Ricciardo feels McLaren was set for a good Saturday‚ but has lost his confidence after a difficult final practice session. In the end‚ he finished 14th - but that's still better than no McLaren ever has.

FP2 vs Red Bull Racing

With Red Bull Racing leading the early championship‚ McLaren are keen to live up to their expectations in Australia. Both teams have been on a winning streak at Melbourne and will hope to continue that momentum into the race. Similarly‚ Haas and McLaren are hoping to maintain their current form and live up to the hype in the race. The second free practice will give both teams a chance to improve and set the pace for the race. After the first practice session‚ the team has a few questions. Will the team continue their winning streak? Or will the team's bad luck continue? It's hard to tell in the early stages of the race‚ but there's a chance the championship will stay on track. While Lewis Hamilton finished 13th‚ the team's teammate Carlos Sainz will probably finish fourth. While Mercedes struggled in the first session‚ Red Bull managed to make up ground on Ferrari. The team managed to get the RB18 on track‚ although Sebastian Vettel had an issue with his Aston Martin. In the second session‚ his teammate George Russell placed 11th‚ and Max Verstappen's flying lap was a fluke. Sergio Perez‚ who was in the lead in FP1‚ was the only Mercedes driver to finish the session‚ and he was only a quarter of a second slower than the Ferrari. Sky Sports F1 will broadcast the Australian Grand Prix. For fans in India‚ UK‚ and the USA‚ there is a wide range of channels to watch practice sessions. Alternatively‚ you can watch the practice sessions on Star Sports Select‚ Disney+ Hotstar‚ or the BBC. If you're in India‚ you can watch the Australian Grand Prix on Star Sports Select‚ Star Sports HD‚ or Disney+ Hotstar.