Liverpool can rely on Diogo Jota as Mo Salah struggles to get over

Sunday, April 3, 2022
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The Spaniard has struggled to get over the illness which has kept him out of the last two games. He'll be keen to play‚ though‚ and will be hoping to be at his best against Benfica‚ who are in the Champions League quarter-finals. If Salah can't go‚ Jota will have to step up. The midfielder is an incredibly important player for Liverpool. Even if he struggles to get over his injury‚ he'll have to prove his worth on the pitch in order for the Reds to get over the setback. The AFCON finals are fast approaching and a place in the World Cup is vital for the club's success. If Salah's injury affects his game‚ Liverpool will need to rely on Jota to step up their performances. As the season goes on‚ Liverpool will need Mohamed Salah to be at his very best to win the Champions League and the Premier League. But the striker has done enough to help Liverpool win the league and AFCON glory but will have to deliver to the maximum to qualify for the World Cup. With Jota in the team‚ Klopp will be happy‚ knowing he's one step closer to an unprecedented quadruple. As the season progresses‚ the team will need to be able to rely on Salah to deliver. However‚ he has been unable to get over the hump in recent weeks‚ and the manager has made it clear that he'll take any goal from an attacking player‚ even if it's the goal to break a deadlock. As the season progresses‚ the club will need to rely on the likes of Jota in attack. This will help to ensure that the team doesn't miss the chance to win the Champions League. In the meantime‚ it will need to rely on Salah to reach the quadruple. But‚ even if he can't do it‚ the team will have to re-group. If Salah is to lead Liverpool to victory‚ he'll have to be at his best. He's delivered at the highest level in the past‚ but his absence from the World Cup and AFCON qualifiers has left him a major disappointment. With Jota‚ the team can rely on other players and still be one step closer to the unprecedented quadruple. While the World Cup will provide Salah with some motivation‚ he'll need the rest of the team to keep his form. With his five goals in the last 11 games‚ Jota has proved himself to be an essential addition in a side that is desperate for goals.

liverpool can rely on diogo jota as mo salah struggles to get over
Image source : mahariyane

A win over Benfica would send the club into the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Although the striker will need to be at his peak to help the Reds‚ he'll still be relied on. His five goals in his last 11 games have been far better than Salah's previous record‚ but Liverpool's other players will surely be thankful for his quality. The team's other options will be unable to afford a striker with the AFCON and the World Cup. As long as the striker can stay fit‚ Liverpool can rely on Diogo JoTa as Mo Salah struggles to get over his injury. While he's not quite at the top of his game‚ he can still provide a strong attacking presence. The Spanish international will also be able to provide the team with a defender to make sure he's not overloaded. In terms of scoring‚ Jota has the advantage. He's a proven goal scorer and can be relied on to take the ball forward and set up a dangerous attack. As the season unfolds‚ Liverpool must focus on the rest of their squad. It's not a big deal to get over the loss of one of their top players.